732 v.a. belio:cd:war. cd + belio magazine. june2k3.

feat: matka, asphalt!, end, black lung, proyecto mirage

tracklist cd:

matka > locusta 64, hidden xacra, trip suspended (proyecto mirage remix)
asphalt! > dark dreams, rhythm produkt, ffwd (matka remix)
end > over 9 billion dead served, by other means, society of the spectacle (asphalt! remix)
black lung > in the trenches, the first bomb falls, catastrophic cognitive void (end remix)
proyecto mirage > b-side, gas the humans!!, belio (black lung remix)

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excerpt from jane’s defence equipment library, sonic weapon systems - 2003

¥732 belio war - description
the belio:cd:war sonic assault system (package) comprises two elements:
1) a single compact disc (cd) of audio composites, called "tracks;" and 2) a bound, print copy of the spanish design magazine belio.

war, which arrives in a non-descript sealed plastic container (bag), is designed to instantaneously immobilize personnel within an established radius by causing rapid excitation of the cerebrum through both sonic and visual input. the impact radius of war varies from location to location, but according to information uncovered by jane's research department, the end result is complete and total intellectual and emotional entertainment of the darker confines of the human soul.

deployment & operational characteristics
when played at high volumes on a public announcement (pa) or stereophonic sound reproduction system (stereo), war recreates the signature audible elements of modern musical combat. war accomplishes this objective utilizing five principal musical components (artists), all of which leverage high-calibre ambient, industrial, and experimental electronic equipment operated under demanding cultural pressures.

weapon componentry
the five principal musical components include the following:

matka - early-warning ambient siren system coupled to expansive synthesizer foundation.
origin: czech republic. currently assembled in valecia, spain.

asphalt! - precision soundstage design and ebm aesthetic generation.
origin: spain. currently assembled in barcelona, spain.

end - concussive breakbeat matrices and psycho-cinematic audio effects.
origin: united states of america.
currently assembled by mad-luddites in new york city, united states of america.

black lung - martial industrial rhythm loops and stealth-quality ambience.
origin: australia. currently assembled by rogue elements of the international mind control corporation, a "multi-national, neo-global, conglomeration, created for the purpose of disseminating mind control
materials and solutions."

proyecto mirage - caustic roland analog rhythms and machine gun sounds.
origin: spain. currently assembled in madrid, spain.

each artist on war contributes two original tracks to the cd, as well as a remix of another artist's track. together, the fifteen tracks deliver a devastating audio payload of total intellectual and emotional entertainment, precision guided to the listener's brain in tandem with the visual stimulus of the issue of belio magazine.

contractor background
founded by two brothers, pablo & javier ia. (last names are unknown to jane's research department at this time), belio appeared in 1999 as a print vehicle for experimental graphic art and design, focusing on collaborative exchange as its primary trait. pablo & javier ia., together with fellow collaborations of designers from belio, produce their design firm, geeohdee (g.o.d. - group of designers), which also produces commercial graphic designs for corporations ranging from ericsson to the red cross and
musical artists and labels.

in order to secure an efficient and reliable distribution, pablo & javier ia. enlisted the services of german experimental industrial powerhouse hymen records for joint-delivery of the belio:cd:war package.

according to pablo & javier ia., war contains the musical styles that best compliment the powerful visual impact of belio. the following is a statement uncovered by jane's research department and attributed to either pablo or javier.

"this cd was born under the notion of copying the ideas of the magazine, but with music. so, we could say that this cd is an another issue of belio - a special issue released with music instead images."

additionally, this statement is also attributed to either pablo or javier.

"we selected this topic because we think 'war' is a good inspiration for graphics and sound. it has a concrete aesthetic, and you can play with the concept pretty well. on the other hand, we are living in an important moment in history; wars are usual today, and there are no right or wrong reasons.
and yet, most people are against war - for the first time we can see a whole planet with only one message: 'stop the wars.' for us it's like everyone is starting to understand that there is no solution in hate-and-violence solutions."

jane's cannot verify or refute this claim at this time. however, the belio war package appears to be a potent weapon in the war against mediocre ideology, music and design.

the belio war package will be jointly deployed by belio and hymen records in june 2003. available worldwide to informed and intelligent musical despots through local sonic weapons dealers (record stores) and virtual commerce kiosks (various websites).

this is a collaboration-release of hymen records & belio magazine.



