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¥749 ginormous. the endless procession. cd. feb2k6



begin with the end in mind *.mp3
byproducts of stress and boredom *.mp3
the endless procession *.mp3
noctilucent *.mp3
this little robot’s trying to tell you something *.mp3
seek first to understand *.mp3
then to be understood *.mp3
gleaming rows *.mp3
welcome vacuum *.mp3
a mountain people can always climb *.mp3

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“you are about to embark on a perilous journey, young neophyte!” said the dusty old man. “this journey, it’s epic, it’s ginormous!”

the neophyte was noticeably flustered. the absence of light in their bunker was really getting to him. “what the hell are you talking about? i’m just
putting in another damned cd, which is by, erm, ginormous…called the endless procession.”

“silence, you ingrate!” rasped the dusty old man. “begin with the end in mind and you will see. this is no ordinary industrial or idm bric-a-brac. you won’t be the same after you hear it.”

the neophyte quivered slightly, salty beads of sweat running down the back of his leg and into his stale woolen socks. “that’s just the byproducts of stress and boredom,” he thought to himself, having endured the dusty old man ’s taunts every time he placed one of the myriad cds lying on the floor of their bunker. they were all unmarked, save for the silty ant tracks resting on them since the apocalypse.

the neophyte enjoyed the bell-toned leitmotifs for a few moments. “is this all there is, just the endless procession?” he wondered. then a cracking fire of static hit his ears like a menacing proboscis lancing the folds of his medulla. the dusty old man observed the pain race across the neophyte’s face.

“don’t worry, neophyte, it will go noctilucent in a moment, this sensation you have,” he said. the neophyte cringed at the thought, but from the scarred playback device came a lucid melody that soothed his bruised brain. it reminded him of something he’d heard long ago, the dream music of midnight creatures.

in a few moments, the percussion generator wheezed a breakbeat from the corner. metal rhythm machinery, it once moved drugged masses. since the apocalypse, it made strange, energetic patterns. “this little robot’s trying to tell you something,” joked the dusty old man. the neophyte wasn’t amused.

“seek first to understand,” the dusty old man continued, as the scarred playback machine had gone darkly ambient, “then to be understood.” a new pulse dripped from the machine, synchronizing with the mechano-percussive generator to a swell. the neophyte, emotionally overwhelmed, pried out his left eye with his right hand. the optic nerve throbbed in time with music in the neophyte’s hand, twitching left and right.

he squeezed the sclera, paused, and pointed the dislodged eye at the dusty old man. “i see gleaming rows of lavender moonlight, they shimmer over the
creases in your face,” he said. palpitations streaked through the neophyte’s ocular cavity in an unrelenting industrial rhythm, but he smiled anyway.“this is a welcome vacuum from this situation.”

the dusty old man rose slightly, then genuflected. “don’t ignore me when i tell you that you’re about to embark on a perilous journey.” a smirk stole from his face. “a mountain people can always climb, but i think you’ll agree that this was a different kind of zenith.”

“yes,” said the neophyte. “that was quite ginormous.” he laid down his dislodged eye, picked up another cd, blew the ant tracks off and placed it in the playback device.

for his second album on hymen, the endless procession, ginormous’ bryan konietzko digs deep into a passion for stringed instruments. 'i took electric guitar lessons for years, learning pink floyd solos and jane's addiction and stuff,” notes bryan, whose creative endeavors extend beyond music to being co-creator of the animated tv series avatar: the last airbender. that said, the endless procession is hardly a rock album; it is epic music for the dynamism of a darker, more sinister world. like gridlock, lusine icl and hecq, ginormous commingles razor-like industrial noise with atmospheric sounds, conjuring a macabre, 3-dimensional soundscape that unfolds as each moment passes. a mechanical haunting presence starts the album off on 'begin with the end in mind,' meandering through raucous noise breaks and a hitchcockian piano theme on 'byproducts of stress and boredom,' moments of ambient bliss on 'noctilucent” and ominous strumming
hallucinations on 'gleaming rows.'.

