¥823 jérôme chassagnard. inner dialog. cd. june2k14.



walking on

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release date: 20june2k14

written and composed by jérôme chassagnard
track 1, editing + additional rhythm by jérémie mathes, www.jeremiemathes.net
track 4, editing + field recordings by jérémie mathes.
track 4 and 9, piano played by pei yun yu.
pre-mastering by bruno meria. mastered by frank riggio.
photographs by amo passicos. www.melle-amo.fr & layout by stefan alt.

with his third solo album 'inner dialog' french composer jérôme chassagnard presents a very personal work of art based on his childhood experiences, solitude and the 'urban soul' which is hidden in civic environments. supported by his wife pei yun yu and french sound artist jérémie mathes, chassagnard has created an album which is simultaneously dense and introspective.

the music of 'inner dialog' displays a balanced bridging between idm, electronica, chilling ambient and krautrock creating impressive tempers of both brilliance and deepness. a feast for the aural senses featuring lush atmospheric key pads, melodic piano lines, precisely set voice samples and field recordings alternately carried by a plethora of drum patterns and beatless hypnotic sequences.

an intense release which transmits a wide range of moods between tranquility, melancholia and tightness, brought into being by an outstanding artistic mind inviting listeners to experience his own inner dialog.



ambient blocks, cascading piano keys, emotional layers and an ebb and flow between downbeat electrical activity is evident on inner dialog. jérôme chassagnard activates a soaring, self reflecting album filled with shivering ambient electronics and powerful resonances that it’s difficult not to be consumed by its arching, almost life-like presence taking over the landscape. neo-classical dream sequences fade in and out of focus throughout the few beatless pieces. moving from nostalgic wanderings to in-depth bass and beat, inner dialog seeks to cultivate a uniformly distributed sonic load, reaching for brittle synths, downtrodden shoegaze spheres, intense idm slivers and a knack for creating otherworldly fsol-like terrain. the percussive tracks including “walking on,” “sea-shell necklace,” “somewhere” and “urban sand” are the peaks while the valleys are tranquilized sonic blankets. the closing “green island” features a yet to be placed sample (“you are scaring me. am i not scared?“) which noise unit used to great effect on “dry lungs” (grinding into emptiness, wax trax! 1991). that puzzling and curious sample aside, inner dialog is just that—a definitive, introspective and engaging release which captures every bit of your attention. fans of early lali puna, proem, christian klein et al should take notice.



moitié du duo ab ovo, créé avec son comparse régis baillet au milieu des années 90, jérôme chassagnard est un des quelques piliers de la musique electronique française d’avant-garde. cette troisième sortie en solo, sur l’excellent label teuton hymen records, fait ressurgir les vieux esprits de l’idm nineties pour un ensemble de tracks qui convoque basses puissantes, bleeps, broken beats et mélodies fortes. laissez-vous bercer, c’est un océan riche de multiples textures et rythmiques qui déferle ici, entre morceaux à tendances ambient (isolation, floating), moments triomphants (l’épique urban sand), et passages dramatiques à grand renfort de piano et violon (childhood, green island).

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's webpage:


sonic seducer


im drei-jahres-rhythmus veröffentlicht der französische künstler jérôme chassagnard auf hymen seine soloarbeiten. trotz seiner verwurzelung in der idm ist „inner dialog“ ein album voller leiser töne. wenn am ende des openers „walking on“ die knarzenden beats verstummt sind, senkt sich andächtige stille über die szenerie. die psychedelische figur „sparkle / time“ mit ihrem arpeggio und fließenden flächen führt ohne große umwege zu den drogenhalluzinationen von coil. chassagnards eigentliches talent zeigt sich in unaufgeregten moodmusic-tracks wie „childhood“ oder „green island“, in dem dezente fieldrecordings jérômes leichtes klavierspiel umkreisen. wie gut er die balance zwischen ruhe und rhythmus halten kann, lässt sich anhand von „somewhere“ und „urban sand“ nachvollziehen. eine gelungene rundreise durch das innere ich von chassagnard, an der unbedingt teilgenommen werden sollte. (sascha bertoncin)


discography 06.2k14:
inner dialog. cd. hymen records ¥823. 2014
the time from underneath. cd. hymen records ¥790. 2011
(f)light. cd. hymen records ¥766. 2008

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