für dieses cd/magazin package haben sich der ant-zen ableger hymen und der spanische belio magazine verlag zusammengefunden. auf der cd finden sich fünf acts mit je drei tracks, von denen jeweils einer ein remix ist, der von einem der anderen teilnehmer angefertigt wurde. den anfang machen matka mit lichtscheuen downbeats. asphalt! ziehen danach die geschwindigkeit streckenweise etwas an und klingen wie instrumentaler dark electro aus den frühen bis mittleren 90'ern. die höhepunkte des albums stammen, wie durchaus abzusehen war, von black lung und end. letzter startet mit humorvollen frickelsound (/over 9 billion dead served) /ins rennen, welcher im asphalt!-remix auf windschnittige electro-disco-kompatibilität getunt wird. black lung eröffnet im anschluss daran ebenfalls mit einer extrem straighten electronummer (/in the trenches/), schiebt einen etwas ziellos wirkenden track dazwischen, um letztendlich von end zu einem hypernervösen stampfer gemixt zu werden - /catastrophic cognitive void (end remix) /geht ganz klar als das highlight des albums durch. den abschluss bilden danach proyecto mirage, deren gemisch aus rhythm noise und techno für meine ohren leider mal wieder etwas lieblos klingt - selbst black lung gelingt es mit seinen remix nicht, allzu viel aus dem material herauszuholen. schade, vor allem, wenn man im hinterkopf hat, zu welchen leistungen die spanier mit ihren electroclashprojekt bubble gum fähig sind. das magazin zur cd im quadratischen format (etwas größer als eine 7" single) umfasst rund 120 farbseiten bei ansprechender druckqualität, was heutzutage längst keine selbstverständlichkeit mehr ist. neben einigen texten in spanisch und englisch bietet es in erster linie bildmaterial aus der urbanen zone: die themen graffities, u-bahnen und städtische architektur laden zum wiederholten durchblättern ein. die vereinzelnd eingestreuten anzeigen für shops in spanien haben für leser außerhalb des landes zwar kaum nutzwert, verleihen dem magazin aber durchaus zusätzlichen charme. (sascha bertoncin)

mark teppo dot com

to: ministry of cultural information. from: division of cultural observation, sub-agency 12: music and art. re: summary of belio:cd:war. the package: the belio:cd:war sonic assault system is a multi-part system which delivers its payload through two modes of sensory input: (1) a permanently etched aural delivery vehicle (the cd) which contains 15 distinct audio warheads; (2) visual -- a collection of bound and printed leaves (the book) which contains numerous images intended to arrest and distract the occular engine. the purpose: the varigacies of the human nervous and cognitive systems notwithstanding, belio:cd:war "is designed to instantaneously immobilize personnel within an established radius by causing rapid excitation of the cerebrum through both sonic and visual input." [q.v. hymen data for release ¥732]. deployment & operational characteristics: utilitizing five distinct agents whom, in turn, employ high-calibre ambient, industrial, and experimental electronic equipment, the aural delivery device (the cd) simulates modern combat through musical and rhythmic motifs and collages. proper deployment of the cd is achieved through high volume playback on a public announcement system or through a personal interface to a stereophonic sound reproduction system. the visual delivery system (the book) assaults the individual occular imaging system through its use of urban warfare collages. the textual message of the book is secondary to the design aesthetic and presentation of the collected material. the combination of text and graphic images are intended to cause a biochemical reaction within the central processing unit of the individual, eliciting a response which can be measured against standardized emotional performance meters. efficacy: the 15 audio warheads of the cd are evenly divided between the five agents with the following schema: two (2) distinct formulas originating from their respective laboratories and one (1) warhead which is a re-sythnesis of material from one agency through the filters of another laboratory. the delivery methods of the warheads are spread across a variety of sonic spectrums in an attempt to successfully impact the largest denominator of the target population, and successful delivery of the individual warhead is measured by the total registered value of intellectual and emotional entertainment which can be recorded in this target population. to fully measure the efficacy of the belio:cd:war sonic assault system, we have charted the effect of each agent and their audio warheads. [1] matka -- an organization with historical ties to the czech republic and which is currently based in valencia, spain -- employs an "early warning ambient siren system" to create its audio tactical strike units. captive within the nose cone of matka's "locusta 64" model warhead is a miniaturized tape recorder. this recorder will engage as the device hits, spilling its recording of a historical warzone transmission to further enfeeble the listener, heightening the spectral atmosphere of its impact. the "hidden xacra" model is a stealth model, intended for early morning dispersal. its conical shape is perfect for cleaving through fog and mist, and its audio footprint is commonly mistaken for a dub echo device. [2] asphalt! -- a spanish organizaion based in barcelona -- employs techniques similar to matka in its armed audio warfare: an arsenal of haunted echoes and atmospheres. their first warhead, code-named "dark dreams," is a gently guided missile that sneaks under radar and delivers its payload through a low bpm transmission. their "rhythm produkt" utilizes the same waveform distortion method of recorded radio transmissions that the "locusta 64" warhead does, though the engine and electronic delivery vehicle is more complex, filled with a greater number of pistons and valves. the matka organization recycles the "ffwd" warhead and turns it into a floating harbor mine that lurks just below the surface of the water. it sends out low frequency waveforms and contains a rhythm buster which, with its clattering pattern, is sure to play havoc with submarine sonar. [3] assembled by self-styled "mad luddites" in new york city, end is a mysterious organization which has done forward-looking electronic signal configurations and their warheads are sleek and futuristic. the innards of these rockets are all next-generation fluid mechanic processors, optimized for complex quantum calculations. their payloads are viral in nature, biochemical infections which inject static saturated polyrhythms directly into the bloodstream of the target through proximity contagion. these are "culture bombs." [4] the black lung organization -- an australian group created by rogue elements of the international mind control organization (which is also the tentacled mastermind behind snog) -- delivers particulated payloads which create miasmas of fevered atmospheres -- soundtracks for ruined cities. their "in the trenches" warhead contains a densely packed payload of caustic roland analog sounds, mutated recordings of wind patterns, the rumble of machinery against cobblestone streets, and the sirens of early warning systems. "the first bomb falls" is meant to fragment upon dispersal, shards of its hot casing screaming through the atmosphere like a thousand distinct sirens as the spherical nodules of the payload pound the landscape. [5] proyecto mirage -- based in madrid, spain -- has previously been under contract with the mysterious hands organization and their distinct methodology is put in play for the belio:cd:war sonic assault system. the "b-side" and "gas the humans!!" projectiles are carpet bombs of noise which scatter their payload across a broad terrain in a persistent catalclysmic rumble. the final warhead of the system is a black lung reconfiguration of a proyecto mirage warhead entitled "belio.". sub-agency recommendation: the belio:cd:war sonic assault system is an effective multi-sensory delivery system. its payload system ensures a complete delivery of content through the two primary sensory inputs of the target individual. an initial stage of rapid excitation was recorded as was an urge for continued self-application of the package. while the target individual's resistance increased against the invasive methodology employed by the audio and visual stimulii of the package, continued persistence returned a continued level of elevation of the cerebrum's exitation. it is this sub-agency's recommendation that the belio:cd:war sonic assault system be widely employed in all regions where its potential effectiveness has been measured at a substantive level. (mark teppo)

