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¥793 karsten pflum. no noia my love. cd. april2k11.


tracklist cd1:

the hand

lov dog *.mp3
muntermacher *.mp3
dansk notebook center *.mp3
fr+© *.mp3
wrraou *.mp3
ipkip *.mp3
capstone switch *.mp3
drum ppl *.mp3
imun card *.mp3
nud mining *.mp3
no noia my love *.mp3
mimer *.mp3


inspired equally by 80's synth pop, detroit techno and nordic folk-music, karsten pflum started experimenting with old synths and sequencers in the middle of the 90's using the name of slaphead faun.
after discarding that name he released his first album 'tracks' on the legendary label worm interface in 2003, soon followed by ep's and full length releases on labels like jenka music, tender productions, suburban trash industries and mindwaves (where slaphead faun rose again as an album title). his music has been broadcasted across the airwaves by such luminaries as legendary british dj legend john peel and mary anne hobbs to name a few, and he has toured in scandinavia, germany, uk, spain & turkey, both solo and as a member of groups. over the years he became part of the intriguing and very talented young danish school of electronica and a driving force of the north european electronic music stage. currently he lives in berlin and studied electronic music at the academy of his former home town of aarhus.

karsten pflum pays tribute to the glory days of idm without losing focus on the future of the genre. he explores the boundaries of heavy bass driven dubstep, frantic d'n'b and breakcore, combining soulful soundscapes with hard complex rhythm programming and treatments. 'i make music as a kind of therapy' he explains, 'i try to live in a parallel world of music, where the things that happen reflect 'reality' but at the same time live their own life, and kind of grow on their own. i guess i am a pretty typical electronic musician, who tries to develop my music all the time, and find the identity that suits me at the time.'

the curious playfulness that has characterized pflum's work since his debut has evolved and become less naïve and more sophisticated. 'no noia my love' offers a multitude of twisted yet melodic tracks with an epic quality, exploring the borderlands between repetition and rhythmic intricacy. through his incredibly distinct programming, alluring ambience and low frequency treatment he brings the minimal compositions to higher grounds, balancing between machine-generated tightness and organic plasticity.

in karsten's own words, the album title is meant as a genuine wish for the recipient not to worry, everything will be alright. so take a deep listen to this crystal clear production and welcome the new hymen records' family member. no noia, my love!

the intermediate moods tucked between these warped low-end frequencies is perhaps karsten pflum’s most valued asset. often a collection of therapeutic electronic debris, no noia my love takes hymen into untapped directions full of spatial funk, corrugated rhythms and sliced melodies that stick to the cerebral cortex with pleasing turbulence. taking a look back at karsten pflum‘s impressive back-catalog, he’s skipped alongside some heavyweight labels (ie. rump, worm interface, ad noiseam, jenka music) and also with tapped his signature left-field sound libraries. while not entirely driven by technically advanced exp-electronics, karsten pflum extracts precision grooves that are funky, wobbly and often distortedly playful. these sonic creations are always taken to the next level by emitting classic melodic structures; plaid, squarepusher and autechre come to mind… not only as mere reference points, but rather as a reflection of the thoroughly engineered tracks karsten pflum produces. also of note is his recent nemo loon ep with ad noiseam that saw this multi-talented musician diving straight into his own strain of minimal dubstep. but just when you thought there would be little room for karsten to stretch, he proves again that the strongest characteristic surrounding his latest opus is raw energy. a brief appearance on hymen’s miwak twelve compilation in 2009 now see’s karsten pflum expanding this energy into organized chaos. with such an expansive rhythmic style, karsten pflum delivers rapid-fire percussion with emotive melodies that sparkle, twist, deform and elongate at every corner. at times veering into drum’n bass territory, no noia my love projects a bright light on the early sounds of toytronic and neo ouija with pristine bleeps, beeps and reactive bass lines; nostalgia rests in the foreground. and it is with the above-mentioned description that this album is of key note. each whimsical track on offer is clean-cut, dipped in digital trickery, and subtly manipulated with interspersed danceable segments. even with the myriad of disjointed moments and crunched ambient noodling, the center of no noia my love is complex, deliberate and lighthearted. each pflum production is memorable and one can easily discover polished gems defying time and space upon repeated listens. the intermediate moods tucked between these warped low-end frequencies is perhaps karsten pflum’s most valued asset. often a collection of therapeutic electronic debris, no noia my love takes hymen into untapped directions full of spatial funk, corrugated rhythms and sliced melodies that stick to the cerebral cortex with pleasing turbulence. fans of early gimmik, metamatics and eight frozen modules will surely enjoy this new take on intelligent dance music and it may very well be recognized in the years to come as a historical reemergence of fine-tuned digital deconstruction. where will karsten pflum take his listeners next?

