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040 venetian snares. find candace. 12" 45rpm. february2k3


befriend a child killer remix
mercy funk
find candace

venetian snares - find candace. video

imagine the horror of being a doll.

straight, unbending arms and legs violently sewn onto an overstuffed fabric torso. you have no neck and your head is flat as a pancake, stitched on by
some industrial garment machine with a carbon fiber four-inch needle. your eyes are glass nubs hazy and dull from rubbing against a million other
discombobulated nasal, oral, and ocular organs shipped in the same box.

they name you candace and sell you as a birthday present for some 4-year-old girl.

find candace is the sound of your life - a hapless doll in a petulant child’ s hands. every day is a new hell. shattering glass shards from the window
you’re thrown through pierce your cloth skin one morning; cotton drips from your arm. the next afternoon, jittery images shriek by as you’re dropped and
kicked countless times in angry tantrums. on sunday, your eyes are scraped to shreds as you’re dragged along the concrete sidewalk by a spoiled brat in
a cute red dress. after a few months, your carcass is lost in the back of a closet.

fresh off a mind-altering 15-minute, one-track release for hymen, a giant alien force more violent & sick than anything you can imagine, venetian
snares’ aaron funk returns to complete the horror and destruction initiated in doll doll doll with find candace. find candace is the second and final
installment in the so-called “doll sequence,” through which mr. funk obliterates the lines between jungle, d&b, gabber, breakcore, and post-industrial.

as with doll doll doll, this new venetian snares thriller surfaces as both a 12-inch release and a cd with extra tracks.

find candace revels in microscopic beat sequencing, elevating it to an art form that’s worlds apart from his contemporaries. maelstrom is ever-present,
starting with the break madness of a remixed “befriend a child killer” from doll doll doll, here contorted through searing synth tones and electrolyzed
vocal commands. aaron funk, who’s released music since 2000 for labels such as planet mu, isolate, zhark, history of the future, and klangkrieg,
understands the importance of balancing the maelstrom through tense, textured atmospherics - putting them to use in the opening minutes of “mercy
funk,” a pensive snap-step hash that crescendos into a breakcore mantra. the title track, however, brings this balance under the scrutiny of an
atomic-force microscope, uncovering a multitude of chaotic punching beats, bolt-action bass, and static sound fury. the vinyl version of find candace
closes on the alternately somber and volatile soundscapes of “yor.”

those who opt for the cd version are in for a right royal mindfuck - starting with a nightmarish sermon about the eternal pain of hellfire on
“children’s limbo,” continuing with “dolleater” from doll doll doll before ending on “bind candace,” which with its twisted organ tones and liturgical
zenith is the funereal dirge - the death music - of that poor sodden doll.

so go forth and save your favorite stuffed friend from a horrible end: find candace.
venetian snares is aaron funk. pictures by trevor brown.



venetian snares und kein ende. am laufenden meter droppt aaron funk seine detaillierten wansinnsabrechnungen mit drum and bass in seiner generischen eintönigkeit. funk schnippelt beats, cuttet scharf und präzise, ist dabei aber immer dark und irgendwie albern, bleibt nie lange bei einer idee hängen, sampelt sich seine atmosphäre einmal quer durch den nebligen garten und, tja, ihr wisst schon, rockt wie die hölle. eigentlich braucht dieser mann keine vorstellung mehr. photek auf tretmine. doch. (thaddi)

seguito ufficiale del geniale 'doll doll doll', questo 'find candace' prova a tornare sul luogo del misfatto per annientare quelle poche tracce di struttura che fossero rimaste dalla precedente esperienza; crivellando di colpi il corpo musicale delle sue opere, aaron funk persegue nella sua rappresentazione dell'orrore, della violenza e, oggi più che mai, della solitudine. ostinatamente fuori dal tessuto ufficiale della musica - anche grazie agli artwork strepitosi ed inquietanti di trevor brown - mette in scena le esperienze di una bambola di nome candace nella mani di una bambina di quattro anni. si passa così dalle lacerazioni techno della title track alle visioni distorte di 'children's limbo', in un susseguirsi imprevedibile di drill e percussioni che sfiorano la velocità della luce, partono, si interrompono, si deformano. nel remix di 'befriend a child killer' é palese l'espressione di un'urgenza che sfocia in un ritmo febbricitante, un'accellerazione continua, un collasso sonoro ed emozionale; una velocitá spietata che in 'mercy funk' é annientamento e allo stesso tempo sublimazione delle possibilitá poietiche dell'artista. in tal modo sacro e sacrificio si incrociano nelle sospensioni di 'yor', tensioni e tremori culminano negli abissi di 'bind candace' ed una risoluzione maligna delle sequenze visionarie di aphex twin é presentata in 'dolleater'. questo 'find candace' é un'esperienza urticante, forse meno eclettica di 'doll doll doll' ma ancor piú oscura ed introspettiva. un'avventura nella spirale del moderno. (michele casella)


