solarx. russian roulette video
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¥034 solarx. chanel no. 303. 12". september2k1


bionic man
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chanel no. 303

solarx - russian roulette. video

recorded and produced by roman v belavkin
thanks tom fulp, big lou, karmichael, and others:

an astonishing piece of bristling beats and analogue acids; enriched with graceful melodies and paroxysmal punk-electronica breakbeats.

roman belavkin, solar x, has been described by the face magazine as "a stereotypical russian genius", a statement that's hard to argue, as apart from being russia's own "aphex without a tank" (de-bug), he has also achieved gold medals at martial arts championships of russia and europe, a ms degree in physics, and he is currently pursuing a phd in artificial intelligence.
born in moscow he started experimenting with some primitive russian synthesisers during his school years in the mid 80-es recording his own break-dance tracks and ambient tunes. for a few years while studying at moscow state university, roman did not take his music hobby seriously, as his sport career really took off: he became the leading sportsman of russia's wushu national team competing at the first world wu-shu championship in bejing in 1991.
it was after the championship of europe in 1992, when a terrible car accident, which had almost cost roman his life, imprisoned him in his flat without being able to walk for two years. during this period roman adapts his computer for sampling his cheap soviet analogue synthesisers, and records his first full-length album ``outre x mer''. he sends one tape to dan nigrin from the glitch (r&s, fax, industrial strength), whom he met on the net discussing music equipment. dan and his friend bump liked the album so much that they immediately offered roman to release some of the tracks on their defective records in america.
the outre x mer ep became the release of the week in the front page and techno today magazines. the unprecedented for russia in those days 12" of solar x, that had been cut and pressed in detroit, put him immediately in the centre of attention of a new post-perestroika media, and soon he became an icon of russian underground electronic scene making mind-blowing and sometimes controversial live performances from clubs in siberia and nuclear reactor in crimea, to trendy nightclubs in london and vienna.
his second album xrated was re-released on cd in 1997, and it made the wire to "pronounce the former soviet union a goldmine of undiscovered talent". in 1998 roman signed to london's label worm interface, and his last album "little pretty automatic" was named many times as one of the best albums in electronic music for many years.
roman is a founder of the russian art-tek records label bringing to the world some of the best artists from the post-soviet space. recently the ptuch, the main club culture magazine in russia, has named solar x as the most influential person in modern russian electronic music.



neuigkeiten von roman belavkin, überraschend auf hymen. zunächst wird der bionic man ins rennen geschickt, wahrscheinlich roman selber, der sich bei einem elektroiden stomper warm macht. immer geradeaus, mit vielen samples versetzt, rennen hier gleich einige um die wette. es folgt genau das, wofür wir roman alle lieben, einer dieser betrunkenen moskau-judo-tracks, komplett mit dsp-gehechel, kindermelodie und einem breakbeat, der gar keiner ist. ich suche den duracell-hasen und frage ihn, warum afx eigentlich immer nur von bogdan und dem squarepusher redet, wo er sich doch mit roman midestens genauso gut verstehen müsste. naja. auch die b-seite beginnt wunderbar mit acid und mondmelodie. dann wieder elektro und schließlich nehmen wir alle am laptop platz und lauschen dieser hymne namens chanel no. 303. wer hier wen liebt, bleibt offen, aber diese plinkerei muss man einfach umarmen. da darf dann auch der acid kommen und ordentlich umfiltern, das macht gar nichts. gegen ende hängen wir noch ein bisschen unterm kronleuchter in der moskauer metro ab. roman nimmt den letzten zug und wir müssen ja auch gehen. (thaddi)



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discograpgy 08.2k1
outre x mer. mc. art-tek records. 1995
outre x mer. 12" ep. defective records. 1995
x rated. mc. art-tek records. 1996 limited edition (100 copies)
xrated. cd. art-tek records.1997
kalashnikoff bullet bath. 12". defective records.1997
little pretty automatic. cd. worm interface. 1999
chanel no. 303. 12". hymen records. 2001