¥825 senko. dronetudes. digital album. may2k14.




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release date: 19may2k14

producer, arranged by, mixed by daniel kosenko
cover by vienna based artist cecilie nørgaard

senko, who has also appeared as slew52, slam52 and .slam: is the aarhus / denmark based project of daniel kosenko. the manipulation of pure data into sound (or 'klang', as he designates it) has now become his main focus.

kosenko's musical intention has always been of an explorative and experimental embouchure and for this release, senko's aim was to develop 'a system' with a semi-generative approach to harmonics, in which synths and sounds 'resolve' each others harmonic ideas, and 'talk' to each other 'forcing the hand of chance'. the process of developing 'the system' was inspired by such wide ranging artists as john coltrane, györgy ligeti and psychic tv. artists who always found a perfect balance between improvisation and elaborate concepts.

the eight tracks of this album display a wide range of styles, approaches and spirits: contemporary electroacoustic textures and dark melodic drones as well as twisted abstract beats and filmic soundscapes with a ritualistic feel generate an aural kaleidoscope of moods between precipitance and relief. while listening to this release you will enter an unfolding labyrinth of semi-improvised drone-études - be prepared to stay there for quite a long time...

igloo magazine


dronetudes, offered by the denmark based sound art actor daniel kosenko (aka senko), presents a vibrant, intriguing, digital and blissed-out collection of stylish electronic minimalism on the independent hymen records. the ensemble is surprisingly diversified and challenging, inviting the listener to navigate with an equal pleasure through weird if not spooky buzzed out droney vibes (ref. “surrogate drone”), abstract post-techno minimalism enigmas (“wolfsong,” “moth”) or obsessionally cerebral as in the spiraling electronic (“dronetude 1.”) the sound ambiences and kinetic electronic soundscapes are quite menacing, mysterious, ambiguous and neurotically incisive. touches of electroacoustic experiments on timbres and pitches also characterize this album (“dronetude1?, “dronetude2.”) hyper-active electronic programs around pulsating motifs meet elastic drone sequences and atonality in a handful titles like in the superbly haunted, hypnagogic and tremendously rhythmical “moth.” an eclectic, inventive and multidimensional experimental electronic album with a discreet intellectual approach which accompanies the listener in a vast sonorous exploration. this avant-garde and engaging electronic release will seduce those who are into the paradigmatic sound spheres of ragnar grippe, the concrete music of pierre henry or horacio vaggione, the fuzzed-out static dronescaping inflections of acre as well as listeners of idm glitch-esque ambiences or brain-dancing excursions. advised without restraint. (philippe blache)

discography 05.2k14:
senko. dronetudes. digital album. hymen records ¥825. 2014
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