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¥775 somatic responses. neon. cd. february2k10.



another rainy day *.mp3
i was neon *.mp3
vulse *.mp3
survive (live mix) *.mp3
dark days *.mp3
meta material *.mp3
repeated human error *.mp3
tickling the machines *.mp3
drilldown *.mp3
quantum religion (fuqedmix) *.mp3
wavetwister (schizo mix) *.mp3
super conductor *.mp3
sick puppy *.mp3


john and paul healy a.k.a. somatic responses are aurally focussed on complex dislocated & broken beats, distorted intelligent constructions, fascinating sonic structures, force and sweetness enlaced. their early
productions' main focus were on hardcore and techno, later on they expanded the musical regions up to electro, dubstep, and even breakcore territories.

as a diligent confluence of these styles, 'neon' is a dark, claiming caleidoscope of state-of-the-art electronic sound mastery. dubstep beats are combined with dark ambience and manipulated voice samples.
fast, heavy breakbeats are mixed with distorted synth lines creating an industrial music flair. drum and bass meets electro sequences. pulsating subbasses and acherontic synth lines induce a multitude of moods between aggression, disarray and melancholy... this album show how these icons of the challenging electronic scene are still able to open their ears and tap fresh ideas from today's music sensbilities.

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's website:

vital weekly
the welsh brothers are back! ever since their debut album "circumflex ", the family project somatic responses has impressed with their take on technoid industrial. on previous album somatic responses seemed like taking a step into other expressions. their 2008-album "digital darkness" was more harsh and dark with hardly any melody to disrupt the ongoing machine of complex rhythm textures, meanwhile the album "reformation" released in 2009 flirted with the sound of dubstep, though with the harsh edge of the healy-brothers. now less then a year later comes another work, from the project. in comparison to their previous aforementioned albums, it seems like the duo has gone back to the roots of their first albums: a sort of futuristic atmosphere with horrific yet emotional interventions. despite the associations towards their earlier releases, somatic responses makes it very clear on this album titled "neon" that the project has developed well over the years. excellent almost humorous interventions seems to occur, for instance with the funky like track "i was neon" while a track like "survive (mix)" is an upbeat and quite harsh beast. my personal favorite moment is the opening track titled "another rainy day" being an excellent old-school technoid funky piece with some excellent ambient-passages sneaking in. overall this an excellent shot from somatic responses. in fact this must be my all-time favorite from the healy's and referring to my opening sequence of this review this is definitely a challenge. highly recommended! (nm)

on neon somatic responses the dubstep is partly left behind and the techno influence returns. the techno beats are imbedded into warm ambient and idm sounds. also the dubstep influence is better integrated which doesn’t make it sound as an enforced trend choice. somatic responses returns to its roots. ‘another rainy day’ is strikingly excellent with its old school techno and ambient. the live mix of ‘survive’ shows why somatic responses has followers in the industrial as well as the hardcore techno scene. ‘dark days’ is a very cool haunting dark techno track. you will hear breakbeats, techno, electro, drum ‘n bass, retro bleeps and industrial blended into dark atmospheric ambient and idm. actually somatic responses lets all influences from its past return into a modern sounding electronic album. somatic responses will not attract many new followers with this but the fans of this project could care less since with neon they get a strong album with adventurous electronic music which has many influences ingeniously processed. recommended! (teknoir)

neon owns a very different light-frequency. neon is a gas, that kind of gas, which can be found in space mostly; on earth it’s a rare one… neon is the new album by john and paul healy a.k.a. somatic responses on hymen records! neon is one of those albums you will hear and love. no joke, neon is perfect. it owns a unique sound that will make you state whenever you hear a track from “…this is neon!” with neon somatic responses put all their musical skills and knowledge together, and created an album that is solid as a rock. a statement – a journey through different musical genres they are experienced in. from the early days of techno, acid, over to breakbeat, dnb, electro, dubstep and even breakcore. sounds a string together of musical styles, and i am honest i would be distrustful if the artists name wouldn’t be somatic responses. these crazy guys own the knowledge and the genius to put all these musical influences on one album and it still sounds made as one row. this is dance music – this is headphone music – this is total freedom and anarchy! somatic responses reached the top! neon is an album that forces you to climb on the highest point of your hometown and make you scream. fantastic&enthusiastic without loosing the ground. this is art, this is music, and this is revolution! what else do you want to know? perfect one!

meist fallen die schlagwörter oldschool, hardcore und darkness, wenn es um das bruderpaar somatic responses aus wales geht und die mit unzähligen veröffentlichungen zu einer festen größe im electronica-genre zählen. irgendwo hatte ich nun gelesen, dass das letzte album (nicht auf hymen) sich mehr dem aktuellen dubstep-sound verschrieben hätte, aber „neon“ bolzt und holzt nun wie eh und je mit atemberaubend gebrochenen beats über bedrohlichen flächensounds durch trostlose industrie-landschaften. man stelle sich dazu vor, autechre mutieren zu hooligans und hat so ungefähr eine vorstellung, was einem mit den 13 neuen tracks auf „neon“ erwartet – eine intelligent und trotzdem brutale wie erbarmungslose rhythmus-attacke. auf john und paul healy ist also weiterhin verlass... aufgeschürfte fingerknöchel und kopfschmerzen inklusive. (m.fiebag)

somatic responses discography on hymen records 01.2010:
circumflex. cd. ¥705. 1999
revula. lp, ¥018. 1999
augmented lines. cd / lp. ¥713 / ¥030. 2001
touching the void. cd / lp. ¥723 / ¥039. 2002
pounded mass. cd / lp. ¥741 / ¥048. 2005
giauzar ep. 12". ¥053. 2006
digital darkness. cd. ¥764. 2008
neon. cd. ¥775. 2010
please take a look at the s.r. website for a full discography.

somatic responses webpage: