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¥772 hecq. steeltongued. 2cd. april2k9


tracklist cd1:

spires awake *.mp3
typhon *.mp3
the descend (with nebulo) *.mp3
steeltongued *.mp3
i will survive (with nongenetic) *.mp3
dfrm *.mp3
untitled (bk remix) *.mp3
frost *.mp3
howler *.mp3
hypnos I (distant fires) *.mp3
hypnos II (lost for words) *.mp3
hypnos III (hypnos) *.mp3

tracklist cd2:

steeltongued (xabec remix) *.mp3
steeltongued (tobias lilja remix) *.mp3
steeltongued (spyweirdos remix) *.mp3
steeltongued (raoul sinier remix) *.mp3
steeltongued (si begg remix) *.mp3
steeltongued (ultre steal tongues) *.mp3
steeltongued (mothboy remix) *.mp3
steeltongued (steel tank by michael fakesch) *.mp3
steeltongued (blackfilm remix) *.mp3
steeltongued (hecqs wolds retreat by team doyobi) *.mp3
steeltongued (disscoxx remix) *.mp3
steeltongued (el fog remix) *.mp3

packaging: deluxe 6-panel digipak. design by christopher hewitt

after finishing the well received 'night falls', ben lukas boysen's ambition for the next album was to be a desideratum's compliance: the improvement of hecq's sound, and moving forward into something boysen
defines as an 'emotional destillate'. the tracks 'typhon' and 'steeltongued', written in 2007 and 2008, provide the blueprint for this cd. working as a sound designer for various companies, he presented earlier versions of the tracks and was met with success. these tracks show a non-confined structure but also including a sort of leitmotif and so these titles are perfectly suited for this ambition. in addition they work as a basis for collaborations and remixes.the hypnos trilogy (tracks 10 to 12) is hecq's dedication to the state of stasis. in his own words, 'distant fires' describes a gaze which travels into a distance uncertain; 'lost for words' leads the listener into a state of cogitation - while 'hypnos' allegorizes a slowly constitutive wall of suspense that trickles away in the end... a masterpiece of dark symphonic ambiance, intended for continuous, repeated intense listening.

in hecq's opinion the importance of the tracks on cd1 lies in the skilful omission of the insignificant. although complex abstract rhythmic textures predominate during tracks 2 to 9 no 'scrolls' blocks the essence. after the majestic 'spires awake', the listener will be trapped in an extensive blend of idm, breakbeats, and even breakcore, complemented with the infusion of nebulo's mighty dark soundscapes and nongenetic's modified was well proposed by boysen to choose the cd's title track to be remixed by a wide variety of artists. he sees 'steeltongued' as representative of hecq's work, so he was most curious about the
results - the more contrast, the better, as he explains. so he formally prevented any suggestions or briefings, and thus cd2 can be virtually seen as an album on its own. ranging from melodic sequenced beats
(xabec), clicks'n'cuts emerging into a noise outburst (spyweirdos), syncopated intelligent breaks (skam label's team doyobi), to intricate sub-bassed electronica (si begg, ex-funkstörung's michael fakesch) and
alienated dubstep (disscoxx), this addendum displays the versatile facets of the possibilities hecq's work imply. once again b. boysen is setting the pace. have a deep listen!

and do not miss hecq's live presentation on may 1st at maria am ostbahnhof, berlin feat. end.user, cardopusher, the teknoist and more!