looking at the mammoth discography of venetian snares, it would be easy to think that aaron funk had been releasing records since before he could walk. amazingly, though, this act has only been going for a few years, managing to record and release an endless supply of successful records at a rate that could be considered prolific, at the very least. he has also managed to keep each release incredibly fresh and varied from the last, from the full-on noise assault of making orange things through the tripped experimentalism of 2370894 to the darker, reflective tone of winter in the belly of a snake. it seemed only natural, then, that he would eventually run out of ideas and, sadly, find candace is the release that sees him hit a cul-de-sac of creativity. conceptualised as a sequel to 2001's doll doll doll, it comes in a similar package with, yet again, the twisted design work of trevor brown. it also contains similar themes, track names and even opens with a remix of the former album's "befriend a child killer" that immediately alerts us to the fact that we are in very similar territory. indeed, this opener does not even improve on the doll doll doll formula by much: it still retains the same broken drum patterns and dark strings, the only real difference i can detect is that the drum samples on find candace are much more acoustic sounding than before, emphasising the jazzy nature of the tracks (especially on the laid-back "children's limbo", which is unfortunately muted, due to an overuse of samples from the others). the album certainly has its moments, though such as the sombre, brooding atmospherics and mangled, pitch-shifting beats of "yor"; the tinkling, dsped melodies of "dolleater" and the dark organ tones of closing track "bind candace". in fact, when considering this album and its prequel, i find that find candace offers a much more coherent and well-rounded listening experience, making it seem almost like a re-draft of the former album. this makes me wish that snares would slow down his work rate to concentrate more on the quality control of his releases, as opposed to hastily firing out every track he writes. as it stands, find candace is not a bad album; in fact, it is probably one of venetian snares' best releases. the main problem i have is that for fans and owners of his previous work [such as myself] it does not offer anything new and merely revises a previous formula to bring it up to the standard it should have been. newcomers to his work would be well advised to investigate this latest effort as a concise summary of his oeuvre, but existing fans should really save their money for his next release…probably due any day now. (gavin lees)

black #31

die beatmangel namens aaron funk macht sich an die fortsetzung des "doll doll doll" albums und glättet so ein wenig die wogen, die die vorherigen platten für planet mu und hymen aufwarfen. ich empfinde "find candace" als sehr eingänglich. es gibt viel melodische dunkelheit und bedrückende ruhe zwischen den zerschredderten und verhackstückten beats. sogar einprägsame sprachsamples, die den stücken sehr viel persönlichkeit verleihen. die jazzige komponente ist auch etwas herausgenommen worden und schon hat es diesselbe dynamik und so etwas wie einen roten faden wie die vorherige, heftig fließende veröffentlichung "a giant alien force more violent & sick than anything you can imagine". neben dem obligatorischen "befriend a childkiller remix" gibt es aber auch viel neues. "find candace" mit schön brummiger bassline mr. oizo style oder "yor" mit orgelsounds und dr. phibes böshaftigkeit. besonders schön ist "dolleater" mit dunklen synth und ächzenden gespenstersounds, die den teppich für die rhythmuslawine bereitstellen. die rhythmen sind chaotisch wie lange nicht mehr, dafür aber trotzdem mit viel viel groove und wiederkehrenden elementen, die einem halt beim zuhören geben. rollende bässe und purzelnde drums wie auf seinem ersten album "printf darkness/n". eine wirklich innovative weiterentwicklung seines sounds, die beweist, daß er nicht auf der stelle tritt und sich trotz breakcoreliebe den musikalischen horizont nicht verstellt hat. man höre sich nur mal die streicher, orgeln, gitarrenfeedback und jazztrompete auf "bind candace" an. lecker! (till)


