¥826 the_empath. growing unrest. digital album. march2k14.



growing unrest (rage union)

calm down *.mp3
sit back & realign *.mp3
re-quietude (extended) *.mp3
sit back & realign (ttwacd rework) *.mp3
calm down (sendform & sniplab rework) *.mp3
re-quietude (dirk geiger rework) *.mp3

release date: 25march2k14

tracks 1 - 4 written by mike erkau
discovered and mixed @ subroom medialab
mastered by klima @ kellermusik

with this digital release the_empath presents both an appetizer to his forthcoming full length album and an updated view of this project's current emotional and musical status. 'growing unrest' is a sonic allegory for the interplay between outer and inner forms of unrest, where the 'outer' stands for global conflicts of the individual and society with their environment and 'inner' signifies personal conflicts and helplessness in our private everyday life. at the same time, this release states a striving for balance, harmony and serenity and therefore an overcoming of unrest.

musically, 'growing unrest' offers a vast array of beats and ambiences, ranging from dubstep and drum'n'bass to abstract electronica and chilling ambient, presented in the_empaths very own unique style. three remixes by dirk geiger, to travel without any certain destination and sendform & sniplab complete this release with unique interpretations of mike erkau's tracks. 'growing unrest' is an intriguing and inviting release which should not be missed by any open minded listener.

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ttwacd: www.mchrisov.gr/twacd.html
sendform & sniplab: http://sendform-sniplab.atmedia-all.de
dirk geiger: www.dirkgeiger.com