vital weekly
benny boysen was a quite young composer when he had his first album released back in 2003. it was the album titled "dried youth". since then his popularity has been growing with every new album he has released. through out his explorations as hecq, benny boysen has demonstrated his skills both as a creator of complex rhythm textures and as a creator of atmospheric soundscapes. first of all he has composed ambient-based idm-works but in 2008 he released his first album exclusively ambient-album dedicated to the world of electronic ambience, the astonishing "night falls". that mr. boysen is a gifted composer is revealed on his musical curriculum vitae, proving that hecq has been used as sound designer for companies such as toyota, nike and sony just to name a few. despite his appeal to the mainstream and wider world of consumption, hecq still manage to stay on a uncompromising line of composing. the music on this latest effort from the german composer remains experimental and curious in its approach to electronic music. in fact present album contains some of the most abrasive works of hecq. the main part of the album takes a step away from the gentle and listen-friendly approach of hecq towards more chaotic textures of rhythmic complexity. hence to the aforementioned skills, benny boysen does well on that account, but the most alluring character of "steeltongued" is the span of electronic expression from the demanding first part of the album to the beautiful and deep trilogy "hypnos i - iii". the three intersections of hypnos gives a wink towards the previous ambient-exlusive album of hecq, "darkness falls", but also to the style of u.s.-based deep ambient-label hypnos. the bonus disc with twelve
different interpretations of the title track, only adds to the fact that this is another fine effort from benny boysen alias hecq. (nm)

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's webpage:

after the succesful night falls ambient album ben lukas boysen had to decide to again reset his beacons. it took a while before he found out how to further improve the sound of hecq. with the creation of the tracks ‘typhon’ and ‘steeltongued’ boysen however refound a base on which to build further. the result is an album one could best divide into three sections. after the spherical and majestic sounding intro ‘spires awake’ the listener gets invited to 8 tracks which each feature a impressive rich sound spectrum consisting of rhythmic complex textures and abundant use of electronic styles like idm, breakbeats and even breakcore. this is followed by the ‘hypnos’ triptych that consists of carefully constructed ambient which guarantees an intense listening experience. on a second disc boysen has had the ‘steeltongued’ track remixed by a wide array of electronic artists where subgenres like ambient, click ‘n cuts, noise, dubstep and idm are used by a.o. xabec, spyweirdos, raoul sinier, mothboy, blackfilm and disscoxx. the end result is a special double album that stresses the diversity and versatility of hecq’s outstanding electronic music. (teknoir)

headphone commute
hecq… have you heard? if you haven’t, it’s time to jump on board. and by the way, you’re missing out! after all, this is hecq’s sixth full length release (fifth on hymen records). dare i say it the following way : with steeltongued, hecq surpasses the leaders in electronic experimentation, autechre, leaving them in the dust to scratch their heads in awe of this twenty-seven year old berlin based musician. like a villain of traumatized sonic disintegration, ben lukas boysen unwinds the tight coils of sound into distinct entities of material forms and packs them away into carefully allotted spacial frequency shelves. i did not bring up autechre for mere name dropping. i clearly remember the very first time i heard the decomposition of sound in the booth & brown’s track vose in on lp5, (warp, 1998).  i will never forget. not one release in the last decade has stopped my breath with the penetrating thought of “what the hell was that?“. in the last years, steps have been taken to evolve the sound and build upon the solid foundation, with only autechre occasionally in the lead, piercing the darkness of uncharted territory. they are always allowed. because, frankly, they are autechre, right? the one falling in their footsteps is always behind. apprentice to a skilled magician. then… boom! … hecq. i don’t know how lappersdorf (germany) based hymen records had discovered boysen [that surely deserves an interview question], but when they did, they have struck gold. quickly demonstrating his abilities with scatterheart (hymen, 2004) and bad karma (hymen, 2005), boysen has landed a coveted spot on a limited hymen boxset, travel sickness (hymen, 2006), with a mini-ep along with the releases by lusine icl, solar x, lowfish, venetian snares, psi spy, snog, the manhattan gimp project and mad ep. mmmm. my copy still smells like cedar… delicious. boysen’s fourth album, 0000 (hymen, 2007) made my best of 2007 list, and in 2008… well… i have lost the words with night falls (see my previous review). so what to expect with steeltongued? twisted rhythms swirling around your brain like an inhaled sip of wine and a gulped breath of smoke. divine soundscapes crawling beneath the barbed wire of the restraining acoustic prison, begging to rather be shot in the back then remain draining their minimalism onto the cold surface of tears and blood. i will survive, bounces the reverse reverbed voice of nongenetic, late for my funeral, rather be buried alive… then destruction and mayhem… then silence… frost… and the hypnos trilogy of tracks. well, that’s just gorgeous… this double disk release features twelve remixes of steeltongued from an eclectic group of friends and collaborators, including spyweirdos, si begg, black film, and team doyobi among the many. words are too limited and gentle to describe the range of emotions evoked by steeltongued. the album is a trip and an unforgettable experience. that one memento that will stay with you for years to come. that one beautiful moment of “what the hell was that?“

