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036 scorn. governor. 12". june2k2 [deleted]


boss (all that’s missing) (beat mix)
sleep when home (colin) (beat mix)
dangler (no original members) (beat mix)
the snow hill (remix by somatic responses)

[soundfiles available soon]


created & mixed by mick harris in the box 4.5 2001

scorn was founded by mick harris in 1991 to create rhythmic, hypnotic drum and bass music. harris has explored previously uncharted musical territory and redefined the world of ambient dub by utilizing a throbbing low end, ethereal sounds and big beats. scorn has emerged as the vanguard of both the post-rock and isolationist aesthetics; appropriating such distinctly communal music as hip hop and dub to extreme individualistic ends.

hymen records is proud to release the follow-up ep to 'imaginaria award'. governor' features six tracks (both on cd and vinyl) ranging from slow motion grooves compounded by heavy beats to warm and relaxing structures. yet another highlight in harris' extensive work.

'governor' has the familiar qualities of harris' former works: sub bass, minimalist grooves and slow beats. this quality is broken by the more up-tempo somatic responses remix of 'the snow hill'. the paralyzing, dark mood will take the listener deep down and 26 minutes will seem to be 260.

'governor' will be followed by the full release 'plan b' later in 2002.

scorn discography 06.2002:
vae solis. cd / 2x12". earache. 1992
lick forever dog. cd-ep / 12". earache. 1992
deliverance. cd / 12". earache. 1992
colossus. cd / 12". earache. 1993
white irises blind. cd / 10". earache. 1993
lament. 7". dying earth europe/aquese. 1993
evanescence. cd / 12". earache. 1994
silver rain fell. 12". earache. 1994
ellipsis. cd / 5x12". earache / toy's factory. 1995
stairway. 12". earache. 1995
gyral. cd / 2x12". earache. 1995
logghi barogghi. cd. earache. 1996
leave it out. 12". possible. 1996
white irises blind (re-release). cd. earache. 1997
deliverance (re-release). cd. earache. 1997
zander. cd / 12". kk / invisible. 1997
whine. cd / 2x12". kk / invisible. 1997
anamnesis: rarities 1994-1997. cd. possible / invisible. 1999
imaginaria award. cd-ep / 12". hymen records. 2000
greetings from birmingham. cd / 2x12". hymen records. 2000
governor. cd-ep / 12". hymen records. 2002

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