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405 venetian snares. a giant alien force more violent & sick than anything you can imagine. 3"cd box. october2k2 [deleted]



a giant alien force more violent & sick than anything you can imagine.


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all music by aaron funk.
all artwork, photography & photo-manipulations by salt.

canadian aaron funk's music polarizes listeners: you either love it or hate it – there is nothing in between. the number of releases he has put out is
as weird as his sound treatments. up-tempo breakbeats, destructed drum and bass patterns/loops merge to sonicly attack the mind. this is far beyond
'noise' cliches.

after the brilliant and surprisingly successful 'doll doll doll', hymen records presents “a v.s.” a 3” cd that contains one single track (that is
as long as the title). a contrast of rhythmic high-speed rage and spacey moods. some people would extract an entire album from this psychedelic
breakcore concentrate.

funk intended 'a giant alien force...' as a soundtrack -- so we decided to include a picture viewer (little television) along with the cd. listen
carefully while watching the pictures on the screen, as this is beyond anything you can imagine !

this was hardcore, taking what was drum'n'bass & breakcore to another giant alien force. believe.



this is a typical 'only for fans' item. it's a 3" cd packed in a high quality red cardboard boxset along with a picture viewer in the shape of a little television. plus, it's one track only, clocking at 15:33. if you have heard some snares' stuff, you'll know that every 5 seconds of his music is different from the following 5, so just imagine what you get during fifteen minutes. the track could be roughly divided in four parts, the first three made with the usual mash up of gabberoid beats, processed jungle loops, clattering snares, deadly basses and any sort of weird sound you can think of. until the last part come in, introduced by weird happy hardcore claps and hi-hats that quickly degenerate in a speedcore mayhem, the concept of bpm is useless here, drowned into a wall of merzbow-ish digital noise. simply perfect. (luca m)

cyclic defrost

this release sold out within the first week worldwide. so if you want a tip on how to get people to buy your cd, read on. a deep red box beautifully made from linen-textured card features the cd title embossed into it's lid. the embossing has flattened the board so it appears to be a deeper, slightly shiny red, a nice side effect. half-moons are die cut from the sides of the lid so you can grip the bottom of the box the remove the lid. the first impression is of a degree of luxury. inside the box is a 3" cd in a full colour gloss varnished sleeve. the cover features a signpost that has been photoshopped to incorporate the artist and track title. the back features a close-up of the signpost with the phrase "adopt a snare." this trace of cuteness is the antithesis of the intense and frantic music on the cd itself. the design of the disc is minimalist. one navy band of colour contains all you need to know in silver print, set in heavy helvetica to match the embossed lid. the type's rough edges are the only thing about this release that is not immaculate. so now we get to the even better part. lift the cd and you will find a bright red picture viewer in the shape of a 50s tv. it's nestled in an exceptional die cut - there are no ragged edges here, just a pristine tv shape. this is quality craftsmanship. the amount of care and labour that has gone into this release is impressive. on the tv there are eight pictures to view. seven of these are perhaps alternate cd covers and place the artist name and track title on a piece of urban/industrial signage - next to a freeway overpass, on an advertising hoarding, on airport signage. picture eight features the text on the skeletal remains of a seriously strange bug/crustacean. it doesn't look giant or violent and sick but it certainly looks alien. there are some great contrasts here. contemporary and bleak images viewed through a cutesy plastic 50s tv. the restrained typography and its understated aesthetic set against music that is anything but. (alex crowfoot)

baked goods week 18/11/2002

oh my, can this ludicrously limited edition item really hold its own against the sheer barrage of hype levelled at it, before it's even been released? the answer is a resounding yes! let's get the basics out the way - the packaging is simply mindblowing, a 3" cd box (think jewellery box styles), embossed with the venetian snares legend - open the package, pull out the cd slipcase and find a custom-made viewmaster tv box, look through the viewfinder and find some custom-made snares' images. sounds good? damn right. onto the truly great part - stick the cd on, make sure your folks are well out of sight and crank the volume. what you'll discover is a 15 minute trek through drukqs-ish cutup insanity, broken beats, ae stabs and some destroyed bassline eruptions. it's the snares, it's heavy as f**k, adrenalin city, nuff said! killer.


in teoria questo sarebbe da classificare come un singolo. ma per plurimi motivi me ne strasbatto e si becca una recensione come si deve. come faccio a non farvi vedere che figata e' la cover? la quale si trova all'interno di una scatola tipo quelle dei braccialetti di gioielleria in cartone rosso, insieme ad un mini televisorino di 5 x 5 cm in plastica rossa (giuro) che ha un buchino dove se avvicini l'occhio vedi delle immagini allucinate prodotte da quella fucina di arte visiva e sonora che e' la hymen/ant-zen. l'unica e sola traccia presente e omonima e' lunga 15 minuti e 33 secondi e se avete mai sentito venetian snares sapete che e' difficile che qualcosa non cambi in 5 secondi, figuriamoci in un quarto d'ora. comunque se vogliamo si puo' grossolanamente dividere in 4 parti, la prima che pesta, la seconda molto di piu', la terza anche e tutte sono farcite di casse gabber, bassi inimmaginabili, suoni terrificanti, rullanti metallici e disturbanti e loops jungle effettati. la quarta e' preceduta da claps e piattini che ricordano la happy hardcore, solo che poi degenerano aiutati da un synth addensante in una annichilazione totale di speedcore a bpm incontabili sormontati da rumore digitale paragonabile a merzbow. ascoltarlo a volume importante vi fara' sentire meglio, sono sicuro che venetian snares su di me ha un indubbio effetto catartico. ah, e' un cd da 3'', ovvero da 8 cm, controllate che il vostro stereo lo legga, io in camera mia ho il lettore verticale (zarro, eh?) e per sentire questa meraviglia devo aspettare che i miei escano di casa e usurpare il player del salotto. (luca)

