¥834 frank riggio. psychexcess II - futurism. cd. september2k15.




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4panel digipak + booklet

release date: 04september2k15

written, produced, performed and engineered by frank riggio from 2011 to 2014
artwork by dzo. www.instagram.com/dzoolivier
mastered @ doznexist

"stop a moment with dualities and fears, enjoy the gorgeousness of the unknown. the psychexcess."

with 'futurism' frank riggio presents the second part of the ‘psychexcess’ trilogy which is designed to be similar to a three movie series in an aural format. this long-term project is about birth, life & death, related to space & films, and also inspired by the concepts of the time & the psyche. all of these influences are connected to each other and driven by sound

for this second installment of the trilogy, the artist's intention was to create something that manages to be different and yet cohesive with the previous episode, 'presentism' - a logical continuance both musically & artistically. as the artwork suggest, 'futurism' represents a lifetime of a human being, a cycle from start to end, from childhood (‘echap’) to old age
(‘deathobsess’), and includes plenty of personal and imaginative moments in between - an interpretation of the dynamics of life, possibly an aural adventure similar to life experience. to emulate this, using top-notch technology & methodology, frank riggio's main focus was to create as many dynamic ranges as possible within every aspect of this album, from its
general structure to the moods, style and length of the tracks to the mixing and mastering. what you are about to hear is a gracefully built retrofuturistic, naturally sophisticated and also agreeable texture of entangled styles ranging from melodic ambient and pulsating dub to experimental soundscapes and beat driven idm patterns. sonically rich, vivid and also conclusive, this particular release introduces a wide selection of exciting, demanding and also pleasant music. may the trilogy continue...



whereas frank riggio’s psychexcess i – presentism was like the soundtrack to a dance set and choreographed in the swamps from mad max fury road (if you haven’t seen it then imagine a dance performance in the middle of a burning oil field) his psychexcess ii – futurism is like the after party in purgatory for said dance. there’s a ponderous but exquisite darkness to this album like recovering from the worst fever dream you’ve ever had while knowing your far from whole again. psychexcess i relied on a great deal of classical instrumentation with strings playing a big role; here on psychexcess ii there’s less of that and more synthetic works going on. it has a clear emphasis on 4/4 beats one might consider danceable though the tempos could make the dancing more ponderous and lumbering than uplifting. “the epicness stupidity…” sounds a bit like andy stott with the lumbering gait of the drums, the absence of clear vocals mired in dark reverb and the steady wallop of dark sounds put through filters as punishment for simply existing. “tttt” has an enormous, wobbly bass intro and “oontz” beat that levels into solid synth bass and dulcimer sounds propelling a four on the floor number like some kind of sick dark dance classic or the soundtrack to a slow fight scene between two bums loaded up on cough syrup. “elesdee” (huh huh huh. get it?) is a subtle, slow burner with reverse claps and simple propelling bass under throbbing, swirling, whooshing sounds until the melody coalesces as a percussive twang that further evolves into an acidic, swelling arpeggiated conflagration of notes and sounds. “flying psyche ii” is a strange mass of sounds, coming at the listener like the reversed string section from the orchestra of the damned in this brief, compelling piece. “m90 to m108” uses a thick distorted bass as a basis for detuned synth trading off over the strange melody of either an organ or violin. riggio’s deft hand at disorienting the listener keeps you guessing as the song develops as there is an off kilter feel to the track like a bad reaction to medication. “venusian philosopher (future vision ii)” is like a strange mashup between monolake, jega, beats antique and clark with its glitchy, manipulated voices and synths dangling on the edge of going out of tune. psychexcess ii – futurism‘s unique vision into a dark world is an excellent record for late night flights both terrestrial and cosmic. but avoid listening while under the weather; your mind may not be the same afterwards—if this music doesn’t steal your sanity that is! (chang terhune)



