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¥752 snog. vs the faecal juggernaut of mass culture. cd. april2k6



king of hate *.mp3
crash crash *.mp3
bourgeois *.mp3
turn on your brain baby *.mp3
planet of shit *.mp3
on the rise *.mp3
neighbour of the beast *.mp3
poison *.mp3
the disease *.mp3
don’t go down to the woods today *.mp3
destroyer *.mp3
al qaeda is your best friend *.mp3
the de-evolutionaries *.mp3
a hymn for the fascist republic *.mp3

mp3 bonus tracks:

thou shalt not kill
king of hate (acoustic version)
lee harvey oswald
turn on your brain baby (acoustic version)
karma song
stomp song
no more shit
crash crash (acoustic version)

+ exclusive photo, lyric and artwork gallery

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snog - crash crash video:
shot "cinema verite" style by infamous guerilla director richard wolsencroft (pearls before swine, bloodlust)...old friends get together for a bender weekend of international mischief and troublemaking...not to be missed!
snog - crash crash video

...and i hate all you cretins that stand in line and i hate all you cool types you’re wasting your time and i hate all the rest there’s too many crimes to mention
i’ve got enough hate for this and every dimension... ('king of hate')

snog's last full-time-album 'beyond the valley of the proles' was a brilliantly placed shock for many of those who filed david thrussell's project under 'just-electronic' - thrussell's reference to artists such as lee hazlewood or leonard cohen polarized and proved snogs unpredictable creativity. and listeners' reactions on the seven all-acoustic 'travel sickness' tunes was even more surprised at...

...while we're talking about this one here. yes there are also eight brand new acoustic tracks, live from the verandah - well-hidden on the cd in mp3 format. the fourteen songs you will find in the 'regular' audio-cd section show thrussell and his' companions (such as c.peirce / end, sir real, ubin, the namshub of enki) as masters of amplified sound - is it electro ('crash crash'), is it the trashmen ('on the rise'), is it one of these rock numbers only snog can do ('destroyer')....? indeed it is, amongst others. slide guitars are hit by shuffle-beats, long forgotten tekkno-anthems are drowning in a sea of breakbeats, bombs will be dropped... and who's singing on that track, tom waits? for no one...

'the lyrics are very autobiographical this time... but maybe a little strangely' (d.thrussell). david's music industry experiences are displayed on 'neighbour of the beast', in 'king of hate' he sings about how he (sometimes) feels - snog is one of the few who can wrap accusals in a crust of tunes you can whistle to, arnishing all with the most weird and vitriolic sense of humour. snog meets the faecal juggernaut of mass culture - this is the result.

...and i walk with the beast and i talk with the beast i break bread with the beast and i’m fed by the beast and i work with the beast and i’m friends with the beast
i hold hands with the beast and i dance with the beast... ('neighbour of the beast') this episode opens our heroes are in mortal peril. stalked by the effluent empire at every turn (its steaming deposits curdle their tender nostrils) they, however, are never still nor cowered. gathered together with some of their dearest friends and colleagues in a courageous band, they break from their cover in the woods and hurl well timed salvos of tiny stones against the evil giant. tiny stones you say? indeed. but what fine pebbles they are? fashioned from the most
wholesome synthetic tones, bedecked with melodious strums upon the lyre and festooned with breathy jewels of pain, warmth and insight. our valiant nuggets of satire lodge in cracks in the turgid hide of the beast. these fissures barely evoke a wince of recognition or a flinch of hurt from the scatological behemoth. but we fight on, sure in the knowledge that every goliath has it’s day and that the great beast cannot maintain it’s grasp on the minds of the feeble forever. with nary a thought for the present, we battle...for the future. and these, dear comrades, are some of our synthetic melodies for resistance...

'it was through david thrussell that i discovered the true meaning of the words, “country boy.” country is not a way of dress, a manner of speech or song, or a trick of geography. rather it is a secret of the heart, of the mind, and spirit. a way of telling it how it really is. “the country” is a very real part of the warmth and sincerity of david l. thrussell. as has become a david thrussell custom, the sessions that produced this, his latest album, were looked forward to by everyone
involved with david’s “recording family” guitarist dave beattie, the session musicians, back-up voices and studio personnel. though the participants come from as far flung places as new york (me!), tokyo, berlin, birmingham, brisbane, ballarat and beyond, recording dates with david are so uncontrived and totally without formalities or pretense that they have become more fun to be a part of than any other sessions taking place in hepburn springs. during breaks there was the opportunity for us all to explore the abandoned gold mines that dot the landscape just behind david’s home. and it struck me here that david, just like the gold mines, does his best work underground. outside of the mainstream, with its commercial pressures and shrill inanity. perhaps it is only in the derelict tunnels and caverns (not coincidentally where david writes many of his lyrics) that an artist can truly see with a vision both calm and cold. in the dim lighting of the recording studio, david’s enthusiasm, warmth, and sheer artistry brought this album and the songs it contains to life. afterward, with the session now a memory, he was silhouetted alone at the control room board to listen to the results he gives you here. watching david and his many collaborators record this album - with all the laughter, and plain hard work that went into it - was a pleasure. working with david is a physical and spiritual experience, he is always there with a
reassuring hand on your shoulder, a pat on the back when a lick is nailed just right, and a manly hug when the magic is captured on tape. knowing the artist himself is an even greater pleasure for those, like you and i, whose lives and hearts david has touched, or touched with song. so, reject the mainstream juggernaut (it stinks) and embrace ...the huggernaut.'
(charles peirce, 2006)

