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711 snog . relax into the abyss . cd . september 2000.



are you normal enough? (beefcake and the burger flippin' blues)
real estate man (low-key operations make a down-payment)
the last diamond (xingu hill slices the soft earth)
real estate man (ubin offer affordable solutions)
is there no-one that can save us from today? (spacecat joins the utopian futurist front)
are you normal enough? (shinjuku filth celebrate the contamination)
real estate man (black lung greets the funky inquisition)
the infernal advocate
slide into extinction (shaolin wooden men live in room 23 at the altona motor inn)
are you normal enough? (end encourage less normalization)
state rape (beam up battle cross channel traffic)
are you normal enough? (francois tetaz conducts the cacophanous maximus)
the crumbling land
chasin' and the jargonauts

snog . relax into the abyss .. being a selection of remixes and curios
digi-pack edition on hymen records. original productions by snog. remixes by the remixers.
original paintings by chris woods.
snog is a member of m.a.c.o.s (musicians against copyrighting of samples).

additional info:

the video for 'are you normal enough' won the best video at the st.kilda international film festival, australia 2000
snog - are you normal enough? (beefcake rmx). video

also available:
¥402 snog . relax into the abyss . lp . september 2000.

people ask me about david thrussell - the star of electronic music, the business man.his success tells you he is tops in for me, i know david as a friend and shopping buddy.he loves to rough it in the outdoors: cold, hot, raining, it doesn't matter; we shop anyway.he likes being there.if we catch a lot of bargains it's great, but when we catch none we still have a good time.david's happiest leisure hours are when he's out at the mall shopping to his heart's content.he laughs about how we eat beans, crackers, whatever we have in the car; for despite his fame as a recording and concert star and his almost equal success as a business man, it's the simple things in life that david thrussell truly enjoys.a simple man with simple wants and needs for happiness, and a great big heart full of love for everyone.that's the david thrussell i know.
francois tetaz



after last year´s excellent snog release ´third mall from the sun´, nay-sayer david thrussell offers a companion cd full of unusual and ground-breaking remixes by an all-star cast of producers. ´relax into the abyss´ is a 15-track collection of remixes and unreleased bonus tracks to help ease the pain of living in this materialistic, money-fueled world. i personally have a problem listening to remix cds, especially when only a few tracks are chosen, then remixed repeatedly by different producers. as much as i love snog, i´m afraid ´relax into the abyss´ falls into this pit, but fortunately most of the remixes here lend enough diversity and deserve be heard. this is by no means a disappointment; there are plenty of great remixes on here by beefcake, xingu hill, spacecat, shinjuku thief, and black lung. the added bonus tracks of ´the crumbling land´, ´chasin´ and the jargonauts´, ´infernal advocate´ and ´oil´ still make this a good buy for snog fans. most of the remixes here are very clever; still maintaining enough of the original song material, but giving each remix a unique twist. needless to say, the beefcake mix of ´are you normal enough?´ stands on its own with the undeniable shadow of brilliance fans have come to expect. glitch galore and beautiful background melodies stand along side steady drum n´ bass rhythms, popping percussion, and crackling static surges. profound as usual. xingu hill breathes new life into ´the last diamond´, this time around giving a quirky, almost amusing acid feel with hip-hop beats and dirty vocal effects. spacecat remixes ´is there no one that can save us from today?´, an impressive combination of the original vocals along with crashing cymbals, hip-hop beats, electric guitar loops, and well-placed folds. effective build-ups erupt when multiple textures and smooth layering end this cool little number. shinjuku thief tackles ´are you normal enough?´ with a great remix that may have some reconsidering the talents of this austalian artist. crunchy industrial noises, arppegiator synth patterns, and stumbling low bass kicks remind me a little of forma tadre´s earlier works. add in some news samples, a little bit of chanting, sporadically panning static and you have yourself an exceptional remix. black lung´s remix of ´real estate man´ throws the original track into funk mode with plenty of signal manipulation and cohesive basslines. sharp snare cuts and creaking hiq pads surround minimal renditions of the original song as thrussell´s alter-ego ends the remix with a great distorted build-up before a nice fade ensues. end´s version of ´are you normal enough?´ offers an epic-sounding instrumental version, with elevating pianos, spats of noise, and broken rhythms. the new tracks offered here are primarily brief instrumental fillers, not necessary to the flow of the record, but still serve as effective transitions between remixes. the final track ´oil´, however, does give us a new vocal track by thrussell and company, decidedly electro in composition. thrussell hoarsely whispers cautions about human oil expenditure and the effects it will have on the environment, while coy electronic pulses and visiting synthlines swirl around in the background. minimal clacking beats and traditional snog stylings maintain most of this track, bringing me back to the early days of ´lies, inc.´ or ´dear valued customer´. ´relax into the abyss´ is a fine companion to its parent release, and while it may not take the place of a brand new album, it still is a great buy for consumers and a recommended acquisition for any snog patron.

