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041 hecate vs lustmord - law of the battle of conquest. 12". november2k2


heresy resurrected
strong attractron


good vs. evil. dark vs. light. anima vs. animus.

only on rare occasions do such opposites converge to create an enduring state of struggle. of course hymen does not postulate that hecate vs.
lustmord’s confrontational sonic assault, law of the battle of conquest is so pure a pairing of opposites - but it’s damned close, where the struggle
of chaos vs. controlled atmospheres, of hellish breakbeats vs. dark drones takes the form of four riveting tracks.

rachael kozak pushes the aggressive, the combative, the raw power of percussive sound in her recordings as hecate, stressing the dominance of
breakbeat as found in the work of elder industrial artists like skinny puppy as well as contemporary noise fury like venetian snares. brian williams, on
the other hand, has a history running into the 80s of voicing subtler emotions like isolation, angst, and dysphoria as ambience, working as a
sound designer for graeme revell as well as releasing genre-defining dark ambient albums under the lustmord name.

it’s from four lustmord albums in particular that the tracks on law of the battle of conquest arise. in fact, the ferocity of hecate’s rhythmic prowess
conjures a new whole by alchemizing an entire lustmord album in each track.

'brian’s work is usually sparse, while mine is just the opposite,' explains kozak. 'i used his original source material to create the opulent backing
tracks and then layered beats and bass, a specialty of mine.'

as such, lustmord’s the monstrous soul from 1992 spawns hecate’s 'monstrosity,' shredding the brooding minimal overtones of the original with
horrific walls of rolling bass and apocalyptic breaks to accentuate a frantic tempo. a similarly toned 'strong attractron' (from 1996’s strange
attractor/black star 12-inch) together with 'monstrosity' bookends 'megavoid' and 'heresy resurrected' - where aphex-aceed drum patterns over
2001’s metavoid impart martial visions of the future, while hecate invokes hades’ noise from 1990’s heresy through human and werewolf screams from
graeme revell.

'i tried to make a track represent the original feeling of what brian had in mind,' says kozak.

'i think she reinterpreted it in a very unique way, and i admire what she did with it,' replies brian, noting that because they initiated their
friendship on that fateful morning in september 2001, the project took on a personal significance for both of them. 'she decoded the old and infused new
sounds and a new spirit, blending both into something that is true to the original while pushing it into new areas. she made the old fresh and
relevant in a new/different world.'

'over the years there have been opportunities to have my material remixed, but i couldn't really see the point,' continues brian. 'but rachael is fresh
and full of energy, and i feel a real empathy for where she's coming from sonically, so i knew the results would be interesting...'



since the booklet of this release is probably the least informative one i have ever seen on hymen, and before the following information disappear from lustmord or hecate's websites, here are some details about the making of "law of battle of conquest": this it not the long awaited and promised collaboration between lustmord and hecate. although these two acts were supposed to work together on a full length album of new material, this project never gave birth to anything. the present release on hymen is a compendium of 4 remixes of lustmord material done by hecate alone, which she had earlier announced for her own label, zhark london. but it seems that since the full cd will not come, hymen has snatched the remixes, and present them here on this disc, which comes either on a 12" or on a 3" cd (embedded in a clear 5" shape). anyway, it is not everyday that such a pillar of this kind of music as mr lustmord shares the stage with a younger act (even though hecate is not a newcomer), and i was pretty excited at the idea of this cd. each track on this disc is a remix of a complete lustmord release, that hecate deconstructed and enriched with beats. "monstrosity", the first track, is for example a reinterpretation of the "monstrous soul" album, and starts with the famous "this is the night of the demon album". after a slow first minute, the beats kick in, with the fast chopped up staccato rhythms that are typical to hecate. while a sweeping bass from lustmord dominates the background of the track, the foreground is mainly a assemblage of ever changing dry breakcorish rhythms, that shows hecate in a good day. "megavoid" is a remix of the "metavoid" album. it starts slowier than the previous tracks, and alternates more between hecate's rhythms, very short and dry and the heavy low frequencies and noises by lustmord. this remix, extremely efficient when played loud, gives a good example of the work of each artist and constitute a pretty good one, even though it might not have the club appeal of its predecessor. this however comes back with "heresy resurrected", a remix of the "heresy" album, to which hecate not only added beats, but also vocals (in her raquel de grimstone way). aggressive, dark and relentless, this might be the track on which lustmord's elements are the least used. past its very deep undertones, this track is a very good, percussive and catchy hecate track, in the vein of the best "negative world status" ones. finally, "strange attractron" is a remix a of the less well known "strange attractor" track (from 1996's "strange attractor/black star" 12"). this one, on the other hand, is calm and atmospheric, using a lot of lustmord's original material, but adding to it some weird sounds and noises from hecate. the only arhythmic track on the disc, it is also a nice conclusion that answers well to the storm of "heresy, resurrected". it is no secret that i am a fan of lusmtord's music and that i find hecate's material to my tastes. therefore, i m not too surprised to appreciate a lot this "low of the battle of conquest". these are genuine remixes which add something to the original track, ending up in a very percussive, dark and original meeting that i wish had gone further. if you are into lustmord's atmospheric works, here is a good way to see them from a totally different standpoint and if you are into hecate's hectic breakcore, hear her now work with very hi-fi and obscure sounds. anyway, don't miss this one.


