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¥796 somatic responses. concrete glider. cd. october2k11.



science and emotion

first day back *.mp3
fairy light massacre *.mp3
mistaken sponge *.mp3
magma flow *.mp3
aaltomatic *.mp3
quick releasr *.mp3
concrete glider *.mp3
phuture phuckers *.mp3
svimma *.mp3
replicant loss *.mp3
mil harddach (dyfodol mix) *.mp3
fryday *.mp3


the brothers john and paul healy, collectively known throughout the world as somatic responses, are still the native residents of a small industrial mining community located in the southwest region of wales.
constantly working on new tracks and fresh ideas, their immense creative output has been released on a myriad of labels, carving out a unique sound that is distinctly their own, far beyond any narrow

still pushing the envelopes of genre with their unique, rigorous approach to electronic dance music, the duo deliver a truly fine assortment of gloomy ambient, breakcore, drum'n'bass, idm, hardcore techno and industrial, all thrown through the somatic responses blender and spread throughout the album's 13 tracks. expressing a wide range of emotions and atmospheres ranging from the icy melancholic 'replicant
loss' and the academic crystal clarity of 'science and emotion' to furious distorted monsters like 'fryday'.

although the idea of building a concrete glider sounds like an oxymoron, the album title cuts to the core of the matter: a collection of skillfully designed sonic explorations where force and facility are utterly inseperable.
die beiden brüder john und paul healy haben in der vergangenheit schon mehrmals gezeigt, dass sie mit somatic responses ihren eigenen stil verfolgen und elektronisch tanzbare musik machen, ohne dabei große scheuklappen vor genre-konventionen zu haben. da wundert es auch wenig, dass das neue werk concrete glider in eine ähnliche richtung geht: da gibt sich harter techno mit ruhigen ambient die klinke in die hand und zwischendurch gibt es breakcore-elemente und industrial, ohne dass man das eine vom anderen trennen könnte: geschwindigkeiten ändern sich, im hintergrund ablaufende soundscapes vermitteln eine ruhe, die in einem krassen gegensatz zu den harten beats im vordergrund steht. dabei fängt das album zunächst noch mit science and emotion sehr ruhig an, nur um im laufe der zeit immer härter zu werden. wenn man bei lied nummer zehn mit dem namen svimma angekommen ist, sind die meisten harmonischen klänge längst verschwunden. das unterstreicht ein weiteres mal die vielseitigkeit der beiden brüder, die hinter dem projekt stehen und macht concrete glider zu einer sympathischen und hörenswerten angelegenheit. (tristan osterfeld)

enochian apocalypse
gentle harmonies, wire like electronics and subtle beats open up the latest welcome instalment from this welsh duo in the fitting form of ‘science and emotion’, laying the foundations for their latest release as building blocks for what is to come. the paranoid electronic beat work of ‘first day back’ is back to a typical sr format of what we expect and its like they never left; the frenetic pace of this number gets this kick started properly and purposely leads into ‘fairy light massacre’ where the pace of the drums slows ever so slightly to let the insanity be taken over by the electronics alone. there is a slant on this album to lean towards idm influences more so than before, a prime example of which being the crackers ‘mistaken sponge’ (what?); either way as head wrecking as this is, it’s a fun romp through broken mashed up beats and off kilter sounds that play with your head. ‘concrete glider’ never teeters off the path with its formula as a whole. visceral rhythmic work, harsh and subtle blips and electronics throughout keep you on the edge of your seat and never truly let up, sometimes flirting with break-core and drum n’ bass, sometimes emotional and ever so often pulling on resources from an industrial slant with the engaging ‘aaltomatic’ and the destructive almost digital hardcore-isms of the fantastic ‘quick releasr’ which is completely brutal. from here on in the lunatics are running the asylum and the title track is an absolute head bender of the highest proportions, its furious and explosive and i can imagine this being an absolute belter live; and a needed reprieve comes along in ambient form in the shape of ‘replicant loss’ just at the right time. all in all this is a fine, fun release that more often than not should be played at a ridiculously high volume just to clean out the cobwebs, neither entirely easy listening, nor unlistenable, somatic responses have produced an excellent album that should also sound awesome on the live circuit too. (tony young)

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's webpage:

this album is again a small reinvention by the healy brothers. the last ones i picked up from them were pounded mass and reformation and the first was a nervewrecking ride through their usual breaky idm industrial landscape. reformation was what dubstep should sound like so they are very diverse artists to say the least. with somatic responses there seems to be no easy way, but here they at least tried to make it somewhat bearable for newcomers. the first four/five songs are pretty melodic with an absence of aural chaos and the melodies are both quirky and effortlessly enjoyable. evil crawls where it can't walk though, so from aaltomatic the fucked up rhythms take over and the less adventurous listener will probably dive towards the stop button here. it remains very technoid however, you won't find the heavy crossfire of breaks and quirky arrangements of pounded mass here. in the middle of the album they move back to their combination of acid and breakbeat idm (a bit like heavy autechre or aphex twin) but it's the last part of the album that stands out, starting from... phuture phucker is a epic slammer mixing slight drum'n bass influences with atmospheric but agressive idm. the short svemma adds a sensitive touch to heavy rhythmic industrial. replicant loss is devoid of rhythms, a dark cinematic track that would fit perfectly in bladerunner. the last track fryday has that technoid 4/4 rhythm again and also some hiphop style scratching, making it sound a bit like "b boy 3000". a typical somantics release, uneasy listening but you can get a lot out of it if you give it some effort. recommended but only just because of the overload of 4/4 acid techno. (chris konings)

somatic responses discography on hymen records 10.2011:
concrete glider. cd. hymen records ¥796. 2011
neon. cd. ¥775. 2010
digital darkness. cd. ¥764. 2008
giauzar ep. 12". ¥053. 2006
pounded mass. cd / lp. ¥741 / ¥048. 2005
touching the void. cd / lp. ¥723 / ¥039. 2002
augmented lines. cd / lp. ¥713 / ¥030. 2001
revula. lp, ¥018. 1999
circumflex. cd. ¥705. 1999
please take a look at the s.r. website for a full discography.

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