¥743 snog. real estate man plus. cd. hymen records. april2005



real estate man. ubin mix *.mp3
real estate man. sir real's ugly mix
real estate man. 8-bit apocalypse mix
real estate man. sir real's purty mix
real estate man. volum mix
real estate man. hecq mix
real estate man. super awesome electro friends forever mix
real estate man. sol_dat mix
real estate man. 99 original
real estate man. live from the sun room
video: real estate man. ubin mix

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original version produced by snog and taken from the album 'third mall from the sun'.

snog is a wholly owned subsiduary of the international mind control corporation - entertainment products and perception management division inc.

'to win popularity with the public is one thing. to be popular and respected as a performer and a person is something else again.

david thrussell's career here takes a new turn and rises to a new high. ten strikingly different versions of the one song might seem excessive to some,
but once heard you'll agree that each interpretation brings a refreshing new vigour to this cherished classic.

in these fireside and dancefloor favourites there is a gentle, convincing persuasiveness about every rendition. the approach here is so totally, unaffectedly sincere you can't help but feel your whole inner being is

real estate man is no doubt well enough known to you that you have probably been able to hum the melody since you were a child. yet in this presentation, each version is revealed in an entirely new light...so much more meaningful that it's almost as though you had never really heard the song before: a pure electro assault.

it takes a fascinating lot of originality to be a david thrussell...an artist who is not just popular, but respected as well.'

francois tetaz 2005

important notice to consumers:
the entire physical universe, including this product, may one day collapse back into an infinitesimally small space. should another universe subsequently re-emerge, the existence of this product in that universe cannot be guaranteed.


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vital weekly number 476 week 21
besides monty python's bright side of life and all the beautiful things, there is, of course, a really dark and gray side in life and in the world, bureaucracy, globalization and shit. labels as hymen, ant-zen and mirex are here to remind us of that in a nicer and more safe musical way, and david thrussell's snog is doing that in a dancey way. on this release the track 'real estate man', originally from the 1999's album 'third mall from the sun', is presented in 9 similar sounding remixes and one live version at the end. the remixes (by who knows who?) are in the electronic dance electro-housey break-trancey styles, i'm sure lovers of fischerspooner, miss kittin and tiga will like them. and the live version at the end is in a totally different songwriting style, only a guitar and some spooky vocal singing. it's all specifically and very well done i think, with a certain dark touch to it. no humor, at least no easy-going, this is certainly mostly for the
more serious dance heads. (br)

black issue 40
auch wenn einem der promotext weissmachen will, dass dem nicht so ist, zehn remixe vom selben track sind eintönig. punkt. snog ist genial, daran ist kein zweifel, aber fünf mixe hätten auch gereicht, seine vision zu verbreiten. nochdazu von einem albumtrack aus dem jahre 1999, der zugegebenermassen immer noch rockt wie lego-technik-raumschiffe. dennoch gibt es highlights: der robofunk im sir real’s ugly mix oder die plastikelektronik in 8-bit apocalypse mix sind klasse. und vorallem der hecq mix. so richtig schön in den knien federnder, lässig hinfliessender groove mit herrlich ekstatischen breaks. aber das allein sechs der mixe von fünf künstlern des englischen retro-electrolabels kracktronik kommen, macht die individualisierung der tracks nicht einfacher. viel wichtiger ist doch die frage, wann kommt endlich das nächste album? (till)

real estate man plus from david thrussell’s band snog is a remix album with a difference.  the album consists of 10 remixes of the same track – “real estate man” from the 1999 snog album third mall from the sun.  as an added bonus, the video of the track is also included on the disc. the original version of “real estate man” is a busy yet catchy mix of stabbing breaks, computerised blips, percussion effects and slightly sinister half-spoken half-sung lyrics with an epic orchestral finale.  the remixes generally strip away some of the layers and most or all of the lyrics, adding a few new elements and loops but maintaining the song’s identity.  the “ubin mix” – which is also the soundtrack to the video – takes the catchy cutup female vocal and loops it over the funky breaks and guitar from the original.  sir real offers 2 remixes; the “ugly mix” featuring repetitive 8-bit style beats and the “purty mix” with a more varied approach utilising vocal snippets, ultimately however they are both fairly uninspired reworks.  the “8 bit apocalypse mix” is a more exciting prospect, still opting for breakneck beats that pack a punch but with enough variance to keep things interesting.  volum utilises a similar bouncy beat and futuristic effects to create a sort of strange space age hip-hop restyling that eventually gets consumed in digital hell.  rhythmic noise regular hecq’s rework starts out dreamy and ethereal but soon transforms into a stomping bass-laden stormer that still manages to keep the original vocal in tact.  the “super awesome electro friends forever mix” takes the experimental route and opts for a glitchier approach with lots of digital blips, clicks and effects.  the most radical rework however comes courtesy of thrussell himself who offers an acoustic rendition “live from the sun room” in which he turns “real estate man” into an upbeat country/folk song. for a remix album, real estate man plus doesn’t offer that much variance in style across the ten versions of the song found on the album.  the strongest remakes are from 8 bit apocalypse, hecq and ubin (for its sheer catchiness).  the original is actually better than most of the remixes included here.  as for the video, it is an odd concept.  a man in a suit (presumably the “real estate man”) re-animates troubled souls who promptly burst into life in a series of odd movements.  at the same time, a series of slogans appear on the screen in what appears to be thrussell’s ongoing criticism of corporate globalisation and capitalism.  an original and creative way to get the message across but better remixes would have been a nice bonus. (paul lloyd)

remix-cds sind ja imer schon heikel, aber eine komplette cd mit versionen eines einzigen songs, die noch dazu komplett von ihrem urheber bearbeitet wurden? der ultimative ego-trip? das gibt’s doch höchstens mal auf jamika. david thrussell, ein skeptischer deuter des amerikanischen traumes und ganz gewiss kein jamaikaner hat sich das unglaubliche dennoch zugetraut und höre da: der zugegenermaßen eingängige hook des tracks kommt einem erst ins bewusstsein, als die cd schon ein drittel rum ist … immerhin noch ein weiteres drittel, bevor es anfängt zu nerven. bis dahin hat snog den real estate man so ziemlich durch jede kakaosorte gezogen, die beim durchleben der elektronsichen lebensaspekte gut schmeckt: brighton-techno zum beispiel, breakcore natürlich, dann noch so etwas, was man bei mille plateaux einst click-hop nannte, und als sei das alles nicht genug, packt thrussel wie in seinem ziemlich korrekten album “beyond the valley of the proles” die wandergitarre aus und singt seinen song unplugged. dass snog die zitierten genres immer wieder zu brechen vermag, indem er beispielsweise einen flotten vocoder-funk in ein abgebremstes bigbeat-feeling morpht, sichert ”real estate man plus” einen platz weit jenseits der masse der eklektizismen, malen-nach-zahlen-tracks und anderem schrottwerk. experiment soweit gelungen, nun darf bitte wieder ein neues album kommen. (thaddi)

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