a review in greek language can be found on webpage:

after his groundbreaking album called “night falls” ben lukas boysen aka heq returns with a new milestone called “steeltongued”. a double album representing a dark symphony in twelve chapters and twelve remix versions on the second disc of the title track done by twelve different artists. ben is a genius sound designer who owns the nonesuch talent to tell stories with his sounds. he doesn’t need words to explain his world; his unique and mighty cinematic tracks disperse never felt before moods and unseen pictures in your brain. “steeltongued” is the next stage in heq’s career, an honest album that doesn’t need to be explained. this music can be felt with each nerve of your body – dreamy, dark, symphonic, rhythmic and deep. the music owns energy and aplomb. it’s like being alone in the darkest place on this world and someone tells you to close your eyes and take his hand to follow him into the dark. a wonderful album that owns an indescribable atmosphere – i am really running out of words for this nonesuch masterpiece. the remix versions of the title track are unique and wonderful interpretations of artists who seem to feel the same like i did. trust heq and follow him into a new world! an essential album that will change your notion of sound, music and storytelling. 100% approvable – and beauty of the month.

the silent ballet
the quality of work by artists that release too much material tends to suffer, and while that isn't really the case with berlin-based ben lukas boysen (hecq), it wouldn't be unfair to say that as fascinating or groundbreaking his work might be, it is also uneven.steeltongued is boysen's sixth album in the last seven years and much like his previous releases, it reveals itself to be the work of one of the most promising contemplative electronica artists today. after six albums, one would have thought that hecq would have moved beyond the "promising artist" categorization, but the many moments of genius found in steeltongued don't always add up. his previous effort, night falls, where spooky lynch-ian atmospheres alternated with stripped-to-the-bone, decomposing melodic pieces, was one of last year's best, and this album continues from where that one left off. in the first cd, which includes mostly original material, hecq doesn't deviate much from his signature sound, except for the fact that his sound is a bit rougher. the breathtaking dark ambient of "spires awake", where boysen turns the volume up, and then down at the least expected moment, immerses us in a world of doom from which there is no escape. while "i will survive", featuring rapper nongenetic, feels completely out of place and almost ruins the album, boysen's sound gradually evolves into a tortured form of breakcore (with "howler" the most characteristic example), bringing to mind the kind of music one would imagine venetian snares making if he suffered from catholic guilt. the first cd closes with the three-part "hypnos", where hecq returns to what he does best: creating atmospheres that are serene on the surface, but infest the listener's dreams with the most unsettling of images. steeltongued oozes talent, but what makes the first cd uneven is the fact that it lacks direction. it isn't uncommon for artists to write heterogeneous music, and that is certainly not what bothered me. the problem is that it often feels like a compilation of leftovers - and it is possible that that is exactly what it is, considering the quantity of work released by boysen in recent years. every artist has the right to experiment, and boysen does that a lot as well. as interesting as his experiments may be, he often falls flat on his face. his attempts at breakcore struggle to breathe and feel incomplete, and as i have already mentioned, the album would have been much better without the hip-hop "i will survive". it isn't necessarily bad, but it pulls you out of the album's flow in the most violent way. living in the digital age has made the order in which we listen to music pretty much irrelevant, but instrumental music requires a certain mindset in order to fully appreciate, and that's one thing hecq fails to accomplish in the first cd. there are still many moments of brilliance, but if i had to compare it to another album, that would be venetian snares' rossz csillag alatt szuletett, not because they belong to the same genre (they don't, despite the many similarities), but because they lack the focus that would make it all worth listening. the second cd includes remixes of the track "steeltongued", and since i did not have any of the above expectations for this cd, i couldn't help but enjoy the wonderful job many of the remixers do at deconstructing it and giving it their own personal touch. it is easily one of the best compilation albums i have heard recently, bringing together some of the most prolific minds of the dark ambient scene that varies significantly in sound, but has so much to offer. raoul sinier turns it into a nearly perfect, majestic piece where every note feels in the right place.blackfilm's contribution stands out for its metronomic industrial beat and could have fit beautifully in last year's self-titled album.tobias lilja provides a nemeth-like, slowly but sneakily developing masterpiece, while xabec's remix brings to mind future sound of london circa lifeforms, with some hints of banco de gaia. there are quite a few duds as well, but the quality of the second cd is very high. and despite its many faults, steeltongued is one of those albums that make experimental music so much more interesting than anything else. (john kontos)