queen of breakcore and lord of dark ambient doing battle. what could be the headline of an industrial tabloid is stark reality. it is not the announced collaboration one was waiting for (which will remain unlikely as a session of the two in lustmord's studio in california turned ugly over personal misunderstandings), but a remix ep of lustmord tracks by hecate. the quality of this alone is already astounding. one can only speculate what could have been created if they truly worked together on mutual material! lustmord has always been adverse to other people laying hands at his work as he deemed it pointless, but hecate's fresh outlook on beats and dark breakcore convinced him differently. she took 3 legendary albums and one 12" of lustmord and condensed their specific characteristics into one track each which she laced with her trademark rolling beats'n'bass and even added some vocals to one track. the majestic and age-old atmosphere of dank caves and foreboding chasms meets brutally fast dribbling rhythms and explodes in one awe-inspiring fusion. it is amazing how well the two elements work together in these remixes which do not at all sound like remixes. hecate's breakcore output traditionally held a dark edge to it and here she forges both her interest in sonic darkness and sonic assault into one excellent package. four tracks frantically crawling out of the most oppressive depths one could imagine. a wonderful ep. (till)


hymen records growing providence as a source of masterful, industrial releases continues with the new e.p from the very scary hecate & lustmord.4 dark rolling compositions combining fierce breakbeats, raging kik drums and a lot of atmospheric synth textures resulting in a unnerving and intense 20 minutes. a possible soundtrack for anyone's favourite horror flick, lead track 'monstrosity' speaks for itself, a darkly sweet intro soon cascades with lashings of breaks and beats, led by the 'night of the demon' vocal sample. not one for granny. 'megavoid' and 'heresy resurrection' are as harsh and diligent as their predecessor, both big and threatening pieces of breakcore mayhem for the mind as well as the body. all three tracks are very similar in style and content, that not being a bad thing though. in the same ilk as label mate venetian snares but slightly less creative but nonetheless entertaining. final track 'strong attraction' a beatless, chill out if you're dead kinda track and darkly beautiful, is the ep's strongest moment, listen with the lights out and let your imagination run riot. granny, have you heard this one?


I was not as impressed by this album as I thought I would be, but still a great album with the characteristic deep bass drones of Lustmord, accentuated by flittering break beats from Hecate. But just not as dark and ponderous as I had hoped, but maybe that's just a bias of the moment, which will soon pass and I will love it. Again melancholic examples of amorphous battles, imaginary conquest. The world is a harsh and brutal battle ground, particularly in certain parts of the world, which none of us should be ignorant of, and so we need music that is both desperate and disrupting. So is the battle between Lustmord and Hecate, or these two against the world? Are the sounds aggressing the world trying to bring about battle? Well the music certainly feels combative, dark and brooding with melancholy undertones, exploring the subconscious realities of perception, yet the lighter break-beats create another more kinetic atmosphere, one in which the listener feels much more active, and in this action lighter freer and less solid. Yet the sound stills remain of a heavy oppressive darkness; perhaps the disc is really just a story of inner conquest. The light versus the dark sides of inner reality. (vigzig)



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