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¥409 richard devine. sigstop. 12". september2k5


matvec interior - ( w/ otto von schirach)
funkstörung remix -devine - sigstop

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'terror up! more terror, more fire, more fear, more beats, more noise! giveus the red alert. this is riot music for seething fibre-optic android moths.nothing human comes out of this drill-spree alive. with cautella, devine has once again pushed the boundaries of rhythm and electronic composition, taking extremes to extremes, mosh-pitting the ipod and killing the needle on the turntable. cautella sounds like he's fucked with the basic binary algorithms themselves. on this record, no two zeroes or ones sound alike.

cautella is atlanta, ga native richard devine's fourth record. his debut record lip swtich was released in 1999 by warp/schematic, and since then devine's been constantly re-upping his fidelity on every subsequent record, amplifying and layering matrix upon matrix of burning sound. devine's music presses the erotic and the neurotic together like no other contemporary musician. the tracks on cautella sexualize and bestialize the laptop sound. there's no doubt cautella's highly, pornographically addictive. something like what you see at francis_bacon.com. it's the kind of album that mechanizes your nerve endings, making them throb and bob with the beat, ignoring all other directions from your brainstem. the brain itself feels under attack, dendrites and canals on fire with hot purple lead.

can you play cautella in your car? devine, you have the key: ignite this candy-painted escalade transformer (more than meets the ear), woodgrain grippin' and tippin' on four-fours, and send it across town knight rider-style to ride up to that carrie anne moss-o-bot and put the stick shift up her rear axle. because i just saw her flash her trunk at me as i rolled past and she heard me playing your new album. for serious. i was playing ''arc-acid'' and that shattering, war of the worlds laser crunk beat, pitch-shifting and skimming over these little wiggling appeggios...she's practically sucking the stop sign. this is metal-edged sex-funk for terror's age. richard devine is iannis xenakis meets lil' jon. devine's beats are flexible and potent. he's got that digizzle conkrete rhythm, and that's sure to make cautella a huge record for fans of the
glitch, the avant-garde, the booty bass, idm, sizzurp, and the drillcore sounds. cautella is a big brutal masterpiece of post-industrial machine music.'

source: lee henderson

hymen records will be releasing only 500 copies of this wicked sigstop limited edition 12'' picture disc. the record contains 4 tracks from the ''cautella'' cd on sublight (slr602). the picture disc comes in a clear pvc plastic sleeve. total time: 24:15.

released in collaboration with sublight records - www.sublightrecords.com

discography 09.2k5
sculpt. 3x12". tape 005
richard devine ep. 12". schematic sch005. 1995
polymorphic ep. 12". six sixty six ltd. sss003. 1996
lipswitch. 2lp / cd. schematic sch015 / warp wap 139. 2000 / 2001
aleamapper. cd / 2lp. schematic sch019. 2001
asect:dsect. cd / 2lp. schematic sch023. 2003
cautella. cd. sublight records slr601. 2005
sigstop. picture 12". hymen records ¥409. 2005

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