the greed
quoiqu on en dise, les pays nordiques ont toujours été un vivier intarrissable en terme d’avant gardisme électronique. mika vaino, jimi tenor, la chanteuse des sugarcubes, autant de troublions borderline qui ne laissent pas sans réactions, qu’elles soient indigestes ou fanatiques. le danois karsten pflum, avec son nouvel album ”no moia my love” ne déroge pas a cette tradition du ”plus tu vas au nord, plus c’est perché”. pour faire simple, ce nouveau long format est ce que l’on attend d’un album d’électronica à notre époque. accessible mais toutefois pertinent d’audace et de technique, les 13 morceaux offrent une bicéphalité redoutable entre complexité rythmique et mélodies simpliste (les excellents « lov dog”et ”muntermacher”) , un peu comme un ersatz du ”drukqs” d’aphex twin en plus modéré, car même si la comparaison peut paraître un tantinet trop pompeuse, on se rapproche evidemment du classique de richard james. homogene, hypnotique et terriblement addictif, ce disque de pflum risque bien de vous casser les jambes et inverser la polarité de votre cerveau. fortement conseillé. (freddypogo)

connexion bizarre
karsten pflum presents his release “no noia my love” which showcases a wide range of electronic styles on this disc. the overall mood of the album is quite mellow for the most part, but some of the songs bring in some strong and chaotic beats and kicks as evidenced in the tracks “dansk notebook center” and “imun card”. i would be hesitant to say this is music that you would just chill out and relax to at home or at a house party; i would classify this as mellow electronic dance music. the artist brings in some dupstep flavor on the tracks “capstone switch” and “mimer” and shows a bit of funkiness on the track “ipkip’”. he also incorporates some ambient atmospheres throughout many tracks, especially the title track and “muntermacher”. i would have to say “dansk notebook” is probably my favorite due to its distorted rhythms, wobbly bass, and breaks but with soft ambient sounds interspersed throughout. at times when listening to this disc, i wondered if i was listening to two different artists; however this is by no means a negative aspect of this release. each track seamlessly flows into the next track so that the whole album flows together as one cohesive piece. he also makes an excellent use of organic sounding samples throughout the album which add a nice human touch to the songs. he avoids the pitfall of making the music sound repetitive and many songs are very engaging, but there are times when tracks lose their focus and drift off. this is a strong release from an artist i was not at all familiar with. (kevin congdon)

enochian apocalypse
a refreshing display from the outset of what i could term pure idm with cut up beats and harmonies that blister and complicate, fold and meld into a mash of emotions that flutter through with precision to hit the senses head on with opener ‘the hand’. there’s more than a nod at pure pop as track one dissolves into ‘lov dog’ as the pace settles. the madness is blatantly still evident within the skittish beat patterns but what shines through is the use of melody that gives a solid sense of cohesion that is missing from many a release within this genre giving the impression that karsten pflum clearly has their head screwed on firmly. without a doubt a lot of aphex twin purists will lap this up with the rhythm sections that flirt with your ears, but this is only one simple element that is built up within the folds of many of the songs on this album. rich textures and blunt effective programming genius is just what sets this release apart from many of the artists peers and i was literally astonished at the level of professionalism in the way this release has been executed as a whole. moving the pop elements to one side there is more than enough on ‘no noia…’ to appease the breakcore enthusiasts out there; quite simply put some of the beats on this album pummel the listener into submission and this artist can really get down and dirty when its called for. a careful amount of planning has gone into this cd, just when you feel the barrage of rhythms is about to overstate themselves everything breaks into mellow electronic sectors to slow you down and come as a welcome relief. ‘no noia my love’ is a rollercoaster of emotions and dips, peaks and highs that joyfully play with your ears and thought patterns and quite simply put, is just one of the best out and out real idm albums on the market at the moment; love it. (tony young)