ginormous is a miracle to me. when you write about music you always begin to draw comparisons or search for a drawer in which you can classify the music. when it comes to write about records from ant-zen/hymen i always have the same can i call this music? for sure you can take the industrial drawer or the idm industrial drawer or the idm electronica industrial drawer............ ok, one thing is quite plain to me, this is a unique and brilliant record. you have rough industrial drums mixed up with overdriven guitar and string sounds which have more power than a complte classic orchestra. bryan konietzko aka ginormous is a genius, the record is always perfectly poised, noise and harmonies, hectic and laid back sounds. even if the weight of the soundscape becomes a critical mass ginormous suprises just a second later with a light sound. the beauty of each track crawls slowly into your head. frighten? no..,don't be afraid and follow ginormous to his endless procession. (since 2006 i don't give "points" to rate records anymore, you can be sure that when i write about a record i approve this record deep out of my heart to you)

a review in russian language is available at machinist page:

after bringing hecq to a wide audience, hymen records hosts the debut release of another fresh talent, ginormous, who before this record was only featured on merck's aurora 2 compilation and on a deru remix 10inch. the sound is rich, organic and epic with the opening track, “begin with the end in mind.” arrangements are spacious and moving like gridlock's but all the beats, percussion and melodies have a natural feel. ginormous' music in fact relies on processed live instruments, like guitars and drums, instead of synthetic elements and sub-bass. the final result is something like a crispy, warm version of plaid or bola: this is more evident in “noctilucent” and maybe it's inappropriate for “this little robot,” which is more upbeat, but nonetheless it gives you a rough idea of what you're going listen to. don't fear, it's not a copycat of anybody; most of the tunes are very captivating. i suggest to check the intriguing use of electric guitar in “welcome vacuum” to fully appreciate the capability of this newcomer. i can tell you that the endless procession doesn't sound like a debut record at all, every minute of music is detailed and minutely crafted, every layer added during a song fuses perfectly with the rest, no matter if it's a buzzing feedback or a whirling melody. added value comes from the crystal clear mastering by mike wells of ex-gridlock fame, and from the more stunning than usual photo set, obviously by salt, that envelops this endless procession. also available is a double cd version with a second disc of previous material, which i wouldn't miss, supposing it's nearly as good as the main release. (luca maini)

terrorizer #143
laid back hip hop and jazz beats flit over delicate distortion and tortured melody. having taken the melancholy tones of the cure and blended them with the more relaxed aphex twin experiments ginourmous splice together an album of gothic electronica that drifts of floats along in a twilight zone of it’s own.
ginormous da wächst man so ein bißchen raus, im lauf der jahre, was die veröffentlichungen eines früher mal geliebten labels angeht, verfolgt kauft aber natürlich immer noch die aktuellen sachen brav weiter, und alle jubeljahre kommt dann doch wieder so eine hammerplatte raus. vor einigen jahren l'ombre (medicine for the meaningless) oder kattoos "places", jetzt kürzlich ginormous. es rumpelt und frickelt, als hätte richard d james den auftrag bekommen, einen space night soundtrack zu schreiben; als würde sich endlich mal jemand die mühe geben, im "intelligent techno" das erste wort zu betonen; als wäre das musik, die absichtlich dazu geschrieben wurde, um all die puscheltragenden 4tothefloor-industrial-kids zu überfordern; als wollten die tönchen nicht nur im hirn von a nach b kommen, sondern den bereich dazwischen noch möglichst flächendeckend ausfüllen. akustisch wie eines dieser endlosbilder optisch, je tiefer man sich reinhört, desto neuer und andersiger t erscheint die platte, und je nach blick- bzw. hör-winkel ist sie eine zum teetrinken auf einem balkon in der dämmerung oder zum staunen beim nächtlichen anblick einer großstadt. wahrscheinlich ist's die melancholie, die ich bei slightly "härterer" elektronischer musik sonst immer so vermisse.

black - issue 43
wenn es einen track gibt, der mich dieses jahr begleiten wird, ist es „byproducts of stress and boredom“. glockenhelle, scharfkantige elektronik, euphorischer e-noise, donnernde live-drums, brüchige beats und ein unter die haut gehendes klaviermotiv, was mir nicht aus dem kopf gehen will. keine ahnung woher ginormous so urplötzlich auftaucht. (noch dazu in einer limitierten special edition mit dem bonus-album, „our ancestors’ intense love affair“, was man clevererweise als das unbekannte debütalbum vermarktet und so gleich legendenhype produziert.) mir auch egal, hauptsache „the endless procession“ wurde geschrieben. denn die mischung aus gridlocks digieuphoria, neutrals in elektronik gehärteten akustischen instrumenten und not breathings hang zu komplex-groovenden rhythmusketten ist gut. richtig, richtig gut. ultramelodisch und von nachtaktiver gedankenverlorenheit auf der einen seite, verzerrte elektronik und beat-synkopen en masse auf der anderen. das haben schon viele idm-projekte versucht zu kombinieren, aber mir ist noch niemand untergekommen, der ein derartig ausgewogenes gleichgewicht herstellen konnte, das es einer perfekten fusion gleichkommt. aufgerauter ambient voll epischer dominanz sättigen die aufgeregten beatkomplexe und noise-breaks. da holpern verfremdete saiteninstrumente über dunkel rumorende elektronik und gleißend flirrende synthetik, um sich in massiven beataufhäufungen zu verkeilen. in nächster minute verdampft die ganze aufregung in ätherischen klangschweben, die melancholischer kaum gehen. und immer wieder poltern die live gespielten drums martin atkins-mässig durch hektisch-verzerrte elektronik. beeindruckend. ich will mehr. (till)

