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402 snog . relax into the abyss . lp . september 2000. [deleted]



are you normal enough? (beefcake and the burger flippin' blues)
real estate man (low-key operations make a down-payment)
are you normal enough? (shinjuku filth celebrate contamination)
real estate man (black lung greets the funky inquisition)
is there no-one that can save us from today? (spacecat joins the utopian futurist front)
the infernal advocate
slide into extinction (shaolin wooden men live in room 23 at the altona motor inn)
real estate man (ubin offer affordable solutions)
the last diamond (xingu hill slices the soft earth)
are you normal enough? (end encourage less normalization)
state rape (beam up battle cross channel traffic)
the crumbling land


being a selection of remixes and curios
deluxe-digi-pack edition on hymen records. original productions by snog. remixes by the remixers.
original paintings by chris woods. layout by salt.
snog is a member of m.a.c.o.s (musicians against copyrighting of samples).

additional info:

the video for 'are you normal enough' won the best video at the st.kilda international film festival, australia 2000
snog - are you normal enough? (beefcake rmx). video

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¥711 snog . relax into the abyss . cd .. september 2000.

people ask me about david thrussell - the star of electronic music, the business man.his success tells you he is tops in for me, i know david as a friend and shopping buddy.he loves to rough it in the outdoors: cold, hot, raining, it doesn't matter; we shop anyway.he likes being there.if we catch a lot of bargains it's great, but when we catch none we still have a good time.david's happiest leisure hours are when he's out at the mall shopping to his heart's content.he laughs about how we eat beans, crackers, whatever we have in the car; for despite his fame as a recording and concert star and his almost equal success as a business man, it's the simple things in life that david thrussell truly enjoys.a simple man with simple wants and needs for happiness, and a great big heart full of love for everyone.that's the david thrussell i know.
francois tetaz

snog discography (09.2k)
corporate slave, 1992, cd single / 12''. lies inc., 1992, cd album. shop, 1992, cd single / 12'' single. born to be mild, 1993, cd single. hey, christian god, 1993, cd single. cliché, 1994, cd single. dear valued customer, 1994, cd album. the future, 1995, cd single. remote control, 1996 (us edition). hooray!!, 1998, cd single. buy me... i'll change your life, 1998, cd album. the human germ, 1998, cd single. i snog; therefore i am..., 1999, 2cd album / lp (european edition incl. hooray!!, the human germ + mixes). third mall from the sun, 1999,cd. relax into the abyss, 2000, cd/lp

share the snog experience. beg, buy or steal a copy of relax into the abyss. the new snog album of studio re-contextualizations and retrospective collaborations. an experience you're sure to never forget.