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¥737 architect. i went out shopping to get some noise. cd. apr2k4



anger management
belgian connection
icl feelings
colorado 6am
grand diesel
fifth puppy
unlike reaktor version
charles b
beyer dynamic
moonshine live version

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recently, hymen was able, using an overly complicated and ridiculously expensive neural monitoring process, to uncover the following thought transmissions from the soma-filled mind of daniel myer regarding his new architect album, i went out shopping to get some noise. of course, it’s translated from myer’s native german, but that, too, was done at great expense and at risk of life and limb:

today, i went out shopping to get some noise. hmmm…noise.

been shopping alone at experimental outfitters s’apex, ebm clearing house cleaner, and club-centric drum’n’bass hexer shop, and with friends at the futuristic drum’n’bass outlet dots + dashes, arty newt boutique, and the highly-regarded post-industrial noise establishment known as haujobb. wicked time shopping, to be honest about it…mass consumption of beats and breaks, all of it ice-hardened with technoid edge.

but today, gotta shop at architect…haven’t been here since galactic supermarket…gotta find the downtempo drum’n’bass digs i dug up the last time i was here…mostly it was modified breakbeats with a scent of panacea’s nouveau-terror crack patterns, but not as constrictive and painful as hellfish or doormouse.

galactic supermarket was ace - very break-centric - but today, i went out shopping to get some noise…an entirely different sound. hmmm…noise.

still all about the breaks, but now, it’s mutant synthpop rhythms and digitized machine crunching like autechre on “unlike” or “dievorce” a dark dose of beethoven’s moonlight sonata shaken - not stirred - over crackling percussion and pizzicato string bass with thick atmospheric details. fierce acid 303 jackhammer beats a’la afx and caustic window on “colorfusion” or better yet, why not a plate full of proper detroit techno blended with classic industrial noise throttling on “grand diesel”

today, i went out shopping to get some noise. tomorrow, who knows?...

note: the rest of daniel myer’s thought transmissions cannot be reproduced due to certain elements of international law, and out of a general desire on the part of hymen management not to offend fans of manchester united. instead, hymen suggests you pick up architect’s i went out shopping to get some noise and draw your own conclusions!

wreck this mess

ce digipack s'ouvre sur une mélodie un peu triste et des battements très espacés ("anger management"). cette configuration prend ensuite de l'ampleur sur le morceau suivant puis les textures, tout comme les rythmiques, finissent par devenir plus rugueuses… mais la densité de ces compositions abrasives est tempérée par des ambiances downtempo, où surnagent quelques notes de piano incongrues ("unlike"), qui sont comme autant de pauses dans ce paysage sonore jalonné de weird breakbeats. une petite précision s'impose, de l'avis général (enfin, celui des connaisseurs…), cet album est beaucoup moins rythmé que son prédécesseur, galactic supermarket, également paru chez hymen en 1998. signe que daniel myer cherche à se renouveler constamment; que ce soit en "sur-multipliant" les projets (haujobb, hexer, aktivist, g flow, newt, scope, etc.) ou en explorant des pistes différentes sur chaque album. (ld)



there are some records that become better after each playing turn. i went out shopping to get some noise is such a record. architect is daniel myer, mostly known for his innovative electro-industrial act haujobb. already with haujobb he experimented with idm influences but architect is his true idm / technoide project. despite the fact that the title does suspect differently, there isn’t actual that much noise on this second architect album. the often deformed sounds and distorted beats almost always stay subtle and the tracks atmospheric. this is especially evident in ‘colorado 6am’ that is built around a light distorted beat, but has a pleasant sound due to the subtle but dominant strings. the same counts for ‘unlike’ where soft piano tones dominate the mood in a very nice way. very nice is also the cleverly put together track ‘moonshine live version’, a cross-over between idm and beethoven’s mondschein sonate’ with almost no rhythmic structure. but even this track or the harsher ones like the dance orientated ‘colorfusion’ and the bouncing ‘grand diesel’ aren’t very noisy. there are many names of artistst that can be named as reference to architect, with only autechre, panacea and aphex twin as the most obvious. it comes down to this, that anyone with an interest in modern electronic music can buy i went out stopping to get some noise blind. (mvg)



