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¥407 venetian snares. horse and goat. lp 45rpm. september2k4


horse and goat
prophylactic eyehead
richard devine a+ student
lithium twatting
weinerpeg mannertoeba
hepatitis sundae

released in collaboration with sublight records - www.sublightrecords.com

'the horse, the goat, the pig, the sheep - i love them all!' ('i love animals' by flora mcdonell)

released in cd format on canadian sublight records, 'horse and goat' caused big stir with venetian snares' fanbase. these six tracks of ultra-fast breakcore madness and experimental sound explorations haunted and satisfied aaron funk-addicts.

visually, 'horse and goat' is probably the most disturbing venetian snares release. a customer's reaction: "i can't imagine how my mum would react to finding that cd in my house!!". aaron funk's music on this album was directly inspired by trevor brown's artwork; f.e. the title track contains music that is reminiscent of a nursery rhyme.

sublight records' debut is a smasher - aurally and visually. now, hymen records in collaboration with sublight records has decided to release 'horse and goat' on vinyl. after removing the black protection foil, you can see trevor brown's work in a 12 inch size. as for the record itself: it took eight lackers to realize this record, but it was worth the effort. you will get 25 minutes, on 45 rpm, at maximum volume. the horse, the goat, the pig, the sheep - you'll love them all !

venetian snares discography. 09.2k4
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venetian snares. horse and goat. cd-ep / 12". sublight records slr201 / hymen records ¥407. 2004

venetian snares on the web:
trevor brown site: www.pileup.com/babyart