wenn ben lukas boysen vor seinem geologischen musikglobus steht, muss er ihn nur drehen, mit geschlossenen augen einen finger aufsetzen und dann eine geschichte erzählen. hier die zerschlissenen kraterlandschaften der störgeräusche, dort die verwerfungszone der brüche und erschütterungen. weite sanddünen, spitze gesteinsformationen, eiswüsten. zersplitterte oberflächen mit blank geputzten drusen. als hecq ist der wahlberliner seit 2003 zwischen autechre-multirhythmus und bola-harmonie geschlendert, setzte hauchdünne elektronische glimmerschiefer in erzgestein, warf das ganze in plattentektonisch aktive zonen und ließ es dort zu den schönsten kristallen und widerstandsfähigsten mineralen formen. fünf alben hat er in diesem zeitraum geschaffen (auch wenn er das erste ungern dazu zählt). und immer kamen andere kombinationen heraus. mit seinem sechsten album »steeltongued«, einem voll gestopften doppel-cd-album, geht hecq noch einmal seine mineraliensammlung durch, um sie nun endgültig in die schmelze des letzten großen vulkans zu werfen und einen neuen globus zu kaufen, in einer anderen welt. »steeltongued« ist so etwas wie ein abschied vom beatgebastel. für hecq seien die kombinationsmöglichkeiten der beats längst ausgereizt. von nun an soll es in gänzlich neue gefilde gehen, die in der »hypnos trilogy« am ende der ersten cd bereits angedeutet werden. ganz überraschend kommt das natürlich nicht. auch sein letztes werk »night falls« war mehr chorales spiel, als clubgemetzel. wir wollen für den frieden der elektronischen musik aber hoffen, dass das mit dem ausreizen nicht wirklich so fatal ist. hecq setzt zumindest alles an die beweisführung, wenn er in den ersten neun titeln den rhythmus-häcksler anwirft. er ist nicht ohne grund einer der besten elektronischen musiker im lande. den mc nongenetic von den shadow huntaz lässt er dann einfach ohne beat im äther schwindeln, bevor er dem kopfnicker direkt ins genick fährt. aber kein abschied, ohne die freunde eingeladen zu haben. auf der zweiten cd dürfen zwölf künstler den titeltrack in die einzelteile zerlegen und ohne installationsanleitung wieder zusammen hämmern. all die fans und idole sind dabei: mothboy, si begg und michael fakesh ebenso wie raoul sinier, xabec und team doyobi. ich warte jetzt einfach auf die nächste postkarte von hecq und bin auf den stempel gespannt. (jens pacholsky)

