¥833 karsten pflum. dode. cd. june2k15.




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upc 821272214823
release date: 18.06.2015

cover artwork: woodcut by anton peitersen
layout by salt
written and produced by karsten pflum
mastered at diem

since his debut in 2003, karsten pflum has been a profilic producer and live performer. With his well crafted work that’s full of soul, his tunes are a fresh and curious take on the electronic dance music genre. the sound of heavy bass driven electro, frantic jungle, and crystal clear ambient, always with the haunting and charming pflum sound - poignant and sophisticated. the output is often full of references to genres, gear or techniques - and the underlying storyline displays a love for classic elements from 80's sci-fi, motown funk music, and bbc wildlife documentaries. as a live performer karsten pflum offers an engaging insight to his playful and musical approach, with his highly dopamine filled and riveting tunes - aimed for the feet and chest.

the title and concept for his third full length release on hymen records was inspired from 1980's swedish roleplaying game 'draker och demoner expert' (dragons and demons expert), abbreviated dode. the album tells a kind of cyclic tale of a nomadic outcast who encounters different places and beings on his desperate search for glory. besides the dode game many classic fantasy images and clichés poured into the music while karsten dove back into the old books, looked at the illustrations and absorbed the atmospheres to create imaginary landscapes based on these topics with electronics and manipulated voices.

musically motivated by a various array of artists such as chris carter, e.r.p., arpanet, and even depeche mode, the eleven tracks abduct the listener into an aural parallel universe. terms like drum and bass, electro and ambient can be correctly used while describing this album, yet the unusual way these styles are executed, combined with an emotional roller coaster of moods generated by karsten pflum's tremendous skills make this album a uniqe masterpiece of contemporary electronica.

'it is my hope that some of the creators behind the game will stumble upon the album, and hopefully, like me, for a short while, relive the thrills and joys of the 1980's roleplaying craze.' (karsten pflum)


release music magazine


Dane Karsten Pflum has been making his own unique brand of electronica for many years. Filtering in elements of drum’n'bass, electro, and even ambient, Pflum creates music you are familiar with, yet have never heard before too. “Dode” is another concept album, but this time it is based around a particular board game in Sweden – known as “Drakar och demoner expert” (Dode for short). So could this release kick-start the role-playing revolution once more? The idea of the tracks is to create sonic soundscapes, fitting the scenarios of these imaginary scenes played out by gamers. The fact is, these tracks are much better than the concept. You do not need to have been a gamer to appreciate these tracks – and in fact I kind of feel glad I wasn’t, as I can focus more on the music as music, and not refer it to some gamer fantasy. There is something of a mixture of genres at play across these tracks, which make them both interesting and intriguing to listen to. “Eclipsis” has the feel of an 80:s game soundtrack, but the glitch elements tie it absolutely to now. “Fem cirklar för fem aspekter” is a lovely jangly tune which is then backed up with a pumping bass end, creating a lovely jaunty electronic track. “Onaqui” has dubby qualities that I like, which paired with the glitch rhythms that just about hold together, make for an immensely satisfying track. “Skumögd” starts a sequence of great tracks presented one after another. The highlight has to be the bouncy drum’n'bass of “Vackra inavlade” – means (you) beautiful inbread – which is in turn jazzy, glitchy and ambient all at once. Take away the concept then, and you are left with a satisfying album of future thinking retro electronic music created by a really talented musician and producer – easily up there with the best albums of the year. (mike whyte)



ausgerechnet ein fantasy-spiel als vorlage für ein album zu nehmen, mag im metal oder mittelalter-genre durchaus nichts ungewöhnliches sein. kommt ein solches album aus dem elektronisch-experimentellen bereich, wundert man dagegen schon. dode steht für „drakar och demoner expert“, ein skandinavisches rollenspiel aus den 80ern. inspiriert von diesem handelt das album von einem nomaden, der durch die welt des spieles reist, abenteuer erlebt und auf der suche nach ruhm und reichtum ist – ohne dabei allerhand klischees auszulassen, die im fantasy-genre üblich sind. natürlich nicht ohne ein ordentliches maß an augenzwinkern. passend dazu klingt das album auch an vielen stellen nach 80ern, gerade ein song wie eclipsis erinnert an arcade-automaten aus jener zeit, fem cirklar för fem aspekter dagegen weist technoide züge auf, die mit folk-einflüssen gepaart werden und wiederum nach spielautomaten klingen. aber auf den anderen stücken gelingt es, eine atmosphäre aufzubauen, die man durchaus im positiven sinne als „nerdig“ bezeichnen kann. denn durchgehend gelingt es, klanglandschaften zu erzeugen, die reich an rhythmen sind und idm, dubstep und viele andere stilrichtungen elektronischer musik kanalisieren. was das album letztendlich zu einer mehr als runden sache macht ist die tatsache, dass auch, wenn man mit dem albumkonzept nichts anfangen, man ein album bekommt, das sich mehr als sehen lassen kann, weil es einfach den charme von videospielen aus den 80ern perfekt einfängt und dazu durchdacht und perfekt komponiert ist. (tristan osterfeld)


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