wreck this mess
des rythmiques lourdes, cassées et saturées, sur lesquelles se rajoutent des riffs de guitares torturées et quelques notes de claviers ("byproducts of stress and boredom") : voilà en gros le registre sonore de cette production signée bryan konietzko. dis comme ça, on peut imaginer un album de s'apparentant au post-rock, à des choses épaisses et abrasives ("welcome vacuum") comme hymen records et sa maison-mère, ant-zen, ont coutume d'en délivrer. et bien non ! en tout cas, pas sur la distance. l'aspect noisy et trash est souvent tempéré par un habillage mélodique assez souple et les breakbeats sont parfois plus mesurés, même s'ils nous rabotent toujours les tympans… cette déclinaison de weird-breakbeats enrobé d'une voilure harmonique ("the endless procession", "then to be understaood") sonne comme un lointain héritage de certaines productions de justin broadrick et kevin martin, par exemple. nota bene : il existe une édition limitée avec un deuxième cd, our ancestors' intense love affair, qui regroupe dix titres supplémentaires; dont 3 avec l'intervention vocale de d'vora greenberg. (ld)

most of the time hymen comes up with good releases. from time to time their releases are even more then just good. this ginormous album is one of those. expect no standard idm. this is really something else. the endless procession is a psychedelic trip into an inner and an outer world. i cannot imagine playing just one song from this record. you need to hear all of them after each other to fully experience the richness of this record. you will hear hip hop and broken beats, (treated) guitar pieces, string melodies and beautiful otherworldy sounds. the tracks are clearly structured and intended to take you by the hand. and, as it should be with all good records the best part is at the end of this cd. ‘gleaming rows’, ‘welcome vacuum’ and ‘a mountain people can always climb’ are a stunning conclusion of a great album. the music leaves you floating in outer and inner space. too bad i have the single cd version, as the endless procession leaves me wanting for more. (mvg)

killer-album von ginormous, der es endlich wieder wagt, melodie mit druck zu mischen und zwischen den jenseits bollernden slowcore-drums kleine verplinkerte universen aufbaut, die dem rumms nur noch mehr emphase geben. es geht um saiten, egal ob gitarren, streicher oder instrumente, die erst noch erfunden werden müssen. und während er das erforscht, dekliniert ginormous alle spielarten der elektronika durch, kämpft sich von gipfel zu gipfel und wirft ein best-of der subjektiven musikgeschichte ins tal. unfassbar frisch. (thaddi)

gridlock broke up but the project's leader mike wells from time to time can be met in public. now in the role of mastering-engineer of the project ginormous of the album the endless procession. the release itself as well as the project's music are very original. you can listen to such music without pauses, besides energetic charge and drive it includes various melodical experiments and interesting acoustic backing. deliberate album with its own theme and high-qualified representation of the material. it would be great if the number of such releases increases, but unfortunately the number of such talented musicians is limited. the mood of the album is set starting from the first composition "begin with the end in mind" - a listener meets the mixture of idm on the basis of hip-hop and memorable fixed melody. the second track - "byproducts of stress and boredom". if you didn't know that motherland of idm is hip-hop culture, well, congratulations, now you know it. surprising is the fact that autechre as well as a great number of other musicians started their creative work with hip-hop records. the album the endless procession can be listened to wothout a pause, well-polished sound. irreproachable work with sound. in composition "seek first to understand" the musician shows up his extraordinary innovations. ambient together with perverted drums. "then to be understood" - the result of professional mike wells's mastering - very dense sound with weightful rhythms similar to gridlok's works. absolutely hit track, when played on a big dance floor this sound can fill the auditorium with endless energy. powerful work! "a mountain people can always climb" - the last breathtaking composition leaving very pleasant feeling of good mood. the title of the track is also very impressive. most of all i liked the slight semitones at the end of the album. each time listening to it you want to do that once more.


ginormous discography. 01.2006:
the endless procession. cd. hymen records ¥749. 2006
our ancestors’ intense love affair. cd. hymen records ¥749.2. 2006

ginormous webpage:

first 500 copies include the album "our ancestors' intense love affair"