kortex webzine :
à la première écoute je n'ai pas aimé relax into the abyss. il aurait pu faire parti très facilement de ces albums qu'on met de côté et qu'on écoute à l'occasion seulement. heureusement pour moi j'avais à en faire la critique, et donc j'ai pris le temps d'approfondir ma première impression : relax into the abyss est foutrement bon! les pièces de third mall from the sun sont complètement transformées, à tel point que j'ai l'impression de les préférer aux originales. le traitement est beaucoup plus obscure que sur third mall, qui bénificiait d'une approche plutôt pop. malgré que toutes les pièces sont excellentes, les meilleures chansons selon moi sont "oil", "slide into extinction (shaolin wooden men remix)", et le remix de shinjuku filth de "are you normal enough". un très bon compact.

kortex webzine :
je ne sais que dire sur le nouvel album de snog. en fait, ce que je me dois de vous dire pour commencer c'est que monsieur thrussel ne semble pas savoir où donner de la tête. third mall from the sun regroupe un amalgame de pièces qui donnent dans des styles variés, souvent plus près de black lung ou soma (les autres projets de thrussels). en fait on pourrait pratiquement diviser les pièces en trois groupes représentatifs de chacun de ses projets. ça ne donne pas un mauvais résultat, mais le mélange est cependant difficile à gober. on perd rapidement le fil conducteur de l'album, pour le ratraper et le reperdre. je ne peux pas vous déconseiller cet album, mais je me devais de vous avertir sur son contenu. ça reste du pur david thrussels et le talent est au rendez-vous, comme à l'habitude. s'agit de savoir si les fans de snog apprécieront ce métissage avec les autres projets du grand maître australien. yanik trudeau
modulazioni industriali.
bella collezione di remix e altre curiosità per il nuovo lavoro degli snog . david thrussell , personaggio carismatico e multiforme artista che da vari anni solca il mare dell'elettronica più varia e interessante ha confezionato anche questa volta un album che stupisce e si fa ascoltare con piacere , tracks originali e remix che non formano un monolite statico , ma si stagliano prepotentemente contro la massificazione impersonata bene dalla splendida copertina . quindici tracce che attingono quindi a piene mani dalle soluzioni stilistiche di david , beefcake , xingu hill , shinjuku filth tra echi electro, drum-n-bass , big beat e soluzioni più sprimentali .ottimo album per rilassarsi nell'odierno abisso culturale dominante e chiedersi per l'ennesima volta "are you normal enough?" .consigliatissimo.

david thrussell has got something he wants to get off his chest. finding a wealth of source material in the strident "gimme gimme" cry of capitalist consumer society which has so paralyzed the growth of individual brain cells in our children, he's out to inspire, enrage, and sermonize about the state of western materialism. disguised as dance floor-ready electro beats, snog's music is like getting whacked across the knuckles with a marble-filled sock as you reach for your wallet. talk about repetitive stress injury. you reach again and again and he's always there, dancing in and jabbing at your corporate-induced hypnotic state. relax into the abyss is ostensibly a remix album, culling material from his previous third mall from the sun release, but with several new tracks interspersed. getting assistance from belgium, germany, the united states, and fellow australians, thrussell beats and bludgeons the corporate beast with utter aplomb. relax into the abyss is sparkling satire crafted from the inside. you are led to believe that thrussell loves the very system which he is deconstructing and revealing. snog puts a smile on your face as you succumb to the temptation of materialism, but this smile is cracked and chipped--a sure sign the power of cash money is losing its grip.