...pop culture spreads like mutant spunk the global brain rots from this junk one year it’s bombs another it’s britney the western world is a disease...
('the disease')


his album and this band leaves me with an opne moutn. could someone please come over to close it again? i am tempted to call snog a electronic supergroup playing electro rock. but electro rock? this will lead you in the false direction, better say breakbeats filled with rock bonds, tekkno-electro pop...i would say listen and decide how to call it, maybe there#s no need for a drawer. i just can say: great! but besides the music this album has a deep and hidden message, always with a winking eye, even when the topic is a grave one.  you must listen mindful and read the lyrics carefuly, nothing is meant like it seems, but the message is clear for everyone. the lyrics and the message are confusing and disturbing just like the times we are living in. the whole album reminded me of napalm death's "scum" from 1987! why? find out by yourselves. tip of the month.

nog is the industrial project of david thrussell (also black lung and soma, with pieter bourke, known from eden and lisa gerrard) and already exists for about 15 years. musicwise snog has always been pretty adventurous and this new album has a varied industrial sound again as well. a bunch of guest musicians is again present on this album and you will listen to electro, country as well as us industrial or extravagant rock music. abundant sampling from the past of underground dance and much crossovering with styles is what characterizes the album. and what’s that? all of a sudden it’s tom waits singing. not only in musical respect this is a blueprint for an industrial recording but also thematically, as the social-political criticism on the consumption society, international balance of power, craving for oil, weapons & violence and actual questions like international terrorism and the terror of fear spread by the us administration. this recording of snog is a truly unique musical accusation against the machineries of organised society, on every level. thrussell deals with hypocrisy, egoism and the bush administration. this all with the necessary humour and a very varied play of sounds. (teknoir)

a review in russian language can be found on machinist's website:

vital weekly #527
people interested in electronic music, might have met at least one of the projects by australian composer david thrussell during their musical explorations. david thrussell has been the brain behind a number of the most interesting projects from the australian experimental scene in almost two decades, spanning from the cinematic ambient-based soundscape-project soma, via his most well-known and industrial-based project black lung to snog, which is the oldest of his projects. established back in 1988, snog is the most politically focused project of david thrussell. since the debut album "lies inc." the aim of the project has been to fight against capitalism and western consume culture. as is the case with other releases from snog, the tracks on this latest attack on the consumption society, titled "snog vs. the faecal juggernaut of mass culture, are first of all lyrically based with a nice balance between a serious and a humorous approach to the subjects. musically the album is an eye-opener with its massive use of slide guitar and shuffle beats in one moment and in the next, interventions of full-throttle breakbeats. to understate his ability in treating the acoustic sound world, david thrussell adds eight mp3-bonus tracks of exclusive acoustic based works including alternative guitar-based versions of tracks from the original part of the album. all said and done, snog was one of the most fiercely original bands of the 1990s industrial scene, and it's a great pleasure listening to this eight full-length subversion of western society. (nmp)

terrorizer #146
if kmfdm dumped the metal guitars, ramped up the social political bile and went electro pop then this is the sound they would get. snog have been ploughing their own field for some time now and ‘snog vs…..’ is culmination of years of producing leftfield electro industrial. it may be pop but it’s a good subversive bop till you drop kind of bubble gum industrial that is cool to be in with. (alex boniwell)

black magazine
david thrussell lässt seine sarkastischen elektrosmasher mal wieder in alle stilistischen richtungen rotieren. während er durch den gesellschaftspolitischen und verschwörungstheoretischen gemischtwarenladen seiner seele wirbelt, eckt er bei electro-clash, cabaret, folkpop, rave, country and western und allem elektronischen shuffle-breakbeat jenseits der 70er jahre an. und die brocken beleben die 14 songs gewohnt eigenwillig. glucksendes kinderlachen als rhythmusgeflecht, trockene electro-clubbeats, digifunk, der schon mehr als einmal an prince erinnert: snog will aus den trockeneisnebelkellern zurück in die discos. und ist dabei so tanzbar und eingängig wie schon lange nicht mehr. jeder song lädt zum mitsummen ein, jeder refrain kann sofort nachgesungen werden und man schnippst und wippt zwanghaft mit. statt den überbordenden lee hazelwood-referenzen des letzten albums regiert jetzt proto-ebm und big beat mit einem schuss b 52’s. akustikversionen der songs gibt’s zwar auch wieder als bonus, aber die schmetternden elektro-kampflieder wider den konsum sind es, die hängen bleiben in all ihren schillernden stilmutationen. ein echtes sommeralbum – snog-style. (till)


packaging: digipak & 16page booklet

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