wie fühlt man sich wohl als spielzeugpuppe, die einem kleinen, verzogenen kind in die hände gerät? diese und ähnlich gelagerte fragen stellt sich aaron funk aka venetian snares auf seiner aktuellen veröffentlichung auf hymen. dass er dabei nicht textlastig-analytisch vorgeht, sondern ein gewaltiges breakcore gewitter auf den hörer niederrasseln lässt, sollte niemanden mehr verwundern, steht der name venetian snares doch seit einiger zeit für breakcore der intelligenten sorte. anders als vielen seiner genrekollegen begnügt sich funk jedoch nicht mit hochgeschwindigkeits-beat-massaker, sondern kombiniert finstere flächensounds und vertrackte rhythmus-pattern eher am unteren ende des oberen geschwindigkeitsdrittels und behält sich explizit das recht auf rhythmusfreie passagen vor. der höhepunkt des albums bleibt leider den käufern der cd version vorenthalten: in children's limbo kreuzen sich die wege von jazz-samples, drum'n bass sounds, spoken words und hip hop beats, um squarepushers psychopathischen bruder aus dem keller zu befreien. vor schlimmen verletzungen auf der tanzfläche muss ausdrücklich gewarnt werden. (sascha bertoncin)


by the time you read this review, a more recent venetian snares record will already be hitting the mailorder shops. this is just the way that venetian snares (a.k.a. vsnares, a.k.a. aaron funk) works. in fact, since his first full-length record, 2001's making orange things, venetian snares has managed to release three records a year as well as countless eps, remixes and compilation appearances. indeed, you might even think of mr. funk as idm's counterpart to indie rock's robert pollard. however the main difference between their output is content. i gave up collecting pollard's fading captain series a couple of years ago, when i began to feel like i was simply giving him beer money in exchange for an afternoon's worth of uninspired recordings. venetian snares's fans, on the other hand, can barely hide their excitement each time a new record is announced to be coming soon. find candace is the eighth venetian snares full-length album, at least by my count, and it is meant to be a quasi-sequel to 2001's doll doll doll record. find candace opens with a remix of doll doll doll's "befriend a childkiller," a version which venetian snares has been performing live pretty much since doll doll doll was first released. in fact, this very same remix was previously released on vinyl. the track starts with a skittering beat that quickly finds its way into the territory of brutal drum-n-bass. a horrifying voice, reminiscent of frank in the film donnie darko, comes in and urges you to befriend a child killer. the lack of any sort of drum buildup creates an urgency barren of the doll doll doll version and even leaves the original feeling somewhat timid by contrast. it seems apparent right from the opening of this record that venetian snares's aim is to freak the listener out. "mercy funk" recalls some of the feelings of 2001's songs about my cats, with its use of drums that sound more like synthesized blips and pops than actual drum hits. the track gradually builds up in speed and intensity and finally results in another drum-n-bass onslaught. whether intentional or not, venetian snares has definitely created a record that would feel somewhat at home at a rave. it simmers down for a bit to reveal dialog from an unidentified film: "i remember when i was a kid/ seeing a dying dog/ y' know, one of those old dogs that comes to die under the porch of that house/ and at the last moment/ it yelps in terror/ as if it had seen something real." it's safe to say that this is a record you may want to steer clear of when you're alone at night.
as with a lot of venetian snares's records, find candace seems more content with offering quality over quantity. though some may consider six cuts to be an ep, this is definitely intended to be an lp, as made obvious through the track lengths and sequencing. longtime fans of venetian snares come to expect a certain curveball somewhere toward the middle of his records. for instance, on 2002's winter in the belly of a snake, aaron recorded a full vocal cover of the misfits', "she," using only a set of strings and a church bell to accompany him. on find candace, the odd man out is a more experimental track called "yor." it is mellower than the rest of the material, and features a lot of ambience, voices, and random instrumentation thrown in with little regard for melody. however, the real standout is a song called "children's limbo," which has got to be one of the most amazing compositions that aaron funk has recorded to date. it plays out like a symphony with changing themes, instrumentation, and tempos that prove once and for all that electronic music is not as simple as throwing a couple of samples from old blues records over each other. the track opens with a faux jazz improvisation playing underneath dialog between what seems to be a sunday school teacher and her young students about the four hells and the children's limbo at the center of the earth. it then picks up and adds a funky bassline and some free jazz saxophones, followed by the same sort of insane drum programming that has filled the rest of the album. the track continues to rise and fall in a similar manner, resulting in an all-out attack on your nerves for nearly nine minutes. i think it would be safe to say that if you are already a venetian snares fan, then you should by all means own this record. it is another huge success in the already vast catalog of his work. those who do not know him might find the outtakes collection, 2370894 easier to swallow at first. though once addicted to his style, you will surely find your pockets empty and your record collection that much larger. like i said before, by the time you have finished reading this review, there will most likely be another brand new venetian snares record available to go searching for. and after the sound of this one, i personally will be anxiously anticipating what aaron funk will do next. (brad allison)


