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¥408 doormouse. major changes. lp. september2k5


parental approval warning
hot 107
woke up
the tree
kaya and dan beatbox freestyle
beautiful day
erwood hates this song
sweet abstractions
black feathered dawn
good night

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owner of the milwaukee, wisconsin based distort and addict labels, doormouse has been producing some of the slammingest sick ass jams since 1852. the originial midwest badass. one of my all time favorite producers. sick! dennis hopper sick. imagine camping with dennis hopper and he roofies you somewhere out in the woods and you wake up sewn to a family of badgers. well he's sicker. this man will tear you a new shithole. lots of folks talk all kinds of shit about dan, legendary shit, meat in his ass, crossfader dick, whatever, you fucks don't know shit, he's sicker than that.' (snares)

look out, here comes dan 'doormouse' martin presenting thirteen tracks of love fueled dribble punk beat box picture book mayhem. far beyond 'breakcore', 'easy listening' or 'bavarian folk music', doormouse kicks ass, balls, jaws and all the rest. perfectly well-placed sounds - a jazz trumpet, children's voices or jerry lee lewis combined with all sorts of rhythmic styles - think breakbeat, drum & bass, jazz, a human beatbox and other styles which haven’t been invented yet - the result is something you cannot miss!

doormouse's parents approve this recording - and you can believe them, he's really a nice boy. and remember what the doormouse said: feed your head! its major changes time!

packaging: full-colour sleeve.
released in collaboration with sublight records - www.sublightrecords.com

discography (excerpt) 09.2005:
414 tracks. 12". digitalhut sounds dhs003-6. 1996
insideout liver meat balloon. 12". digitalhut sounds dhs010-6. 1998
your drugged future. 12". deadly systems ds 005. 1998
mama didn't raise no punk, i made myself one ep. 12". addict 005. 2001
unibomber ate a donkey dick ep. 12". distort records 005. 2001
broken. cd. planet mu ziq051cd. 2002
freaked out mess. cd. addict cd003. 2002
the album?. cd. addict cd002. 2002
why does this keep happening to me?. 12". distort records 006. 2002
broken ep (one) / broken ep (two). 12" / 12". addict 009 / 010. 2003
freaked out mess. 12". addict 013. 2003
the method vol.1 / freaked out mess. 2cd. violent turd turd11. 2003
messed out freak. 12". addict 014. 2004
i heart rap / i heart metal / i heart country. 12" / 12" / 12". addict ss1 / ss2 / ss3. 2004
post nuclear holocaust napalm rave. 12". distort records 007. 2004
splash (in your face). 12". distort records 008. 2004
fractured hearts. 12". peace off poffltd11. 2005
hand hammered. 12". distort records 009. 2005
stanley yershonowski presents: xylophone jism, as the rediculator. cd. cock rock disco crock003. 2005
major changes. cd / 12". sublight records slr401 / hymen records ¥408. 2005

doormouse on the web: www.addictrecords.com