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¥026 converter . firebloom . 12" . september 2000. [deleted]


devil on
death time (mallorca macho mix by synapscape)

blast furnace / firebloom is the second toxic candy by the seattle-based project converter. the constructor, scott sturgis, melds a tribal inferno of paranoid intensity and barbaric sweetness.

ingredients: distorted percussion, cracking torn synths, red crystal incense, harsh noisy beats, tribal voyages, grinding mechanics, massive infernos, tibetan herbals, ripping breakbeats, slow crushing rotations, brain attacks, mutated machine oil, short moments of silence, isolated bombs, post-apocalyptic waste, abrasive dynamics, hacking statics, corroding iron fire, catastrophic eruptions, fuel-injected adrenaline, 4 screaming cats, power noise, pure joy of listening and excitement, abusive techno beats, barbed tints of rocket fuel, chaotic bursts, thick strings, high blood pressure, scratched melodies, dark chilling emptiness, exploding acid rain, technoid rhythm noise, smooth violence, frightening ambience, reversed air, hypnotic tension, no expectations to sing along, brutal complexity, japanese density, broken meat, crashing structures, sugar - not saccharin, straightforward penetration, electrical shocks, bombastic environments, obscure frightening ambience.

do not take candy from strangers.


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firebloom is the second 12" from converter, following coma , to appear on hymen. as coma complimented the cd shock front, firebloom fulfils the similar role for blast furnace. each side of the 12" opening with a track from the album, being joined by three new tracks and rounded off by a synapscape remix of one of the other album tracks. resolution starts with thudding strikes, backed by a mix of tightly pulsing bass and skittering mechanics. extra percussion elements are added - solid, echoing - rolling across the sound surface. the pace is consistently steady, on the slow side of mid - relying on the build of the layers. ignition strikes glitch becoming a crackling beat within the increasingly atmospheric structure. there is an oriental feel, particularly in the melody from a mock-string sound. past 4 minutes the ever increasing sound starts to expand - gaining pace and density, the oriental theme returning in force. continuing with drain we have a mildly reverberating loop, with beats working on two levels. thick bass beats and lighter strokes, bringing a bass and sliding slice of melody. the core of drain is smooth, bass with tight beats - around that edges crackle suggesting harsher possibilities. sections slow down, layering into the core to fade out in conclusion. metallic clashes echo, cycling into devil on, before falling into a clanking rhythm. hard ridges of sound breakdown, the familiar vocal sample is heard and this version gathers a feeling of dense bass. the sound is thick, giving impression of solidness. though we go through more hesitant sections before layering back up again - "they use blood in their rituals". the piece sounds as though it has parts of material from shock front mixed in and those come through in the background here, though the feel of the piece is retained. the second side of the 12" starts with error, which blips in short tones - building to a solid stream. a stream that becomes increasingly noisy - filled with grinding edges and solid tapping beats. error creates a dynamic density, offering a palpable feeling of sound. in some ways this is what people will expect from converter - hard rhythms with technoid sensibility. after about 5 minutes the first hints of melody creep in, light chimes - glimmers of light within the dark mass of error like resolution on the first side this ends up being one of the longest tracks on firebloom. a mid paced spiral of sound rotates round in the cycle of firebloom. scrapes and strikes add as growing detail, stray elements to the consistency of the core. a washing wave of light, metal tinged percussion laps on the edges - caught between rotation and detail. past 3 minutes electronic tones come in - drawn tones of bass. backed by edgy static, and the see-saw motions of other sounds - the whole piece changing. sheet sounds act like the movement of a solid, backed by the twitches of tech beats. from there fading off. a grinding, mechanical loop acts on a blippy melody - leading to a vocal sample - this version of death time is the mallorca macho mix by synapscape, leads to a solid rhythmic state - burbling and acid techno beats mixing. see-saw pulses work through a pause, introducing a slight screech to the peak motions, before building up the pace again. solid and more dance floor orientated than any of the other material here

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"firebloom" is the lp companion of "blast furnace", the second converter album. released, of course, by hymen, it contains three new songs, a remix by synapscape and two tracks from the cd. the first of the two tracks taken from "blast furnace" is "error", an excellent track that evolves around a mid-tempo rhythm, getting more and more intense as more distortion, noises and samples are slowly added to the loop. the other one is "resolution", a majestic piece that has introduced in converter's music the use of soft, almot oriental melodies. its beats are very slow, and this is more a extremely heavy "ambient" track than really rhythmic noise. "firebloom", the main track of this lp, has a complex structure, full of breaks and changes. starting as a "normal" converter track, it then has a calmer moment, with the almost accoustic drums that can be heard in "blast furnace". finally, some extra layers of percussion are added to this very nice track. "drain" is more or less a sequel to "resolution". shorter and containing a simpler loops, it also has strange, almost melodic soundscape. "devil on" is another good track based on a "god is dead" samples. it's rather noisier than the latest converter production, and reminds a bit of "shock front". the synapscape remix of "death time", whose original version is probably one of my favorites converter track, change the structure of the main rhythm and add a bit of synapscapian complexity to the whole. the result is a nice track that is not as efficient as the original, but is still a complete dancefloor-hit. even though the ant zen / hymen habit of releasing extra material on lp may get a little annoying, "firebloom" is an excellent lp that will bring happiness to all of you who liked the excellent "blast furnace". converter is one of the very best rhythmic noise act around and this lp is another proof of this fact.

black #22

anläßlich der "firebloom"-lp auf hymen möchte ich die gelegenheit wahrnehmen, meine recht kurze, lapidare und der damals knappen zeit geschuldeten einschätzung des aktuellen converter-album "blast furnace" auf ant zen zu revidieren. war ich doch nach einmaligem hören der meinung, daß converter auch diesmal mittels distortion rhythmen voll in die fresse schlagen bzw. in die beine gehen, so mußte ich doch später feststellen, das converter diesmal wesentlich differenzierter und auch ruhiger als noch auf dem "shock front"-debüt zur sache gehen. sehr deutlich kommt dies jetzt auch auf der lp zur geltung, wo statt zerrerrhythmen fast doomige soundmuster und akustische samples (wie zum beispiel sitarklänge) den ton angeben. natürlich gibt es auch die typischen industrialfloorkiller, worunter auf jeden fall der hier enthaltene mallorca macho-mix von synapscape fällt. converter ist somit der beste beweis, daß sich auch der rhythmus industrial weiterentwickeln kann... wenn man nur will! (m.f.)


available on ant-zen:

blast furnace. cd. ant-zen act113

blast furnace. boxset. act113.1
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'itami (one)' & 'shock front (live)'
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converter discography 9.2k
blast furnace. cd. ant-zen act113. 2k
blast furnace. boxset incl. 3"cd 'broken meat'. ant-zen act113.1. 2k
firebloom. 12" 33rpm. hymen ¥026. 2k
shock front. cd. ant-zen act 83. 1999
coma. 12" 33rpm. hymen ¥014. 1999

exclusive converter concert in europe:
20-22.oct.2k. maschinenfest 2000. aachen, germany
feat. ammo, asche, celluloid mata, converter, imminent, klangstabil, mlada fronta, monokrom, mononoaware, ms gentur, needle sharing vs. panacea, nkvd, proyecto mirage, scorn, silk saw, s.i.n.a., somatic responses, sona eact, synapscape, tunnel, vromb, winterkälte, xingu hill
location: az aachen, vereinsstr. 25, 52064 aachen, germany. 3 day-ticket incl. 2cd.
tickets & additional info: www.maschinenfest.de
hotline: 0049-(0)-241-4011941. fax: 0049-(0)-241-4011943. info@maschinenfest.de