after the acclaimed 'winter in the belly of a snake' lp, venetian snares comes back with some dancefloor action. this is the companion to his 2001 hymen debut 'doll doll doll': same graphic layout, artwork is once again by trevor brown, and again you can choose between four track vinyl ep or a 'few
more tracks' cd. both begin with the remix of 'befriend a childkiller', a smashing rework of the 'ddd' track, quite different from the original, there isn't the long intro with strings, the only elements that remain intact are the vocals and some acid synths. the drums are all brand new, fast and intricate as usual and with some awesome fat techno snares in the middle section. then there's 'mercy funk', a very weird track, it's a dark funky glitchy roller that never explodes, compared to the average vsnares material is a quiet tune, a kind of subtle and twisted drum'n'bass, perfect for dancefloors. on a similar tip but a bit angrier there's the title track, which sounds like neurofunk drum'n'bass set to an odd timing (read: seven). as mike p said "think ed rush and optical gone wrong, very wrong." i'm sorry for the vinyl lovers but 'children's limbo' is the most interesting tune of all, starting with tribal percussions and piano licks, jazzy arrangments and two voices speaking about dead children that go 'to the centre of the earth, where is very very hot'. some more accelerated drums and epics strings before a neverending atmospheric breakdown with the most amazing samples i've ever heard: "try to imagine... the end of eternity... close your eyes... close your eyes and try to imagine... forever... pain... forever... pain." this is more scary than 'all the children are dead', the haunting innocent childish voice are more terrorizing than any satanic low-pitched vocals. then restart the drums, fiercer than before but never too distorted nor noisy, and the slow breakbeat ending is pure class. the other two cd extra tracks are 'dolleater'; a gabberoid fuelled tune filled with shrieking ultra high frequencies which was released in the vinyl edition of 'ddd'. and 'bind candace', an ambient piece like 'yor', which is track 4 on both formats. the good thing about mr. snares is that he hardly repeats himself: this is not so accessible on first listens, even if you would think you know his music after eight albums. 'mercy funk' and the title track in particular require careful listening at loud volumes to get into their mood, and once you've done it you won't be disappointed. i recommend that you to check this out because it's not just 'another vsnares'....but maybe your addiction works better than my words. (dj playmobil)


man sollte sich "find candace" in ausgeschlafener und ausgeglichener verfassung zu gemüte führen, denn was einen auf dem neuen longplayer von venetian snares erwartet, hat weniger etwas mit musik denn mit einem knapp 45-minütigen, avantgardistischen soundexperiment zu tun. gleich der erste track "befriend a child killer remix" brettert einem mit wildestem breakbeat und undefinierbarem, verzerrten gesang um die ohren, den man, wenn überhaupt, nur mit größter mühe entschlüsseln kann. aaron funk, der mann hinter venetian snares, schließt mit "find candace", das sowohl als platte als auch als cd erhältlich ist, die sogenannte "doll sequence", die mit dem album "doll doll doll" eingeleitet wurde. die kreuzung aus industrial, jungle und gabber ist dermaßen eigenwillig, dass man manchmal mühe hat, sich auf die einzelnen songs zu konzentrieren. man fühlt sich, als ob man auf ein hochgeschwindigkeitsgeschoss gebunden wurde, von dem man sich nicht mehr befreien kann. ab und zu gönnt einem mr. funk eine atempause, wie etwa beim titelsong "find candace", der mit ruhigen keyboardklängen unterbrochen wird, nur um danach wieder in zu ungestümen tempoattacken zusammengesetzten soundschnipseln zu explodieren. der letzte song der vinylversion, "yor", bringt mit seinem zusammenspiel von extrem düsteren soundlandschaften und disharmonischen klängen das apokalyptische ende. auf der cd finden sich noch drei weitere songs: "children's limbo", "dolleater" und "bind candace". diese sind zwar nicht ganz so extrem ausgelegt wie ihre vier vorgänger, stehen diesen aber ansonsten in nichts nach. "find candace" ist wirklich nur etwas für liebhaber der besonderen art. dessen ungeachtet lohnt sich das reinhören, denn so einen eigenwilligen stil findet man so schnell nicht wieder. (veit)




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venetian snares. find candace. cd / 12". hymen records. 2003

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