connexion bizarre
i have to admit that up until my receiving of his latest album for this review, my knowledge of hecq's music has been limited to the various compilations and numerous remixes he's done. i had never actually heard his own albums. big mistake, i've totally been missing out! "steeltongued" is a double album, with cd 1 being the album proper, and cd 2 being a remix album by various artists. the music on "steeltongued" has proved to be an exceedingly difficult beast to review. i suppose it could be described as clinically cold and ultra complex, off-kilter idm juxtaposed with vast, lush, multilayered illbient soundscapes, and both minimal and epic orchestral pieces. the opening track preps up the listener for what's to come: it's a heavy, melancholy and brooding piece that slowly reveals a distant undercurrent of staccato glitches, creating an eerie atmosphere worthy of a david lynch movie soundtrack. as soon as you get to the second track, it becomes apparent that the glitch noises of the first track were a warning. at the risk of spoiling it for you - the sudden barrage of aggressive, disjointed beats and sounds seems so chaotic and uncontrolled at first that it's almost as if they have a life of their own. in an instant, the atmosphere has shifted from being eerie to being panicked and schizophrenic. you almost feel as though the song is attacking you, somehow. as the track progresses, you start to understand what's happened. he's flipped everything upside down. the melodic, ambient compositions of the previous track now flow distantly underneath a maelstrom of unending, broken beats to startling effect. he does this a lot throughout the entire album - playing with the listener's senses, catching them off guard, provoking both intellective and emotive responses. as nightmarish and frightening as it can be, there is also a lot of beauty to be found on "steeltongued". some of the songs are even quite catchy, dare i say danceable, all things considered. and hecq has also managed a truly massive abstract rap song together with none other than nongenetic of shadow huntaz fame. the production on this album is nothing less than stellar, and the attention to detail is astounding. there are just so many subtle, almost subliminal, melodic passages and sound textures that it almost seems unreal at times. this coupled with the epic compositions and the onslaught of glitched up mechanical noises and electro-acoustic sounds that at times are so unrelenting and intense... i'll put it this way: if music could ever be manifested as wine bottles, what hecq has done is the aural equivalent of getting me drunk off my ass and the breaking the goddamned thing over the back of my head. and i haven't even gotten to the second cd yet! my mind's not completely made up about whether or not the second cd needed to be there though. it's interesting, and the remixes are all really good - my favourites being the xabec, raoul sinier and mothboy tracks - and they've managed to convey a greater sense of coherency throughout the remix cd than most remix albums do. but it doesn't add so much to the album as a whole. but i digress. in closing, this is one hell of a release. and in my book, hecq has now earned himself a place amongst the ranks of autechre, squarepusher and boards of canada, both in terms of ingenuity and songwriting skill. (jonas mansoor)
extraterrestre ! telle est la musique de hecq, le projet musical du designer sonore ben lukas boysen, qui enchaîne parallèlement les travaux sonores pour la publicité et les courts métrages, ainsi que les commandes de remixes. chacun ici se souvient d'ailleurs des relectures intégrales des deux derniers albums d'in strict confidence, sous-titrées "the hecq destruxxions", et qui sont, disons-le tout net, de véritables modèles du genre. ceux qui se sont demandé après avoir vu "2001 : l'odyssée de l'espace" quels sons pouvait engendrer l'univers en perpétuelle expansion ont eu la réponse l'an dernier avec le précédent disque de hecq, l'exceptionnel et pénétrant "night falls". le berlinois revient aujourd'hui avec "steeltongued", authentique ovni de la galaxie idm composé entre 2007 et 2009. reconnu maître es-ambient plombée et traitée au noir intégral (distant fires, lost for words et hypnos), l'allemand crée surtout des boucles et schémas rythmiques qui ne sont pas d'origine terrestre, car ils ne répondent à a cune loi, aucun schéma connu ; et pourtant quelle puissance, quel espace, quelle profondeur, quel panache ! évitant soigneusement de tomber dans le bruitiste gratuit et irritant qui pollue souvent le genre, ben boysen s'applique à donner une leçon de fabrication de sons à ses congénères. douze remixeurs se réapproprient d'ailleurs le titre éponyme de ce sixième album, steeltongued, pour douze versions que l'on retrouve sur le second cd de ce double disque intense. audace et créativité démultipliées, l'univers de hecq se prête finalement bien au jeu ; un jeu dont le gagnant pourrait bien être xabec pour sa réinterprétation impeccable et pour le coup, tout a fait terrestre. (bertrand hamonou)

