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¥746 architect. the analysis of noise trading. cd. october2k5



st. vodka (mother russia) *.mp3
if jim would jam with richie *.mp3
vectorize (original manipulation) *.mp3
speed o.j. *.mp3
suicide lake *.mp3
radio einheit (fine mechanism) *.mp3
a monkeys testdive in a highspeed car with a broken stereo *.mp3
ulverized substance *.mp3
ah chamber phx *.mp3
bolzen bei ilse *.mp3
st. vodka (hecq reconstruction) *.mp3


all tracks manipulated by architect.
additional fx sounds by oskar lygner and klima.
recorded at the kellermusik office in summer 2005.

architect went out shopping to get some noise - but he found out that noise was out of stock. but what do we have here? has daniel myer, the architect
mastermind, found some noise to trade?

'analysis…' combines the roughness of 'galactic supermarket' and 'i went out shopping... - the result is a balance between breaks, sound-bits and ambience. however, this combination may be more subtle than first realized - for example, track 2 starts very calm (although you can already hear distorted bass) but it is the one which sets 'the analysis's direction: a straight but syncopated attack which includes breaks, clicks, vocals and - noise!

vocals and vocal samples have become more important for architect. for this release, vocals are embedded and are reminiscent of d.myers pre-architectural work in the more 'popular' area. a nice side effect is that it is an exciting alternative to the mostly instrumental idm scene. check out 'if jim would jam with richie' and you will be convinced!

an album as excellent as previous architect works - fully satisfying indoor and outdoor listeners. finally daniel got some noise - what consequence this analysis might have in the future? stay tuned...


be prepared for a serious contender for the album of the year award, no matter what you're used to listen to. either you're a noisy breakcore raver or a melodic idm addict there's a high chance you'll fall in love with the analysis of noise trading. since the very first track, "st. vodka," you'll be able to appreciate the sublime blending of noisy beats and smooth bass, underlining spine chilling piano melodies. with "if jim would jam with richie" and "speed o.j.," architect shows a nice change in his sound with a massive use of dramatic vocal samples over ultra distorted beats. one thing i really appreciated in architect's previous album, i went out shopping to get some noise, was the industrial / garage hybrids he created; "vectorize" and "a monkeys testdive in a highspeed car with a broken stereo" follow this trend, with steppy breaks and grimey bass embedded in gloomy atmospheres. the stunning feature of this record is that even if there's a lot of power and distortions concentrated in the rhythmical section, you won't classify it as industrial or noise, the music flows flawlessly with a lot of depth and detail assembled with surgical production. keeping it simple, it's very accessible, the hooking melodies and the epic setting are so charming and fascinating that you're obliged to listen and re-listen several times to discover new layers of sound you didn't notice before. "ulverized substance" is the perfect example, it contains every single element one should expect from electronic music: a fierce danceable breakbeat, basslines all around, a glacial haunting melody, deep percussions and even some guitar riffs, fused together to form a classic tune. at the very end of the record there's a warm and surrounding hecq rework of "st. vodka," which leaves you fulfilled and rewarded, and ready to hit the play button once again. you must not sleep on this one, trust me. (luca maini)

architect is one of the many projects of daniel myer, whose name should not be unknown to you. gaining most fame with haujobb, there are not many who have so many different projects with such variety and yet a surprisingly high quality. architect is one of the projects which explores electronic landscapes, which was also shown on this years maschinenfest. it is this place where the visitor had the opportunity to pick up this album. a month after, "the analysis of noise trading" was made public. a piece of history, first. "the galactic supermarket" is architect's first album and was released in 1998 through hymen records. it set the sphere for architect's second album entitled "i went out shopping to get some noise". even though there were six years inbetween these two albums (2004, also hymen), it did became clear that architect succeeded in combining electronic sounds with ambient and experimental sounds. fans of haujobb's ambient-side should have no problem finding their way here, as well as fanatics of the so-called clicks'n'-cut genre. "the analysis of noise trading" is the third album and is, like the two other albums, not exactly an easy record. eleven songs take more than 74 minutes, which leads the average track length to about 7 minutes. it's not the easiest of records, and a record that is made to play once and than cool down. the experimental sounds remain, but the songs are more accessible and show a certain face that was still missing. opener "st. vodka (mother russia)" for example, has more rhythm and more melody, and features the slow opening towards follow-up "if jim would jam with richie". starting here, architect uses vocals to express themselves and that's what makes this album even more interesting. it does sound like haujobb here and then, due myer's preachable, quoting voice, but it does seperate architect from the large part of the most instrumental idm-scene, so are the words of myer himself. i have to agree with the man: this is orginal, danceable, energic, but always exploring for other sounds and patterns in combining sounds. they're not concrete songs, but the experimenting is a very good thing and might remember you from the approach hecq uses a lot. memorable moments: hecq's remix of "st. vodka (mother russia)", "radio einheit", "ulverized sickness" and the included, original version of "vectorize". (eelco)


discography 10.2005:
galactic supermarket. cd. hymen records ¥703. 1998
galactic edge. 12". hymen records ¥009. 1998
i went out shopping to get some noise. cd. hymen records ¥737. 2004
noise is out of stock. 12". hymen records ¥046. 2005
the analysis of noise trading. cd. hymen records ¥746. 2005

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