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¥050 wisp. nrthndr. lp. 33rpm. feb2k6.


negions fail
closing brydges
see in rainbows
dead streets
all his might

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upon its arrival at the hymen records office, 'nrthndr' caused an unambiguous reaction: a marvellous album. aaron funk (venetian snares) recommended wisp to sublight records, and they immediately decided to release an album. the results were enthusiastic reviews and a 'top album' recommendation on the warp records' website.

before 'nrthndr', reid dunn (a.k.a. wisp) made several albums/eps (both on cd and mp3 format), appeared on compilations and produced remixes.

wisp's sound spectrum can be described as the perfect combination of atmospheric synth lines and well elaborated beats. the breaks have a Venetian snares approach in their complexity and precision - these breaks are combined with straight but complex metres with wonderful melodies (think beefcake or boards of canada). this album shows that reid dunn is one of the names that should be remembered. wisp is one of the rare artists in this genre who have the talent for both sound experimentation/tunes and the ability to last. we are not the only ones who believe this.

the vinyl version includes 6 tracks from the 'nrthndr' cd - fine electronica for your listening pleasure. a highly recommended release from an outstanding artist.

released in collaboration with sublight records - www.sublightrecords.com

reid dunn ist wisp und allein schon für den ersten der sechs tracks seiner lp (cd gibt es auf sublight) müsste man ihn eigentlich heiraten. mit schlafwandlerischer sicherheit schreibt er mit "negions" eine episch gebreakte 8-bit-symphonie, die ihresgleichen sucht. denkt euch rough gemixte toytronic-klassiker, gemixt von afx. mit diesem konzept bestreitet hier jemand sein album, das schon bald als klassiker gelten wird. weil man einerseits von so einem sound nie genug bekommen kann und weil andererseits hier sowieso wieder alles anders ist. nebenbei ... sonnenaufgangs-techstep ist seine erfindung. killer. (thaddi)

discography 02.2006:
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frozen days. cd-ep. tavcom records tav12.25
pleeper ep. mp3 web-release. binkcrsh bk007. 2003
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in a blue face. mp3 web-release. earstroke records ear008. 2005
nrthndr. cd. sublight records slr1001. 2005
nrthndr. 12". hymen records ¥050. 2006

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