that benny boysen is a sound designer of distinction is evident from his cv, evidencing work for big boys like toyota, nike and sony, as well as game soundtrack credentials. but despite this appeal to the differently audio-literate world of corporate advertising and the youth culture mainstream, his work as hecq remains fairly uncompromisingly situated under a banner of post-industrial idm, with stripes of breakcore and dark-ambient drone. steeltongued is an album that runs through the hecq checklist: tensile hyper-timbral rhythm programming (check); neo-gothic post-classical digi-symphonics (check); diminished and augmented harmonics (check); consonant and dissonant digital drones (check). so what the hecq is new? short answer: not much, if anything. more extended commentary follows. "typhon" and "steeltongued," both written in 2007 and 2008, provided the blueprint for the album, which might account for a certain sense of déja vu, but maybe more is the parallels with 2007's 0000, likewise featuring a second disc given over to other artist remixes, not to mention previous release, night falls; strong echoes of its spectral string swathes ghosting through midnight blue-pitch black atmospheres and dissolving melodic motifs find their way onto steeltongued. in fact, cd1 doesn't deviate much from the hecq signature style: "spires awake," with its sudden volume surges and fall-aways, plunges us straight into a doom-zone redolent of the pristine end of the euro-gothic dark ambient of the cold meat industry roster. the hecq-a-tomb gradually opens out elsewhere into a studied form of breakcore (cf. "howler"), though hecq's rhythmic muscle-flexings actually feel somewhat boxed-in when they should be ranging free. and the hip-hop workout, "i will survive," featuring shadowhuntaz rapper nongenetic, is an ill-advised stylistic exercise. "hypnos," a paean to stasis in three parts, ends disc 1, and sees a return to the bombastic neo-classical drone altar of cmi and other eschatologically-inclined denominations. cd2 is effectively a compilation album in itself, with twelve other artists submitting various retoolings of the title track. among the stylings are melodic electronica (xabec, bringing echoes of early-90s fsol), glitch and noise hybrids (spyweirdos), and skam-school subbed-up breakbeat (from near-veterans si begg, team doyobi, and ex-funkstörung operative, michael fakesch). younger pretenders bring dystopian dubstep (disscoxx), post-grime bass-meant beats (mothboy), and noir-cinematic post-industrial idm (blackfilm), while the bruised ambience explored by moteer's el fog and n5md's tobias lilja offers perhaps the most subtle unpindownable specimens. but, back to boysen, six albums on he remains short of fully realising his undoubted skills as a sound designer in full-length form. that his sequences of glorified game accompaniments and bleak micro-soundtracks to existential mini-melodramas again don't add up to a satisfying whole is perhaps indicative of an artist whose work is still better consumed in short-hop snacks rather than as long-haul feast. hecq's music is often interesting and invariably well produced but there is a lacuna somewhere in its fabric that's hard to pinpoint exactly; a soft target could be its failure to connect emotionally; not that it doesn't reference emotion, but that it gestures at its signifiers without feeling it, or, rather, without making signified feelings felt. steeltongued is more a play of slick surfaces, and, on that level, brings its own superficial satisfaction, but one attended by a sense of the void at the centre of its being. (alan lockett)