equinoxe ausgabe 14

'relax into the abyss' ist kein wirklich neues studiowerk der australischen elektroniker snog, vielmehr bietet es dem hörer neben lediglich vier neuen tracks eine ganze reihe von remixen älterer stücke, teilweise aus der hand von künstlern wie xingu hill, shinjuku thief und black lung sowie einiger relativ unbekannter namen. alles in allem ist die scheibe wieder recht tanzflächenkompatibel ausgefallen, wie man es eben von den arbeiten david thrussells kennt, wenngleich noch wesentlich technoider als bei bekannteren veröffentlichungen. das wohl beliebteste stück von snog scheint ‚are you normal enough?' zu sein, welches insgesamt viermal bearbeitet wurde, unter anderem in einer recht breakbeatlastigen variante der jenaer beefcake, die auch hier wieder beweisen, dass sie alles andere als bloß beefkacke zustande bringen können. es ist mir leider nicht bekannt, inwiefern sich die einzelnen remixer bezüglich des gesamtbildes von ‚relax into the abyss' abgesprochen haben, aber in seiner gesamtheit betrachtet, gibt die cd ein recht stimmiges und in sich geschlossenes bild ab, was bei einem fast reinen remixalbum beachtlich ist. die cd sei der vinylversion vorzuziehen, da auf letzterer nur zwei statt der vier exklusivstücke vertreten sind. (uwe schneider)

side-line no.34 january/february/march 2001

sit back, relax, press the play-button and dive into the abyssal world of genius david thrussell with this 15-track remixing orgy. a sound collaboration extravaganza including the world's most dangerous studio manipulation activists like beefcake, xingu hill, shinjuku filth, black lung himself, shaolin wooden men or yet francois tetaz. all joined hands with the australian guru for a very destructured and uplifting experience. they especially concentrated their actions on the 'third mall from the sun' album and render here very interesting new versions - or even interpretations in some cases - in a more experimental hich-tech electronic vein, but you would have exptected it, wouldn't you with such a studio partners line-up! i would have personally called this new album 'third mall from the moon' for its icy feel and frozen abient electronics. the unpredictable snog will definitely surprise you once again with this new opus and demonstrates once again his music knows no frontiers, let it be physical or mental. highlights from the abyss include the 'end encourageless normalization' version as well as beefcakes' mix of 'are you normal enough?', xingu hill's 'the last diamond', the 'ubin offer affordable solution' version and black lung mix of 'real estate man' plus the last but not least creeping 'oil'. fans will love it until the release of the next album... (tsf)

mute! #5

the newest remix album of everyone's favorite techno god. 'the infernal advocate', 'oil', 'the crumbling land' and 'chasin and the jargonauts' are four new notches on the bedpost of mr. thrussell. highlighted with booty-shakin, ear-twitching, chin-gigglin' remixes by demi-gods like beefcake, xingu hill and black lung, girl-powered ubin offers an affordable solution to 'real estate man' and shaolin wooden men give a burly rendition of 'slide into extinction', while spacecat is saving the day with 'is there no-one that can save us from today?'. it's like an alternate universe where every one is either david thrussell or ross perot. but i think the perots are an obvious minority. (bb)

prospective 1/2001

when snog was formed, their political views shone through pretty well. now over 10 years later they still seem to keep their political correctness alive. some years ago they released the album third mall from the sun which introduced some stunning electronic wizard tunes. a complete musical anarchy. now today, relax into the abyss is more a collection of snog songs remixed by other bands. my favorite beefcake make a totally out of this world remix of 'are you normal enough?' with their autechre spastic breakbeats. when i think about it, from the original recording there has been done so many swell remixes here and i feel it wrong to take 1 or 2 and say: 'that remix is good and that is also good'. no, all of the remixes here are high-class material from artists who have respect for the original track. ok, there is one remix i actually would like to mention here. 'slide into extinction (shaolin wooden men live in room 23 at altona motor inn' is a total take-off!

