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¥754 kattoo. hang on to a dream. cd. october2k6



hang on *.mp3
oddly space *.mp3
lost in sleep *.mp3
gruesome wake *.mp3
grind piano
you are so ... *.mp3
defeat *.mp3
put an end to *.mp3
somber happening *.mp3
mentally ill *.mp3
equilibration *.mp3
stretch of time *.mp3
flaque's church (written and produced by flaque) *.mp3
ala flaque (written and produced by flaque) *.mp3
you don't know me *.mp3
hang on to a dream *.mp3

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if there was a league of imaginary soundtrack composers then volker kahl would be one of its leaders. since 2004 he has given his fanbase one kattoo release per year. 'hang on to a dream' is longingly awaited
by his fanbase and as with the previous albums there will be no disappointment.16 tracks of melancholia, intensity and beauty - a kaleidoscope of acoustic and electronic instruments, sample treatments, syncopated drum and percussion beats. all woven into one continuous work of art (without disturbing intermissions in-between).

on this cd, volker departs from his world-music influences and replaces the babylonian disarray with a return to his roots - both as a musician and as an individual. if we keep the imaginary soundtrack as an example then 'megrim' might have been a concept work for mel gibson. 'hang on to a dream', especially tracks like 'you don't know me', would have attracted rainer werner fassbinder's attention for sure.

electronic chamber music for the eclectic listener.

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a review in russian language can be found on sond proector's page:

after releasing “megrim” last year on hymen records i used a well-meant nickname for volker alias kattoo: “ennio morricone of electronic music” what sounds like a joke is my dead earnest. kattoo’s music have special meaning to me, it’s too easy to call volker kahl’s music just head-movie music. volker kahl alias kattoo creates “soul” music. if you think about “soul” music you may implicate this just to beautiful pictures and wonderful moments. but kattoo’s “soul” music is partial dark and abysmal. “hang on to a dream” is different to “megrim”; it combines dark and light moments in one second. it’s more a colourful journey through grey soundscapes. i think that’s one of volker’s talents, if you ask him to create a soundtrack about a grey and rainy day he will be the one who will describe it in it’s brightest colours.  “hang on to a dream “ isn’t a catchy album and at the same time it is a memorable album, multilayer soundscapes which expands in the listeners brain. kattoo never repeats himself, that’s for sure; maybe with these sixteen tracks kattoo allows us a short insight to his personality. absolute awesome album.

der medienkonverter
es gibt soundtracks, die sehr gut eine bestimmte stimmung transportieren können. manche davon funktionieren auch ohne film. kattoo bringt nun schon den dritten soundtrack heraus und das immer noch ohne zugehörigen film, zumindest in den kinos. volker kahl von beefcake zielt mit kattoo eher auf kopfkino. der film entsteht sozusagen erst beim hören der musik. das schöne daran: jeder ist der regisseur seines eigenen films und das jedes mal aufs neue. "hang on to a dream" wird seinem titel gerecht. durchgängig, ohne pausen, zeichnet volker kahl ein kühl-dunkles und äusserst melancholisches bild. anfänglich etwas karg und kalt wie stahl, bricht das album etwas ab der hälfte seinen stil und flammt mehr emotionen. bei "defeat", einem sehr schon entrückten und zugleich schwermütigen song, fallen einem schon die zunehmenden chöre auf. spätestens bei "somber happening" gehen etwas die pferde mit kattoo durcch. streicher und breakbeats formen so etwas wie ein aufeinandertreffen der jahrhunderte. klassik trifft auf moderne, wobei das auch nicht ganz stimmt, denn die hier zu hörenden klassischen klänge sind synthetisch. also vielleicht sogar ein philosophischer ansatz? wollen wir mal nicht zu weit ausholen... bei "hang on to a dream" gibt es auch ohne wilde spekulationen genug zu entdecken. gerade die dunklen und ruhigen songs erzeugen die besonderen momente dieses albums. also nicht wie los ins individuelle kino.

vital weekly 561
german composer volker kahl knows how to create sonic visions for the inner cinema of the listener. the ex-member of cutting edge electronica-project beefcake, impressed with his debut-album "places" of cinematic beauty. this follow-up album is no exception. with the quite hitting album title "hang on to a dream" volker kahl takes the listener into sound worlds of melancholia and dynamic progression. the album contains a lot of atmospheric and quite emotional moments. the combination of grandiose ambient-scapes and melodic piano-tunes work perfect with the occasional moments of syncopated rhythms and distorted breakbeats. samples of everything from orchestral passages to processed choir strengths the intensity of the album. "hang on to a dream" is a deep, very personal album and remarkable album. highly recommended! (nmp)

kattoo ist volker kahl, alter beefcake-mann und immer noch überzeugter verfechter der brachialen orchestrierung. verdammt, ich mag das. streicher, chöre, pauken, horror-samples, verzerrte beats, ruhe, aufregung ... alles da. so wie die endlosen schlachten großer historien-filme zerreißt kattoo alles, woran man bisher geglaubt hat. und auch wenn ich die schlachten nie mochte, reicht die musik doch völlig, um in die rüstung zu steigen. mit dickem pinsel wird die melodramatik an die ausgebrannte ruine gemalt, und wenn man bei einer solchen konstellation eigentlich das gesicht unter seinen händen vergraben möchte, vor allem immer dann, wenn moll plötzlich nach dur wechselt, kann man kattoo nur attestieren, dass er der erste ist, der diesen überbordenen wahnsinn nicht nur salon-fähig macht, sondern ihn gleichzeitig so akribisch perfektioniert hat, dass man die hektisch flackernde kerze von nun an beschützen wird, wie nicht anderes auf der welt. polizeifunk hin oder her.

hang on to a dream is the third release of kattoo (volker kahl) - nothing brand new, i must say. it's the logic continuation of two previous albums places and megrim. in comparison with megrim the sounding has become more synthetic - more synthesis, sound effects and drums. at the same time volker still gives preference to rather complicated acoustic backings and melodies. this cocktail gets stronger and more energetic, sometimes lighter and slower producing the enveloping, hypnotizing effect. the sound reminds of the waves depicted on the album's cover - they draw back and roll in with new power turn by turn. while listening you feel constant strain, orchestra passages influence the musical events happening. sometimes they are led by the syncopated rhythms so characteristic for beefcake and kattoo. general album's sounding is also influenced by atmosphere sounds causing the feeling of cold and anxiety. it seems that these days kattoo is in the process of searching for new proportion of electronic music, electronic syncopated rhythms and synthesis which will harmoniously combine with acoustic orchestra music. well, this new album is rather harmonious, so we may say that these research work is made not in vain.


kattoo discography. 10.2006:
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hang on to a dream. cd. hymen records ¥754. 2006

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