heathen harvest
this is not the first album of hecq aka b.l. boysen. but this last album entitled “steeltongued”, again on hymen rec., may just not be considered as any other in the guy's discography. more: it seems it is not any electronic music album...the enigmatic cover art of this aesthetic tri-fold digipack, features anatomic skeleton's details as well as a goat head, the whole going from beige to magenta. this does not tell much about the content... music typically consists of (broken) rhythmic patterns, with more or less sound effects 8reverberation, stereo, deformations etc.) supported by reverberated deep synth notes (typhon), deep howling synth or other ambient elements (spires awake). “steeltongued” track is an example of this duality. it features only a rhythmic part in the beginning and a progression towards a purely ambient ones. break beat / interrupted / syncopated elements consist in clicks, metaloïd shocks, the whole playing with stereo. a progressive ambient background is developed, made of rather aerial and high-pitched synths. sometimes some low synths' sound plays the role of a bass. here, the atmosphere is almost “sacred”, especially when rhythmical part ends. through this contrast between ambient and rhythmical elements, we feel as having transcended this hectic rhythm of our own lives till getting outer this world's concreteness...similarly “i will survive” begins with a breakbeat rhythmic industrial pattern and evolves towards ambient. but the interesting thing here is the collaboration with a hip hop artist, nongenetic. the positive point is the music is perfectly adapted to text and vice versa, which reveals and interesting direction. rhythmic elements include electric noises, glitches, clicks and else (typhon), mildly heavy beats and other distorted sounds (untitled), with various sound effects. content from track to track may be rather different, especially when it comes to rhythmical elements. “dfrm” and “untitled” are much rhythmical-focused. furthermore“hower” is almost purely breakcore. it my remind iszoloscope, with this same contrast between ambient layers and rhythmical assaults. this track is rhythmically amazing: pure fresh air in the genre(s)! the structure is attractive, and compensates the (apparent) difficulty inherent to breakcore rhythmics, but the way to organize things is clear, coherent and simple enough to be dancy, but also elaborated, with attractive sounds and structure, typical from idm. we even note a clear progressive structure (f.i. untitled). the way to enrich the music complexity and to increase its emotional intensity is very efficient, very catchy. listeners won't get bored easily! apart from the ever present ambient parts and interlude, some tracks however are purely ambient. a distant piano-like note creates the ambient parts together with synths (ii) and even a tiny grating (the descent). the harmonies created are rather original. “frost” deals with crystalline synths and build a rather serene atmosphere, while “i” (of hypnos trilogy) evolves throughout more anguishing landscapes, at least ambivalent... atmospheres within this album are very carefully designed. these should seduce most of ambient fans. mysterious, nocturnal, ethereal atmospheres (the descent) contrast with purely mechanical and material ones (dfrm), often within the same tracks (e.g. i will survive, steeltongued). also, within the “hypnos trilogy” we see developments of anguishing atmospheres (i), evolving to melancholic (ii), till more grandiose ones, filled with harmonic subtleties (iii) this truly adorns the rhythmical parts, with an amazing depth and unbelievable sensitivity... shortly about remixes: of course, the challenge, here, is to remix always the same track, “steeltongued”, without boring the listeners with clones. the result is rather satisfactory. some remixes are especially original: the one of tobias lilja, ultre steel tongues, steel tank by michael fakesch, among others. collaboration with hip hop unveils unexpected possibilities of hybridation! it's surprising to listen how harmoniously such a seemingly difficult – sometimes “irregular” / syncopated – music can get arranged with lyrics – disregarding the fact we appreciate or not the hip hop incursion. but it's not the core of hecq's music. suitable for fans of venetian snares, iszoloscope, and even those usually reluctant and preferring dancy or idm things. wonderful ambient parts, wonderful rhythmic parts, perfect and unexpected mix between idm, breakcore, rhythmic industrial etc. it sounds very innovative, but also catchy, ery coherent, carefully done from sound to compositions, very elaborated, and very well done... it's not just any album in electronic music. anyway, words are missing here... with hecq i definitively discovered something as attractive and innovative. just highly recommended! (perceptron)

hecq discography. 04.2009:
a dried youth. cd. kaleidoskop kal003. 2003
scatterheart. cd. hymen records ¥742. 2004
bad karma. cd. hymen records ¥748. 2005
0000. cd. hymen records ¥758. 2007
zetha. 12". onpa 003. 2007
night falls. cd. hymen records ¥767. 2008
golden pines. cd-r. binkcrsh bk039. 2008
steeltongued. 2cd. hymen records ¥772. 2009

ben lukas boysen sound design:

meetings and lectures: bd4d (london), offf (lisboa), flash on the beach (brighton)...

customers and agencies: 1st ave machine (u.s.a), wieden + kenedy (uk), scholz + friends (germany), markenfilm berlin (germany), peppermellon (argentina), digital kitchen (u.s.a.), dixonbaxi (uk), sehsucht (germany), (france)...

brands: leica, mtv, bbc, audi, nike, 55dsl, discovery channel, bentley, sony, toyota, xbox....

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