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¥766 jérôme chassagnard. (f)light. cd. june2k8



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with (f)light jérôme chassagnard, a member of the french project ab ovo, presents his first solo work. he is accompanied by befriended artists like flaque and guillaume eluerd (nimp). what can we expect
from an artist whose influences and preferences range from electronica and ambient to pop, ethnic music and drum'n'bass? whose preferred authors are f.e. de st. exupery, andé gide, e.a. poe and ray bradbury? whose favorite movie directors are stanley kubrick, david lynch and steven spielberg - just to name a few? what looks like an eclectic puzzle at first glance makes perfect sense after listening to this
outstanding album...

each track is carried by intense, emotional moods that take the listener from warm and soothing tranquillity to disturbing and yet unknown places with proficient subtlety. flowing ambient landscapes
based upon varied rhythms include beautiful, sometimes slightly sad melodies - only a glimpse of the darkness behind the mirror of technology. all of this accented with sampled acoustic instruments and
the appropriate use of voices and guitars - this album holds a perfect balance between beat and drift.

a captivating piece of work - essential listening to all those who wish to enter an abstract parallel world - yet, not so abstract that they'll get lost.

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

with the long player “(f)light” jérôme chassagnard; member of the fantastic french project “ab ovo “; represents us his first solo album. kicking off with the track “haze” you will quickly let drop oneself into this deep album. completely different to the fantastic releases of “ab ovo”  jérôme plays with different musical genres without loosing his own musical fingerprint. drum and bass, pop sounds, ambient and ethnic sounds meshed together to a wonderful sound experience. the sound of “(f)light” is kind of compressed, very intense and clear. its like someone puts together a broken mirror to a new perfect work of art. you can see the breaking edges but the new mirror is more beautiful and clearer than the ones that is fallen to the floor. this interpretations of musical genres without caring too much about musical drawers is fascinating and liberating. albums like these will help undecided people to get in touch with experimental music. inviting people by offering known music structures in anew light and a very personal interpretation are path breaking. not to forget to advise you to listen to the tracks “circle of memories” and “the fan” with the outstanding collaborations of flaque and guillaume eluerd. (f)light is a milestone not more not less... and a beautiful bewitching album!

jerome chassagnard is one half of the ab ovo duo. on this solo effort the frenchman shows an intelligent mixture of ambient with idm, industrial, dreampop and drum ‘n bass influences. the atmosphere in most of the tracks is quiet and dreamy, at times supported by an energetic play of rhythm but more often by laid-back emotional textures which include melancholic melodies that take the listener to exotic places. a glimpse of darkness hides behind the mirror of technology, accentuated by sampled acoustic instruments and sparse use of vocals and guitars. (f)light is an interesting ambient work that due to it’s ambient character manages to distinguish itself from ab ovo, which is more developing towards triphop lately. it also reminds of future sound of london more than once. but of course such a comparison is not really relevant when the music is as beautiful as in in ‘a short story about…’, ‘space on my hands’, ‘snowflake’ and 'light'. recommended to all of those that seek a pleasant listening experience by stepping into an abstract parallel world that feels nice and warm. (teknoir)

