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¥747 kattoo. megrim. cd. september2k5



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id18 feat. falk schubutz

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kattoo is volker kahl of beefcake. a collaborative release with

photography by seze devres - cd album + digipak

if the first kattoo album, 'places' (released a year ago), can be seen as a soundtrack to an imaginary tv movie then this second album could be described as a major blockbuster's soundtrack.

although 20 tracks are displayed on your cd player, 'megrim' should be enjoyed as one long 'track' consisting of 20 'parts' - without any pauses in between; a self-contained work of art.

once again, volker kahl's preference for classical music, well-placed samples, field recordings, clutching melody lines, varying rhythmic textures, drama and melancholy melt into a uniqueness that at times seems almost impossible.

on 'megrim', stylistic eclecticism is less ostensible. the integration of different cultures (for example: using aramaic and japanese voices) best describe the path katto is currently taking. but maybe this is just a theory - the artist volker kahl does not share much information, kattoo's music shall be the message.

electronic chamber music for the eclectic listener.


a review in russian language can be found on the website:

megrim is totally different from last year's places. instead of a handful of tunes with assorted flavors, here you get a continuous work, made up of twenty cinematic pieces that ebb and flow like a proper soundtrack. while lacking the instant tune effect, megrim is nonetheless a very intense record, full of drama that inherits those magnificent strings and epic surroundings from places' most evocative moments.
don't think it's all ambient and melancholy though, the trademark kattoo / beefcake eclectic style is still present, as you can hear in the head-nodding hip-hop track 6, the adrenalin-ridden rhythmical acceleration of track 8, the cut-up vocals and scrambled breaks of track 14 and in the tribal percussions of track 15. all this stuff packed with native americans and japanese talking, war battles, beautiful piano melodies, echoing whispers and oriental chants. there are indeed many ingredients in megrim, homogeneously distributed along its fifty minutes, creating a record that, as is often said, is a perfect soundtrack for a movie not scored yet, but in this case i feel i can use this loose definition with confidence. (luca maini)

i was not familiar with the project kattoo. kattoo is volker kahl from beefcake and megrim is the second album. with this record hymen has released a gem. megrim is one long trip consisting of great sounds and beautiful moments. the record opens with an orchestral piece with some industrial sounds in the background. this might make you think of raison d’être. but soon after that the record goes into other territories. all tracks are untitled and the record should be listened to as one music piece. if you do this megrim is like a soundtrack. a story of passion, light and darkness and experience will unfold before you. different scenes and moods evolve into each other, but all very natural. on some occasions the organic and peaceful sounds are accompanied by rhythm structures. the beats will however always stay subtle and in the background. megrim is a record of real beauty that will please all fans of ambient music. (mvg)

auf seinem zweiten solo-album setzt volker kahl (beefcake) voll auf darkness. ich mag das, nicht nur, weil einen gleich im dritten track ein maurice-jarre-sample anspringt. kahls liebe zu großen momenten, wänden von streichern, die mischung mit field recordings und diesem besonderen gefühl für melodien ist ziemlich einzigartig. hier daher der masterplan: sammeln für kahl, damit er sich in hollywood ein zimmer mieten und immer vor dem studio von hans zimmer rumhängen kann, der ihn dann zunächst als patch-sklave für sein moog-system einstellt, dann aber schnell merkt, das man dieses talent fördern muss. der rest ist dann spätestens 2010 geschichte. wundervolles album. (thaddi)

megrim is the second release of volker kahl. this album is one long track divided into 20 untitled fragments (well, we've got used to the fact that kattoo usually doesn't bother with the titles for their compositions). from the very beginning you feel kattoo's style - definite atmosphere that was felt in all creative works of beefcake and solo album places. although the sounding got lighter, less syncopated rhythms can be heard. the alternative for such rhythms is the wonderful 'musical dish' cooked by volker. in this album kattoo gave preference to classical music, the so-called 'field records', voice samples and smooth melodies. the whole album is filled with some dramatic melancholy sthrengthening the impression after listening this sound material. in general, this album is very deep and gloomy. slow atmosphere sketches are changed by voluminous passages with orchestra instruments (their emulations)... sometimes (for example, in track 14 and 16) we can hear the freedom of rhythm accompanying and decorating the melody. then it moves to the foreground winding in the style of still unforgotten beefcake.

kattoo discography. 09.2005:
places. cd. hymen records ¥740. 2004
megrim. cd. hymen records ¥747. 2005

beefcake discography:
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spontaneous human combustion. 12" vinyl. hymen records ¥003. 1997
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hôte. cd. m-tronic be4. 2002
¥003 + ¥024 + 2X = ¥727. cd. hymen records ¥727. 2003
viande de gâteau. 10" vinyl. delikatessen records plate9. 2004

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