chroniques électroniques
voilà quelques temps maintenant que les louanges pleuvent à l'égard du danois jacob helverskov madsen, qu'il conviendra de nommer ici sous son avatar encore moins prononçable : karsten pflum. certains observateurs plus que crédibles osent parfois même le comparer à un certain aphex twin. c'est dire si on a à faire à un client. son album slaphead faun de l'an dernier rassemblait de vieux titres inédits qui sonnaient étrangement neufs. ses premiers albums parus sur d'obscurs labels avaient démontré tout son potentiel en matière d'expérimentations, de techniques et d'affinage des textures. slaphead faun et le maxi nemo loom (sur ad noiseam) ont fait plus que monté la mayonnaise. autant dire que no noia my love était annoncé bien avant sa sortie chez hymen comme le disque qui lui permettrait de passer au niveau supérieur. penchons nous sur le sujet. tout commence avec une trilogie implacable et impressionnante. the hand, lov dog et muntermacher se révèlent comme des réussites absolues de drum & bass vrillée, où les idées se comptent comme autant de rafales de drums. n'importe quel producteur ou beatmaker en devenir rendrait ça brouillon, bordélique ou négativement nébuleux. mais le karsten est troublant de maîtrise, dans son ingéniosité mélodique et dans sa conception des structures. il a une manière tout à lui de sublimer des synthés qui semblent vintage en leur donnant une couleur tout à fait moderne. ceci renforce encore plus l'admirable comparaison avec des travaux parus il y a (trop) longtemps chez rephlex ou même aux premières heures de warp. que dire de plus si ce n'est que ces trois premiers titres sont absolument géniaux, et qu'ils font partie des meilleurs tracks qu'il m'ai été donné d'entendre cette année. et bordel ?! que dire de fro ?! le temps ne semble pas avoir d'emprise sur le son du danois. et là où il effectue un vrai tour de force, c'est en insufflant au dubstep quelque chose de frais de nouveau, à des années lumière de toute conventions établies. en attestent aisément les plus que réussis dansk notebook center, mimer ou capstone switch. et pour me faire aimer quelques chose qui se réclame d'accent dubstep, même complètement mutant comme ici, dieu sait qu'il faut y aller fort aujourd'hui. si les ondulations filtrées et l'évolution structurelle de drum ppl a quelques chose de tout à fait bluffant, imun card pourrait bien donner envie aux daft punk et à leurs médiocres héritiers d'avancer à tout jamais masqués. le seul regret qu'un éternel aigri comme moi peut bien nourrir, est qu'on ne trouve pas d'autre perle idm old-school comme wrraou. il est difficile de critiquer de manière négative no noia my love. en cherchant bien, on pourrait dire qu'une telle démonstration peut nuire à l'homogénéité de l'album ? non, même pas. karsten pflum parvient à associer intelligence rythmique, polissage des textures à sa démarche dancefloor. car oui, outre son aspect vrillé et complètement dingue, no noia my love a puisé dans les rythmiques jazz et dans les échos dub pour assurer toute sa puissance. cet album n'a rien de daté ou de nostalgique. il ne fait que se nourrir et défoncer 20 ans de musique électronique. un tour de force, une démonstration qui installe définitivement karsten pflum au rang de poids lourd. il est néanmoins recommandé de se procurer le cd pour ne pas souffrir de la compression supplémentaire du mp3 pour l'apprécier à sa très haute juste valeur. incontestablement un des "must have" de cette année. (ed loxapac)

was für eine reise in die vergangenheit! als breaks plötzlich taktgeber für ein kurzes aufbäumen von elektronika wurden, tracks ohnehin schnell waren wie ein rennauto und immer der größte quietscher gewann. film. auf speed. karsten pflum bringt uns diese zeit für ein album zurück. mit allem, was dazugehört. und noch viel mehr. denn was wäre so ein erbe ohne ein blick in die gegenwart. der break im verwobbelten step kommt kategorisch zu kurz, und auch die verbindung beider ausformungen muss immer wieder herausgebrüllt werden. gehören doch zusammen. sind doch geschwister. sensatonelles album. durch und durch. (thaddi)

aphex twin opgelet! dit nieuwe album van karsten pflum grijpt onder andere terug naar de uptempo drum & bass-alike elektronica/idm producties van meester aphex twin. op “no noia my love” krijg je vijf kwartier ratelende breakbeats op je oren, waarbinnen van alles gebeurt. muziek met een ultra-energiek karakter, maar naast de pure kracht toont karsten pflum ook zijn muzikaliteit. pflum strooit zoals gezegd rijkelijk met uptempo drum & bass breaks, maar acteert ook spectaculair goed op midtempo met breakbeats en zagende dubstep. alles met veel overtuiging gebracht en zo nu en dan behoorlijk industrieel klinkend. “no noia my love” is daarom een tamelijk gevarieerd album geworden dat in eerste instantie vooral goed zal vallen bij (dark) idm/elektronica fans en dubstep liefhebbers (denk skrillex, nero, benga, skream enzovoorts). vooral de eerste drie tracks springen er wat ons betreft positief uit. aanrader voor fans van de warp catalogus.


discography 04.2k11:
lire skuffe / der kleine pastor. 7". snake eyes se 03. 2002 tracks. cd. worm interface wi029 cd. 2003 dogcatcher ep. 12". tender productions bah010lp. 2004 flugten fra år 2000. cd. jenka music jenkacd003. 2005 split (w/ puzzleweasel). 12". jenka music jenkaep002. 2005 idhax. cd / lp+7". rump recordings rumpcd005 / rumplp005. 2006 fuck music, easy. 12". bohnerwachs tonträger bowa19. 2007 god / fly. 7". pump recordings rump07001. 2007 slaphead faun. cd. mindwaves music mwmcd04. 2010 nemo loon. 12". ad noiseam adn130. 2010 no noia my love. cd. hymen records ¥793. 2011

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