daniel myer is a busy lad, putting out a broad range of electronic material under a number of aliases, though he is probably best known for his work in his post-industrial future-pop inflected guise of haujobb. one of his secrets has been galactic supermarket, the previous record released in his architect guise. galactic supermarket was a streamlined fusion of ambience and beats, a slick glittering construct that sailed silently between the stars. myer returns to architect for i went out shopping to get some noise and, while he brings the echo of solar flares and space wind back with him, he's also found a string quartet and a forgotten cache of recorded voices. architect may be the realm of experimentation, the space where myer dabbles with strange fusions and odd conglomerations. "anger management" works the space anthems, the sampled voices and the string quartets into a highly polished downtempo piece. in the future when anger will be managed through chemical reconfiguration and genetic alteration, this track will be the song inserted into your brain on a perpetual loop as a reward for good behavior. "belgian connection" stutters and hiccups with noise artifacts and glitches in the digital signal, but the core aesthetic remains future-glow downtempo as if the house band in the cyber-club of the 22nd century was a rhythm section of bruised machinery percolating retro-analog sounds as backup for an antique wood-grained radio cabinet which is still transmitting signals from the late 20th century. "people forget that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone," a voice intones in "icl feelings," interrupting the shuffling, clattering dance floor breakdown that myer has spun the record up to. this is machine sex music pumped directly into the existenz input drilled into the base of your spine. "colorado 6am" kicks up dust on the empty highway as our vehicle flees before the spreading lambent glow of the sunrise behind us. nothing out here in the high desert but the keening whistle of the desert wind, the repetitive whap-whap doppler sound of road markers streaming by, and the sub-sonic pop-pop of the last meteor storm dappling the fading blackness of sky's cupola. "unlike" is the burr of noise and the whispered voices of a schizophrenic's nocturnal chatter disturbing a melancholic string quartet. myer layers unlikely elements together, whipping a line of autechre-style machine crunching across a solitary piano melody (furthering, you know, the melancholia first introduced by the string section), while sustaining the impression that we're eavesdropping on an orchestral recital, sitting in the back row next to the geriatrics who can't keep their comments to themselves and a poorly maintained heating unit that is wheezing and leaking water on the floor. "dievorce" stretches my favorite tyler durden speech from fight club across a bed of light-fingered beats and a hint of beethoven's "moonlight sonata," further dovetailing disparate elements in an amalgamation which lend credence to the argument that -- in the right proportions -- the sum is greater than the parts. i went out shopping to get some noise makes me put the words futuristic, downtempo and drum 'n' bass in the same sentence with absolute no shame. while some of myer's other projects haven't held my attention, his work as architect continues to captivate, fascinating me as to how he manages to combine all of the oddly-shaped musical leitmotifs and genres into an engrossing cohesion. i want to go shopping with myer, just to see what he puts in his cart. (mark teppo)


release magazine

daniel myer (haujobb) is back once again with architect and what an album it is. gone is the furious drum‘n’bass which comprised the debut "galactic supermarket". myer is now experimenting with electro; re-defining the genre as he goes along while simultaneously taking it to the next level. "anger management" kicks it all off and is quite pleasurable. "belgian connection" follows it up packing much authority. throughout the whole of "i went out shopping…" there is an underlying current of darkness, intensity, alienation and profound sadness. smooth beats, amazing synthesis and cold, sterile atmospheres… albums such as this are to be savored. nine of these tracks have been heard already via the myer list and differ very little except that they are no longer inferior grade mp3:s. of the other four previously unreleased pieces, one is a twisted take on the classical piece "moonlight sonata" while another is a remixed version of the track "unlike". i cannot stress enough how impressed i am with "moonshine (live version)". architect’s new album has been six years in the making and much like some of his other projects (hexer, s’apex, and myer) it shows a far more experimental, innovative side. as per the norm, this second release is similar to the first in name only; dejan is not involved, one would hope he’s doing his own thing with dots&dashes. i do not think a lot of haujobb’s fans are going to enjoy this album - at first - but if you like what is being put out on the mikrolux and psi49 labels, this thing is going to devour you. now if he’d only work with holger flinsch, what a meeting of the minds that would be.



