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¥770 zeller. audio vandalism. cd. october2k8



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released in association with fich-art -
original photos by 1v0. graphics by salt

audio vandalism is the first release by the young artist jb zeller who is based in southern france. this release includes eleven tracks which were recorded between 2005 and 2008.

zeller is effected by "all kinds of subversive music" (ranging from breakcore and industrial music to dubstep) in such a way that he is able to assimilates these different musical facets into his own style.
needless to say the results are unique and subversive in their own right.

audio vandalism is an aggregation of complex beat layers, deep dark bass, distorted synth textures, ominous samples and algid ambiences that are interwoven with atrabilious melody lines. straight forward
electro-industrial meet the complexness of breakbeats merged with whirls of noise, captured media coverage and a hint of melancholy.

this album can be seen as a missing link between heavy, metric electronica, straight-line jungle-core and saturnine movie soundtracks. join the audio vandalism!

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

this debut is a bomb! zeller is an artist hailing from southern france who has a vision, disturbing the listener without scaring him.
let me say it right from the start the result is breathtaking! zeller is the one who is able to mix beautiful sounds with a claustrophobic feeling. with his unique industrial sound he disturbs and fascinates the listener at once. with eleven tracks he combines straight-forward electronica with breakbeats and noises, which unsettle the listener. it’s like meeting a beautiful girl for the first time and during the date you have this doubtful feeling, will this girl pull out a knife when you invite her to her bedroom?
zeller plays with the feelings of the audience and their preparedness to soak off the sounds and the message behind these fascinating tracks. audio vandalism is complex like an inseparable labyrinth, but at the same time this album heals and propitiate the listener. that’s real magic and genius! a must have.

vital weekly
zeller is an artist from the southern part of france. even though the artist works in soundtrack'ish spheres, the album titled "audio vandalism" has a far more destructive nature. the album is a furious mixture of breakbeats and distorted synth-textures pulling zeller towards the industrial-scene where hpc more had a focus on the dark ambient-style. (nm)

heathen harvest
well, after returning to the cityscape after a soothing time in the scandinavian mountains zeller is just the kind of music needed to wake up from the dreamlike state of delirium the beautiful north can induce you in. after just a few tracks i realised that audio vandalism sure do not deserve its name for even in the most noised parts its core is still very harmonic and pure. baked into most songs are various clips from as diverse areas such as counter-strike voices and some japanese ranting that sound very animesque. while this is nothing new it certainly suits this type of music perfectly, especially since it enhances the rhythmic sounds even more in its mysterious applications. audio vandalism starts out with a slow ambient track moody with rhythm and heavy brooding drones. the reverbs of the background create the perfect atmosphere for the percussion bleeding across the surface, all in all a very beautiful track. after listening to a few tracks i realise that it is the beats and the percussion that is the heart of this music. like a beating pulse it brings life to most of the other styles baked into this unholy mess of styles and samplings, this becomes especially true after listening to tracks such as granulizastores who reeks of rhythmic noise similar to that of monokrom. i have a really hard time narrowing down a few words to describe this album, it is just like describing the growth of a flower. it may seem simple enough of the surface but after realising how chaos turns itself inward to craft the shape of a simple leaf all that you though you could describe suddenly feel way heavier than before. if anything is to be said about the sound in general it should be the perfect mixture of dreamlike ambience, mysterious melodies, weird samplings, rhythmic noise and brooding dark basses. all in all this works very well and it seems to me that france have earned yet another golden star in the electronical underground. one thing i have to complain about however is that most of the textures sometimes feel heavily borrowed from various sound effects in games and similar. perhaps this is unintentional but some of the atmospheric parts in the background remind me heavily of various soundtracks from various horror shooters. this is probably a coincidence since plenty of the “good” sounds in the world have been used before one way or another. after repeatedly consuming this albums content i still feel overly satisfied with the lingering sensation it leaves. staring out at a rather snow-clad stockholm from the underground gave me an apetite for more. zeller might have been totally unknown for me before this review but now he left me lingering for more, i might not be the biggest fan of experimental hybrids such as this but it sure proves that music in itself is rather limitless in its own shape and forms. after listening through and through my final conclusion is that this is a very good album, the artwork and layout is exquisite, the music perfect for the shaping of brooding urban landscapes and the mood it sets is quite remarkable for both listening and creating a distinct background. check it out; this is quite possible, as the review background told me, a missing link between all kinds of weird styles. (skarsnik)

der medienkonverter
schaut man sich die fotos auf zellers albumdebüt "audio vandalism" an, so kommt man schnell zu der annahme, dass einen hier etwas krankes erwartet. schließlich sind darauf verrottete und morsche krankenhausräume und op-säle zu sehen. auf "audio vandalism" versammeln sich elf songs des franzosen, die zwischen 2005 und 2008 entstanden sind. wenn man dann hört, das zeller sich von allen arten subversiver musik beeinflussen lässt (was nun wirklich viel sein kann), dann vermutet man schon, dass dieses album außergewöhnlich klingen könnte. und das tut es in der tat. zeller hat den mixer angeworfen, in dem alles landet, was er für dienlich und subversiv genug erachtet. breakcore, junglecore, industrial, dubstep oder electro werden so geboren. aber dabei bleibt es nicht. samples, melancholische melodien und allerlei geräusche kommen hinzu. das ganze wird neuerlich filetiert und auseinander genommen, bis dann der typische, nicht ganz einzuordnende zeller-sound entsteht, der schwer greifbar und noch schwerer zu beschreiben ist. die songs auf "audio vandalism" sind abnormal, ohne überzuschnappen. das anfängliche durcheinander nach dem ersten hören des albums entwirrt sich ziemlich schnell. trotzdem ist das album an manchen stellen zu verspielt, dürfte aber gerade deshalb in verbindung mit den schnellen beats die breakcore-fraktion ansprechen. also mal wieder etwas schwer kategorisierbares, wo mittendrin auch schon mal ein rülpser zu hören ist. na dann viel spaß!

il francese zeller esordisce su hymen facendo del breakbeat/core un paziente per esperimenti psicotici, che lo portano a mutare pelle tra innesti di dubstep, elettronica scartavetrata, samples cinematici e melodie infrante. non resta che sdraiarsi sul lettino e lasciarsi curare. dopo i primi due antipasti fra ambient, pulsazioni e sincopi, in "cavern sunshine" si entra nel vivo con un atipico pezzo che alterna rhythmical noise a dubstep brekkato, fra voci filmiche e schizzi melodici desolati. "macbooking" può essere un esempio del suo audio-vandalismo, nella sua particolarità di variare pattern ritmico fra incroci spiazzanti, disorientando la platea mentre beats paralleli in lontananza si rodono, fra marzialità industrialoidi. la cibernetica ritmica di "pounieche", ibrido fa scorn e wai pi wai, prelude al cuore del disco: la potente severità di matrice hands/primo venetian snares di "granulizastores", l'affresco metropolitano strambamente break di "helltrain", il grime deragliato di "nippongrimeclub", giù infondo fino al finale sdrammatizzante, forse non del tutto a fuoco. con questi intenti era facile perdere il bandolo della matassa, ma zeller sa amalgamare la sua inventiva caotica componendo un puzzle che avrebbe dato grattacapi a chiunque. da ascoltare con concentrazione per non perdersi la trama.


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