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031 lusine icl. slipthrough. 12" 33rpm . april2k1


sem 2

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lusine icl explores different styles of electronica such as dark-ambient, minimal music and idm, but doesn't limit himself to these genres…actually there is no limit. the tracks become a trip that stands far beyond the average electronic outputs from the u.s. jeff mcilwain now resides in los angeles, where he has been for two years. he originally started making music about 5 years ago in austin, tx. where he received much of his musical influence. the music is much more acoustically involved, although highly manipulated electronically. much of the credit for the recent change in direction should be given to the faculty at calarts, including mark trayle and tom erbe who have been in the electronic music scene for a very long time. in fact, his way of producing is just amazing. the tracks begin with a soundscape blending into another and at the end of it you won`t know how the record began. this is performed with such a perfection that it won`t disturb in any case.


re:mote induction

slipthrough is the second ep from lusine icl to appear on the hymen label, following the previous freak ep. but rather than provide new material as i had hoped it instead repackages the material, which was on the u-cover release pseudo steady state that hadn't already appeared on the freak release. though it is nice material and this 12" at least sees the addition of an exclusive track i don't really see the point of this set up. lazydayz is a scraping rush, emerging as a distorted voice. a melody and rhythm add, reflecting the title of the track with their half-heartedness. tinkling notes unfold fond memories, coming to the fore and bringing a certain cheer filled vibe. from the lazy start this gains enthusiasm, shamed the initial elements return in a more committed manner. though overall the feel remains easy going and relaxed. the sound suddenly reflects it's beginning, as though reprising for conclusion - instead blossoming further. where the layering had been understated before this begins to pull all the elements of the track together. sem1 is a rushing energetic phase, falling off, building once more in a slower more studied fashion. bubbling crackles build in slipthrough, a popping understated surface embodying a kinetic energy. coherent lines are hinted, gone and back, with their squelchy intonation. these elements build, looping and echo to create additional layers. this provides a deceptive complexity to the ease of the energy demonstrated here. creeping in there are other elements, starting to offer a conscious complexity - a tapping rhythm and a buried bass line. these work into the persistent core; offering a subliminal mellowness to the bedlam. an impression that continues to rise in our field of awareness, becoming dominant and driven by it's own dynamic. this is a long piece, which continues to develop; a lushness and detail, a wiry twang and a layering blip. a low hum can be heard in sem3, blipped notes wander across that. the hum comes up slowly, the notes stray and perhaps a little off, though they don't seem to mind much. the second in the sem sequence starts the second side, sem2, is light and playful from the start. a note chasing itself in a loop. a second note joins in, the two going round in a joyful circle. this begins to form a regular pulse (blip-blop) and wave (bibibi). the pace has been slowly increasing from the start to a point where it flirts with a dizziness. twister is the only exclusive track on slipthrough, and is considerably different from any of the material here or on the related releases. a repeating rhythm plays out, a rapid tapping sequence, which hints of a manic stripped techno. a rubbed string vibe comes through at points, offering an extra texture. but for the most part it remains the tapping beats and a slight mechanical grind that goes with that. though that all fades off to provide a murky bass phase, which clarifies slightly while extending the beat work, but in a separated form so we can hear the rhythm components and it works with other non-rhythmic elements. with this a more typically lusine vibe starts to creep in. with this shift the track starts to fit in more with the flow of the release and with expectations despite remaining considerably more upbeat. the track is a fair length so it has the time to make that evolutionary progress, but until the point of integration it does feel quite out of place. the ep is concluded with the reflective sighs of back track. electronics chatter, subdued within the moody drone wave. this has a certain sleepy feel to it, utterly mellow in it's washing form. extra elements come along, introduced slowly as not to shock. a bass line, individual notes bobbing, with a higher work ghosting its presence. (ptr)


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lusine discography. 04.2k1
self titled lp, isophlux (1999)
coded ep, isophlux (2000)
a pseudo steady state" lp, u-cover (2000)
freak ep, hymen (2000)
zealectronic blue 7", zeal (2000)
surface ep, isophlux (2001)
slipthrough ep, hymen (2001)