snog bedarf keiner rezensionen mehr. ihn muß man hören. ihn darf man nicht verpassen. er ist der mann der alle details zum ganzen fügt. er lehrt uns, was es heißt cool zu sein, was es heißt informiert zu sein, was es heißt das geräusch zu bändigen, pop von innen nach außen zu kehren und generell einfach schnieke mucke zu machen. seine remixe sind immer nur noch ein schatten ihres ursprungs und so ist es auch mit dieser remixsammlung zum letzten album "third mall from the sun". mit hilfe von so illustren leuten wie beefcake, xingu hill, ubin, spacecat, shinjuku filth, francois tetaz und seiner selbst als black lung ist wieder ein vollkommen neues album erstanden. noch dazu gibt es vier neue tracks. genug. gehet hin und lauschet dem meister. (till schröder)


each snog's release is a strange and utterly pleasant adventure. the unique (and even beyond this word) sound masterminded by our favorite anti-capitalist david thrussell is an example of innovative and creative electronic music and relax into the abyss, generated by plenty of talented artists, is a single prove of it. taking songs from snog's latest release, the excellent third mall from the sun, relax into the abyss shows different bands reinterpreting the world of mr.thrusell through their musical eyes, which has to be called remixes. after you've been smiling (or even laughing out loud) at the paintings by chris woods found in the booklet and remixes' titles, the prolific beefcake opens the album with their "burger flippin'blues" interpretation of are you normal enough?, as expected, disassembled technoid beats, an array of speech samples and polish electronics comprises the remix for a wondrous musical experience. xingu hill "slices the soft earth" of the last diamond with a superb technoid deconstruction but snog's sideproject black lung wins the deconstruction award with the remix for real estate man where original pieces and samples from the song are meshed with crunchy beats. slice into extinction takes a drastic change with shaolin wooden; while keeping the original aggressiveness of the song, the remix puts this one into a nice convulsive and fast-paced, nearly electro-punk mess. thrussell is becoming a nice crooner with the beam-up's version of state rape where thrussell sings over samples of a big band orchestra supported by a trippy rhythm; funny and even very good. four new songs are also part of the relaxing abyss, the first three being rather solid instrumental tracks, but maybe to short, oil is the common snog with a textural techoid beat, complex electronics and western-spaghetti guitars supporting thrussell's vocals. those who have seen their life changed with buy me... i'll change your life, will be pleased with the crumbling land and chasin' and the jargonauts which both are very close to the sound of the project's third album. nothing could have paid a more required tribute to snog's third mall from the sun than relax into the abyss does. each of the remixes are an excellent look at snog's world; like if each of the bands were saying "i snog therefore i am...".


der melodiöse drum'n'bass von snog erinnert in einigen momenten an ur-elektro a la cabaret voltaire. breakbeats, roboter-stimmen und sperrige soundsamples machen das remix-album zu einem nostalgisch angehauchten drum'n'bass-album. beim lesen des tracklistings könnte man zwar in versuchung geraten, die platte bereits vor dem ersten hören langweilig zu finden, denn einige songs finden sich mehrfach auf den silberling gepresst. dreimal wird der hörer zum beispiel mit "real estate man" beschallt, doch mit gelungener dj-handwerkskunst beweist snog, dass ein und derselbe song völlig unterschiedlich klingen kann. einmal klassisch elektronisch, dann mit vielen high-pitched-voice-samples und der letzte mix leitet mit posaunenchor und telefonklingeln ein, um dann mit flirrenden, spacigen klängen als rein instrumentales stück zu ende zu gehen. insgesamt finden sich 15 tracks auf "relax into the abyss", die vom wahren chillout-sound bis zum böse stampfenden dancefloor-burner reichen. freundlicherweise sind zu jedem titel auch gleich die beats per minute aufgelistet, so dass man je nach lust und laune die memory-funktion des cd-players auf couch oder club einstellen kann. (inga stumpf)



snog discography (09.2k)
corporate slave, 1992, cd single / 12''. lies inc., 1992, cd album. shop, 1992, cd single / 12'' single. born to be mild, 1993, cd single. hey, christian god, 1993, cd single. cliché, 1994, cd single. dear valued customer, 1994, cd album. the future, 1995, cd single. remote control, 1996 (us edition). hooray!!, 1998, cd single. buy me... i'll change your life, 1998, cd album. the human germ, 1998, cd single. i snog; therefore i am..., 1999, 2cd album / lp (european edition incl. hooray!!, the human germ + mixes). third mall from the sun, 1999,cd. relax into the abyss, 2000, cd/lp

share the snog experience. beg, buy or steal a copy of relax into the abyss. the new snog album of studio re-contextualizations and retrospective collaborations. an experience you're sure to never forget.