ever prolific, haujobb's daniel myer returns for a second album as architect, i went out shopping to get some noise. myer's previous architect album, 1998's galactic supermarket, leant toward the darker threads of technoid drum'n'bass. for i went out shopping to get some noise, myer reigns in the breaks to toss down thirteen mind-bendingly tight electro-acid-industrial-techno cuts, each bearing myer's signature dark flair and impeccable production. comparisons range from afx and caustic window on "track 7" to emotive digital synthpop like early autechre on "track 5." not to be outdone by other sample-aholics, myer ensnares the ultimate - beethoven's moonlight sonata - and contorts it into a neo-romantic opus on "track 6." if this is what myer means by noise, the rest of the musical world has a lot of catching up to do to touch architect.



quand on considère le nombre impressionnant de projets de daniel myer, il y a de quoi être partagé entre le considérer comme un touche-à-tout prolifique et inspiré, ou comme quelqu'un ayant une sérieuse tendance à se disperser, capable aussi bien du meilleur (la dark électro de haujobb) comme du pire (la future-pop bidon de clear vision ou les chants féminins pompiers de h_m_b). et ce n'est pas ce nouvel album de son projet architect qui pourra nous aider à nous faire une idée définitive. six années après l'electronica bourrée de breaks et de beats de "galactic supermarket", myer ressort de son chapeau architect dans une version plus rythmique et plus accessible, mais toujours teintée de la dose habituelle de sonorités "dark". alors oui, daniel myer nous confirme qu'il est polyvalent en plus d'être doué. oui, c'est joli, c'est bien produit et il y a quelques idées ici et là (une tentative de reprise de la sonate au clair de lune de beethoven par exemple). mais malheureusement, on a la lassante impression de retrouver cette recette passe-partout qu'on commence à connaître par cœur, myer n'étant pas le premier issu de la scène dite "dark" à s'essayer à des choses soit-disant plus abstraites et plus (prétendues) sophistiquées. un album qui contentera sans surprise les fans du genre et/ou du personnage, mais qui malheureusement ne sortira pas de l'univers cloisonné de cette scène dite "indus". dommage.



no me sentí muy atraído por este disco en sus primeras escuchas. ¿se trata tal vez de drum&bass futurista? ¿techno visionario? definir y por ello limitar a architect a un estilo no sería justo ni interesante. el disco que nos ocupa es un recorrido, no exento de riesgo, por diversos lugares de la geografía sonora. la música de architect funciona sin mayores problemas. se apoya en estructuras simples. no necesita recurrir a texturas complicadas o mezclas imposibles. tal vez sea la sencillez formal lo que contribuye a que su disco funcione. me parece un trabajo correcto pero no me entusiasma. temas de puro baile, 2 step industrial e incluso hay lugar para alguna bella melodía. la combinación de todos estos factores e intenciones ayuda a que el álbum tenga una cierta solidez. más info. (alejandro vidal)



another ace release on hymen. this time architect explores the darker side of garage breaks. the press release refers to aphex twin, autechre and panacea, but to me it sounds like a corroded version of mj cole, and it's no offence. all the drum patterns are very simple and very steppy, there's no rolling breaks like in drum'n'bass, neither experimental textures like xanopticon or autechre. it's simple, but effective. tracks such as 'icl feelings' and 'colorfusion' are pure bastard dancefloor killers, those snappy rhythms and abrasive basslines are irresistible. the main difference with 2 step garage is that the kick drums are the heaviest on earth, snares are distorted with industrial fashion and a gloomy atmosphere permeate every single second of this cd. if you pick the masterpiece that is grand diesel, you'll understand what i'm talking about. it has got a bodyrocking 2 step beat, with a caustic industrial snare, a ghoulish bass that reminds me of ed rush and optical's 'wormhole' and even some strings much in the vein of mj's 'sincere'. sick floorkiller. there's still time for more relaxed stuff, with melancholic piano notes and slower rhythms, like in the introductory 'anger management' or in the two different versions of unlike', but it's the core of relentless beats that makes this album unforgettable. go out shopping, get some noise, then nod yer head and shake yer booty with a grimace on yer face. (luca maini)



the ever prolific daniel myer (haujobb) returns for a second album as architect - for "i went out shopping to get some noise", myer reigns in the breaks and beats of his earlier album ("galactic supermarket")and delivers another album of spellbinding electronic music : thirteen mind-bendingly tight electro-acid-industrial-techno cuts, each bearing myer’s signature dark flair and impeccable production. comparisons range from afx and caustic window on "colorfusion" to emotive digital synthpop not disimilar to early autechre on "unlike". not to be outdone by other sample-aholics, myer ensnares the ultimate - "beethoven’s moonlight sonata" - and contorts it into a neo-romantic opus on "dievorce". if this is what myer means by noise, the rest of the musical world has a lot of catching up to do to touch architect! essential.



