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¥046 architect. noise is out of stock. 12"lp 33 rpm. feb2k5


charles b. [keller downtech frickel] *.mp3
icl feelings [smut business remix] *.mp3
icl feelings [azure reemiqs] *.mp3
icl feelings [frontier of sorrow remix] *.mp3
charles b. [keller basement] *.mp3
stupid anus *.mp3


all tracks by architect
remixes: a1 & b2 by klima, a2 by displacer, a3 by hecq, b1 by lucas boysen

yesterday, i went out shopping to get some noise. hmmm…noise.

today, the galactic supermarket had lots of great offers - but i went out shopping to get some noise, and there was no noise at all. hmmmmm .... noise?

i asked some friends for help and klima found a loopish 3/4 pattern with nice breaks, it was quite unusual and I had to add it to the cart! displacer recommended a straight forward piece, with crystal-clear synth-sounds - catchy.. okay, add this one too! benny came over and said "hey daniel check this one! nice rhythm, eh? listen to the breakbeats, soundtrackish voice samples and filters - reminds me a bit of the "transfer" track by the german project...uh, forgot the name... do you like it?" "what the hecq... ah-pretty good, okay!" hmmm.. no noise yet, but this guy over there... do i know him? "hi, i'm lucas. check this straight uptempo breakbeat dance tune... nice, eh?" "yupp - ehmmm... do you know benny?" "uhmmmm.... noooo.... but will you take this track?" "uhm-yeah-ok." klima came back, carrying another straight ahead piece spiced with irritating background loops and breaks. alright – the shopping cart was almost full, but - where's that hmmmmm... noise ??? the stupid anus behind the counter was incapable of helping, he kept telling me that "noise is out of stock". "noise!!!" i yelled, so he checked the warehouse over and over again – eventually he found some straight ahead tek-stuff containing distorted breaks, looped voices and sequenced... noise!! "how much for all of this?" "¥46, please". "okay, here you go".

discography 02.2005:
galactic supermarket. cd. hymen records ¥703. 1998
galactic edge. 12". hymen records ¥009. 1998
i went out shopping to get some noise. cd. hymen records ¥737. 2004
noise is out of stock. 12". hymen records ¥046. 2005

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