black #30

noch bevor diese kleine cd das licht der welt erblickte, waren die erwartungen aller ins unermeßliche gewachsen. zum glück wird man auf allen fronten bestätigt. ein verflucht komplizierter titel, der schon so lang ist, daß er sich sofort einprägt, ein 15-minütiger track, der das bisher beste aus seiner feder darstellt und eine clevere verpackung (geprägte pappbox mit mini-fernseher, die es einem erlaubt, seine eigene diashow zum gehörten soundtrack zu gestalten), die mal wieder beweist, daß cool und witzig sich nicht ausschließen. aaron funk schafft es, breakcore chaos, ambient drum'n'bass, funky rhythmen und noisige schmirgeleien in einen track zu gießen, der nie langweilt oder sich wiederholt. er hat seine klangangriffe diversifiziert und die attacken etwas mehr verteilt, indem er die ganze chose aus fragmentierten stimmungen mit einer atmosphärischen paste zu einem ganzen verklebt hat. es sind natürlich die monströsen beatkaskaden, die ihn zu everybody's darling machen, aber ich bin diesmal von seinem gefühl für den groove zwischen dem noise, der atmosphäre um die samplemanie begeistert. er ist und bleibt breakcores unangefochtener könig, und diese veröffentlichung hat ihn doch gleich mal ein paar ränge höher über den rest katapultiert. das kann jetzt nur noch durch die gerüchtehalber bekannt gewordene kollaboration zwischen ihm und hecate namens "nymphomatriarch" übertroffen werden, die sich nur aus sounds ihrer gemeinsamen sexakrobatik zusammensetzen soll. da hoffe ich doch, daß auch ein mini-ferseher dabei sein wird. (till)


prior to its release this little cd pumped up everybody's expectations beyond belief and it wholly delivers on all fronts. damn intricate title that's so long that it becomes catchy, one 15-minute track that is his best musical output to date and one nifty packaging job (embossed cardboard box with picture viewer presenting you with your own slide show when listening to this), proving that cool and funny are not mutually exclusive. aaron funk manages to put breakcore chaos, ambient drum'n'bass, funky rhythms and noisy abrasion in one track which never becomes boring or repetitive. he diversified his sonic assault and spread the attacks thin, embellishing the fragmented mood with an atmospheric paste that holds the whole thing together. while the monstrous beat cascades are the element that makes him everybody's darling i am surprised by his feeling for the groove in between the noise, the atmosphere around the sample mania. he is breakcore's undisputed king and this release has elevated him even several ranks higher above the rest. the only thing that could top this is the rumored collaboration of him and hecate as "nymphomatriarch" only using sounds of their lovemaking sessions. i hope that one comes with a video. (till)


ganz klar der item des monats. schicke 3"-cd in toller box mit kleinem fernseher, wie man sie früher auf der zugspitze kaufen konnte. diashow...ihr wisst schon, hier mit vs-artwork. und musikalisch? venetian snares ist so gut in form wie lange nicht mehr, brutal straight und laut, dabei aber merkwürdig subtil und minimal, die beats sind korrekt gechoppt, die sonne geht schon ganz am anfang unter und wie dunkel irgendetwas überhaupt werden kann, das zeigt sich hier in diesen 15 minuten. allen, die venetian snares immer wieder mit begriffen wie "standard 2-step-no u-turn drum and bass" abtun, denen sei hier zum letzten mal diese box angeraten. venetian snares kann viel mehr. und hatte nie etwas mit seiner referenz zu tun. und es bollert. ist dabei plötzlich humorvoll, bevor der wahnsinn wieder losbricht. eine perfekte viertelstunde für die tägliche verfolgungsjagd. und der atomkrieg kommt am schluss. killer! (thaddi)


es scheint wieder in mode zu kommen, die hörerschaften mit kleinen aufmerksamkeiten zu bedenken. so veröffentlichte hymen records eine 3"-cd-box von venetian snares mit gimmick. obwohl der immens lange titel etwas anderes vermuten lässt, beherbergt "a giant alien force more violent & sick than anything you can imagine" nur einen track mit gleichem titel. doch die über 15 minuten spielzeit versprechen kurzweil. nicht nur die wie immer außergewöhnliche verbindung von drum'n'bass und breakbeats, sondern auch in diesem fall die beilage zur cd machen die mini-scheibe zu etwas besonderem. in der box befindet sich neben der cd ein spielzeug-fernseher, der sich rasch als bildbetrachter entpuppt. das kleine ding, das erinnerungen an die kindheit wach werden lässt, dient zur visuellen begleitung der musik. die fast romantisch anmutenden bilder ergeben einen guten kontrast zur musik. wilde tempowechsel, die einbindung von noise-loops und die immer wieder auftretenden musikalischen wechsel lassen "a giant alien force more violent & sick than anything you can imagine" seinem titel gerecht werden. manchmal wird man von der plötzlichen gewalt überrascht, die einem da entgegen dröhnt. etwas strapazierfähigkeit sollte man also mitbringen, denn für zarte gemüter dürfte nur der winzige fernseher interessant sein :-) (veit)


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venetian snares - a giant alien force... . 3"cd. hymen records. 2002

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