widely respected musician daniel myer returns with the long-awaited follow-up album to 1998’s ”galactic supermarket” as architect.  known for his varied side projects, architect is probably one the haujobb front man’s most admired creations with “i went out shopping…” one of his most eagerly anticipated albums outside of late.  myer doesn’t disappoint either, opening gently with “anger management” he slowly builds the tempo with the lengthy piano enhanced “belgian connection” hinting at what is in store.  it is not long before myer unleashes the smooth breaks of “icl feelings” and the crashing beats and tense soundtrack qualities of “colorado 6am” (which he later repeats in more aggressive style on “grand diesel”).  on “unlike” and “colurfusion”, myer experiments with slightly more abstract sounds without distracting from the album’s flow.  “unlike” also appears as a “reaktor version”, which a more simplistic almost work in progress version of the finished track.  closing the album is “moonshine live version”, a hauntingly solemn and melodic piano centred piece for a low-key finish.  myer again treats us to his own brand of drum ‘n’ bass, adding tense soundtrack qualities and his trademark movie samples throughout. (pl)


a review in russian language by valentin laboda:



ce nouveau architect était ésperé. et l'attente n'aura pas été veine puisque i went out shopping to get some noise, sans se calquer sur son prédescesseur galactic supermarket, explore d'autres horizons musicaux tout en gardant une certaine ligne conductrice. moins cosmique cependant, voir plutôt concret, l'album expose un panorama d'ambiances changeantes, tantôt étriquées, tantôt profondes, agencées en étroite fusion sur des grooves variés, allant du downtempo le plus pur au rythme abstrait et incorporel le moins commun. dommage alors que la drum n'bass millimétrée de la production précédente, n'est plus sa place ici. mais globalement, le ton général est au calme, à la lenteur, parfois même la lourdeur. et même si ce revirement s'applique à tous les morceaux, il donne une naturelle homogénéité à l'ensemble, évitant ainsi à daniel meyer de se répéter, où de venir à bout de ses inspirations antérieures. on dénotera également le caractère épuré de certains morceaux, histoire d'aller directement à l'essentiel, ou encore la présence quasi-automatique de mélodies relativement sombres et froides, apportant une touche atmosphérique presque inquiètante, chose nouvelle pour architect. on imagine alors aisément une insoupçonnée et originale forme de trip-hop electronique, totalement instrumental, dans lequel viendrait se mouvoir compléxité et manipulations sonores, violoncelle et piano (les excellents anger management et unlike en sont la preuve écoutable), tout en esquivant les clichés des uns et des autres. l'influence indus est également présente sur les rugueux et noisy grand diesel et beyer dynamic, juste pour prouver qu'il suffit de bien faire les choses pour qu'on ne s'en lasse jamais. a la croisée des chemins, il y a maintenant i went out shopping to get some noise. fascinant d'un bout à l'autre.


dass daniel myer nochmal sein architect projekt wiederbelebt, hätte ich schon gar nicht mehr zu hoffen gewagt. hat ja auch genug andere eisen im feuer, der gute. und mit s’apex und dots and dashes sogar im selben genre. um so überraschender dann sein auftritt beim maschinenfest 2003, auf dem er ein immens hartes und lautes set hinlegte, daß ich gar nicht mehr sicher war, ob er sich an sein altes architect image der verkopften, abstrakten drum’n’bass ästhetik und kühlen elektronik richtig erinnern konnte. „i went out shopping to get some noise" nach zu urteilen wohl dann doch, auch wenn der titel die veränderung schon deutlich ansagt. die beats sind härter, die verzerrung öfter anzutreffen und die elektronik springt erratisch zwischen flächig-melodiös und zerfasert-kühl. besonders augenscheinlich sind die kurzeitigen klassikeinsprengsel im stickstoffgekühlten elektronikbett. beethoven‘s klaviersonaten wurden digitale breaks, knackige beats und emulierte streicher unter die klangräume gestreut, wobei sich die synthiestreicher und klavierschnipsel auch noch auf andere stücke ausgebreitet haben. trotzdem ist es wieder diese prismatische, hyper-technologische breakbeatwissenschaft, der er nachgeht. sie lebt von den präzisen, kalten sounds, den versetzten rhythmen und dem klangloch zwischen den beats, das mal mehr oder weniger mit daten ausgefüllt wird. die stilistischen inspirationenquellen für diese füllmasse ist breiter geworden: metallischer detroit techno, idm klangwehen, synthiepopmutanten, organoambient, powernoise. es ist alles knackiger, krachiger aber auch melodiöser, freundlicher geworden. architect v 2.0 eben. und die ist weder beta- noch null-version. die ist zur marktpenetration bestens gerüstet. (tô)