das spanische design und street art magazin belio verknüpft diesmal zum ersten mal eine seiner thematischen ausgaben mit einer cd. die "urban issue" beschäftigt sich vorallem mit graffiti (von sprayern bis stencil artists), digitaler kunst, installationen mit industrielandschaftsbildern, musik und stadtplanungen auf der scheide von kunst und soziologie. wie ein mix aus dem italienischen search kunstmagazin und dem lifestyle magazin lo-down mit einem schuß blond. 53 seiten sind nur reine bilder, dazu artikel in spanisch (praktischerweise gibt's übersetzungen auf englisch am schluß des heftes). insgesamt 120 seiten wirklich interessanter und gut geschriebener artikel und stimulierender kunst (die space invader plastikkacheln zum an die wände kleben, haben mir da am besten gefallen). die cd in kollaboration mit hymen ist genauso beeindruckend. black lung, end, proyecto mirage, matka und asphalt! liefern jeweils 3 exklusive tracks, wobei einer immer von einer der 5 bands geremixt wurde. das end und black lung mal wieder nur hochqualitatives material abliefern würden ist klar, aber selbst die stampfer von proyecto mirage präsentieren eine angenehm andere rhythmische seite und soundlandschaft. besonders überrascht war ich von den zwischen ambient und downtempo electronica schimmernden newcomern asphalt! und matka. mal heftige, mal ruhig, changieren ihre tracks zwischen breakbeat, 80er melodiösitaet und ambient. end geht mal wieder in filmischer qualität und komplexer rhythmik auf während black lung sehr korrosive, dunkle ambienttracks bastelt, die ein bißchen beat durchlassen. das schöne an allen 5 bands ist, daß sie alle sehr melodiös sind und die urbane komplexität und geschwindigkeit mit zeitloser ruhe und zartheit komplementieren. ein sehr schön zusammengestellter sampler, der entgegen der klischees der schwarzen szene, die musik in einen technologischen und lifestyle kontext setzt, den die electronica/techno szene schon lange vollzogen hat und dem sich viele rhythmic noise/industrial bands immer noch etwas verwehren. aber da war hymen ja von anfang an mehrere schritte voraus. (till)


this is an unusual compilation/magazine hybrid, comprising of 15-track compilation cd, featuring matka, asphalt, end, black lung & proyecto mirage. all 5 contributers donate 3-tracks of break-beat and ambient-power noise, set to a strong anti-war message. incorporated into this is the bound, print copy of the spanish design magazine, belio. this is quite a thick 121 page book, written in spanish & english, which gives a print vehicle for anyone who wants to submit experimental graphic art and design. this particular edition concentrates on suburban graffiti images, some of which are spectacular. of course the whole concept of this dual ideology is not just to deliver a political message, but also to give artists the medium to express themselves without restrictions, whether through music or design. the cd itself is a collection of instrumentals, with an industrial feel and a high-tech experimental electronic edge. it's nothing exceptional and tends to glide along in one-level for the most part, but it all makes for an attractive package with the book thrown in.


matka: <http://webs.ono.com/fishscream>
asphalt!: <http://www.xtatica.net/asphalt>
end: <http://www.worldwentdown.com/end>
black lung: <http://www.worldwentdown.com/imcc>
proyecto mirage: <http://www.proyectomirage.com>

belio magazine: www.beliomagazine.com <http://www.beliomagazine.com>
artwork by pablo & javier ia.: www.geeohdee.com <http://www.geeohdee.com>