jérôme chassagnard is one half of french electronic/ambient act ab ovo, along with régis baillet. as a solo act, though, he has released two previous albums on ant-zen, 2005's empreintes and last year's mouvements. his latest, (f)light, highlights his eclectic mix of styles and influences, from ambient to electronica, and from hip-hop to drum n bass. this third album, this time on the german hymen label, underscores chassagnard's ability to blend all these disparate styles together into one seamless and effortlessly soaring whole. bringing together such a wide range of influences successfully requires some doing, however, the frenchman possesses a sure and deft touch. there’s nothing obtrusive on show, everything just flows, naturally, silkily and smoothly. each of the pieces grows organically, as if just a simple seed has been nourished and left to see what it eventually produces. in fact, there is more than a trace of the future sound of london’s lifeforms album about it (as well as fsol’s side-project amorphous androgynous), simply in terms of how musical ideas are explored, and how they spark off yet new ones. from all these ideas come new forms, each eager to show themselves off. a good example of this approach is track three, “circle of memories.” starting off in a quite abstract ambient manner, the piece segues into flowing keyboard chords, before a simple rhythmic figure coalesces to form a backbone and glue the elements together. the tune keeps on building, the percussion assuming more of a solid skeleton on which to hang things, adding strength and structure along the way. despite being tinged with a slight melancholic sadness, “circle of memories” is nevertheless uplifting, projecting a distinct sense of hope. another good example comes a few tracks later in the form of “alternate reality.” yet again, this particular piece demonstrates the power of constructing an apparently complexly-layered track from simple beginnings. once more rhythm emerges from abstraction, on which is laid a simple but memorable keyboard riff. the track takes off when the beat hits its stride, imparting a similar feeling to the one elicited by “circle of memories”—the difference here though is that this one lifts off into the stratosphere. i distinctly got the feeling that i was wafting on breezes and floating in a clear azure sky listening to this one. uplifting indeed. “snowflake” creates a different mood altogether, the abstractly ambient staying for most of its duration. furthermore, this is the polar opposite of uplifting, with an unsettling frisson thrilling through it. ice-cold keyboard sweeps dance around staccato icicle guitar, while distant choir-like voices peek through the glaciation. these voices float in and out of the consciousness, appearing like the occasional glimpse of something welcoming through the sheeting blizzard. similar feelings of psychic disturbance prevail in “resonance,” but here the song is injected with a rhythmic urgency helping to propel it along. percussive and vocal breaks here and there highlight the feeling of psychological fracture-lines opening up, adding significantly to the discomfort. my personal fave track is the one that closes the album, simply called “light.” indeed this is a prismatic gem of a piece, the synthesized bell-tones raining cascade-like around one’s head and ears. the best way i can describe it is like a frozen garden emerging butterfly-like from its chrysalis of ice. the tiny crackles and cracks as the ice melts are perfectly encapsulated in those ringing tones. after the various moods on display on the rest of the album, this closes proceedings down nicely, and is an excellently judged piece, simultaneously being a beautiful way to end the album as well as leaving us on an uplifting note. this album is quite astonishing in its breadth, in both style and mood. chassagnard is something of a sonic alchemist, taking an element from here and an element from there, and completely transforming them in the process. the results are ten nuggets of glittering gold, whose multi-faceted surfaces and depths sparkle and reflect brilliantly in the light. i just let myself sit back and bathe in the warmth of that reflected light. (simon marshall-jones )

jerome chassagnard - (f)lightjérôme chassagnard is a member of the french ambient/idm duet ab ovo loved by label ant-zen’s fans. recently his solo album with characteristic title (f)light was released. the title of the release emphasizes the music’s mood – more than 40-minutes flight across endless blue sky space, through snow-white and thundery clouds, turbulence zones and places with unidentified flying objects. sometimes we are lightened by the rays of bright sun, sometimes we scramble through grey masses of dampness. starting with the first track "hazy" we absorb juicy supply of weightful, perverted rhythms, dreary synthetic backings and effects wrap round us. having left the fog zone, we get to an open place filled with sunlight and bright colors of nature. very light and emotional ambient track "a short story about..." is changed by rhythmical "circle of memories" created together with flaque. due to its d`n`b this album is very similar to the kattoo’s album places. changing landscapes and moods we move up to the end of the album, get into bondages of melancholic guitar’s rumble ("snowflake"). sometimes they unite with powerful wind rushes ("alternate reality"), sometimes we hear the sound of nature – rhythmical and drive "resonance and once upon a lonely boy". in general the album is 'diverse', it concentrated various moods and ways of their representation. in some places it’s very elegant, sometimes simplified by rectilinear loops of drums and rather perfunctory sequences. in comparison with the project ab ovo jérôme chassagnard this album has more emotions, feelings, it liberated its compositions and rose them high over the earth surface. thus their creative work lost some anthropogenic charms of ant-zen. nevertheless this album must have and really has its fans.

chain d.l.k.
since there hasn’t been too much activities with jérôme’s main music project ab ovo, he has decided to record a solo album, featuring a lot of influences taken out of his private preferences. ”(f)light” is definitely a lighter music outfit than ab ovo and he produces a sort of intelligent electronica sharing more on dub and breakbeat elements instead to fall into a noisy kind. several tracks a beat-driven pieces which would allow some dancefloor movement like ”hazy”, ”alternate reality” or ”resonance”, but the preferences are rather based on the moody tracks offering some strange ambience. ”a short story about...” can be named as being a highlight here, although the chosen sounds remind strong on a thinkable electronica-sequel to depeche mode’s ”oberkorn (it’s a small town)”. thumbs up also for the atmospheric outro tune ”light” with its melodic touch and mysterious samples thrown in. ”the fan” surprises with a guest vocalist appearance by guillaume eluerd, while ”circle of memories” features a musically collaboration with the german one-man act flague. the most weird sounding track has to be named with ”snowflake” which is drive by a repetitive acoustic guitar-riff and various voice samples. and as seldom as this happens, i totally agree on a sentence taken out of the release info sheet: ”this album holds a perfect balance between beat and drift”. so it is, highly recommendable. (marc tater)

discography 06.2k8:
(f)light. cd. hymen records ¥766. 2008

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