er zijn van die platen die bij iedere draaibeurt beter worden. i went out shopping to get some noise van architect is zo'n plaat. architect is daniel myer, in de wave-scène bekend van zijn innovatieve electro-industrial-act haujobb. hoewel hij met haujobb af en toe richting idm ging is architect zijn echte idm/technoïde project. ondanks dat de titel anders doet vermoeden is er niet heel veel noise terug te vinden op deze tweede architect-plaat. de vervormde geluiden en meestal licht overstuurde beats blijven eigenlijk altijd subtiel en sfeervol. dit is goed te horen op bijvoorbeeld 'colorado 6am' dat leunt op enigszins overstuurde beats, maar dat gemoedelijk klinkt door de subtiele maar dominante strijkers. hetzelfde geldt voor 'unlike', waar de spaarzame pianoklanken de sfeer op een mooie manier beheersen. al even knap is de bijna structuurloze cross-over tussen idm en beethoven's 'mondschein sonate' ('moonshine live version'). maar ook bij de hardere nummers zoals het dansbare 'colorfusion' en het stuiterende 'grand diesel' valt het noise gehalte best mee. er zijn een heleboel namen ter associatie te noemen bij deze plaat van architect, waarvan autechre, panacea en aphex twin slechts de meest voor de hand liggende zijn. kortweg, i went out shopping to get some noise is gewoon een plaat die iedereen die van moderne elektronische muziek houdt blindelings kan aanschaffen. (martijn van gessel)



voici le projet d'un artiste ayant compris la part d'hiritage de l'hre ilectro-industrielle dans les musiques ilectro actuelles estampillies + ilectronica;. on ressent fortement ici l'influence dramatique presque baroque de projets comme front line assembly ou meat beat manifesto, dans une version instrumentale toutefois. le piano omniprisent, les pesanteurs drum'n'bass et la milancolie ginirale rappellent aussi les derniers scorn, voire certaines productions bancales de warp. lorgnant igalement vers le dub et ses respirations colories, architect n'est pas revenu bredouille de son chalandage sonore.



i had not dared to hope that daniel myer would revive his architect project again. he’s a busy bee anyway. with s’apex and dots and dashes even in the same genre. his performance at the 2003 maschinenfest came therefore as a surprise. more so as his immensely harsh and loud set did not fit with the old image of architect as a heady, abstract mix of drum & bass aesthetics and chilling electronics. i went out shopping to get some noise sets the picture straight again, even though the title points to the obvious changes. the beats are tougher, distortion more common-place and the electronics erratically jitter from melodious soundscapes to cold splinters. the biggest difference however are the bits of classical music amidst the nitrogen-cooled electronics. beethoven’s piano sonata were embellished with digital breaks, crunchy beats and emulated strings whereas the synthetic strings and piano bits also extend into other tracks. however, it is still the same brand of prismatic, hyper-technological break beat science he subscribes to. it thrives on precise, cold sounds, shifted rhythms, and the sound gaps between the beats which are filled with data, sometimes more sometimes less. the inspirational sources for this filling material have grown more diverse: metallic detroit techno, idm sound drifts, synthpop mutants, organo-ambient, powernoise. everything has become fresher, noisier but at the same time more melodious and friendly. to put it simply – architect v 2.0. and it’s neither beta nor test version. this version is already well equipped for market penetration. (till)

discography 03.2004:

galactic supermarket. cd. hymen records ¥703. 1998
galactic edge. 12". hymen records ¥009. 1998
i went out shopping to get some noise. cd. hymen records ¥737. 2004

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