eine langangelegte rein akustische serie über drei teile hat frank riggio geplant, die sich um den gesamten lebenszyklus von geburt bis hin zum tod drehen soll. mit futurism erscheint nun der zweite teil der reihe, der musikalisch nahtlos an den ersten teil anknüpft und sich den themen zeit und psyche durch eine vielzahl musikalischer experimente annähert. diese experimente bestehen dann meist aus zwei musikalischen ebenen, die nie zusammenfinden, widersprüche erzeugen und den hörer in diesem spannungsfeld belassen – und ihn dort nun seine eigene position finden lassen. dies geschieht entweder durch harmonische, akustische klänge von tasten- oder zupfinstrumenten, wobei auch mal sphärischer gesang hinzukommt. oft genug aber auch dadurch, dass die stücke so in sich verschachtelt sind und auf mehreren ebenen elektronische klänge kein einheitliches bild ergeben. dennoch wirkt nichts beliebig, nur muss man sich immer wieder zurechtfinden. besonders bizarr sind dann aber die momente, in denen mit verzerrten kinderstimmen gearbeitet werden, die die lieder dann wie pervertierte lullabies wirken lassen. das eigentlich perfide ist jedoch, dass jedes lied dann doch in sich harmonisch wirkt und man die inneren widersprüche erst bei genauerem hinhören erkennt. ein subversiver zweiter teil einer spannenden trilogie, auf deren abschluss man jetzt schon gespannt sein darf. (tristan osterfeld)

santa sangre


with his newest work we find frank riggio moving ever further into an arena of sound which only he and a select few others operate within. this ability he has to mesh actual instrumentation into the synthetic landscape is becoming quite arresting; its gotten to the point where he has become recognizable because of the unique stylings he employs to drive his pieces. for example, the song(?) “tttt” has all the feel and approach to make you think it is accessible but it is the way in which he develops the individuals layers to it which demonstrates that this is no catchy little tart. something else to keep your ears open for would be the tendency he has to evolve his compositions into studies of sonic elements which do not belong together; somehow this uneasy alliance works but it doesn’t last long which would be primarily what this record is about. look at the cover of it if you require further proof; riggio is investigating the cycle of existence we all go through which some call life ah but who’s is it. this second part of what i’d wager will be a trilogy is an all together heavier affair than what he gave us last time around. textures are roughly disgorged from the machines while bizarre and captivating electronic riddles are compelled to emerge from this within this tempest to have a go at your mind. now despite how brief a lot of the entries are on here they make an impact almost immediately, the programming is a vast labyrinth of infinitely expanding complexities and yet not once do you find yourself lost nor are your ears ever without delight; “elesdee” rather speaks for itself what with the structural supports careening this way and that while at least six or seven different ingredients are added and then subtracted from the equation in opposing order. overall i’d say he has managed to make a very disorientating set of songs, you’re never sure which way is up or if there even is an up; as to the title of this release well now i’d say that might offer the only clue as to where he’s headed next and odds are it won’t sound like this. from what i have read of futurism and also about the future in general the constant is that nothing is ever firmly set in stone. what appears to be concrete assurance can disintegrate in a few moments and either vanish completely into the ether or re-constitute itself into something thoroughly alien. that’s the best description i can give you about what these tracks sound like, there aren’t any of the traditional footholds just a sheer face upon which we’re desperately trying to make sense of things; riggio does not make it easy, his love of unorthodox synthesis upends any expectations the audience have. to most this isn’t going to be anything coherent, there are those who cannot abide the chaotic melodies he fashions but that’s no reason for the rest of us not to. be on your guard and keep a sharp eye out, ‘psychexcess ii – futurism’ is elusive… i spent weeks accustoming myself to it; the effort to unlock these delicately designed enigmas has been worth all the toil. (peter marks)



futurism is the second part of frank riggio’s trilogy psychexcess. this long-term project (presentism, 2012, futurism, 2015, …) is about birth, life and death, and is inspired by the concepts of time and psyche. in futurism, the musician deals with the stages of a lifetime, ranging from youth (echap) to old age (deathobsess), leaning on personal and imaginary experiences and his interpretation of the dynamics of life, by which an aural adventure is created as a mirror for life experiences. the result is a three-part cycle (a, b, c) of very varied soundscapes, in which drones and synths create an atmospheric and introspective soundscape. sometimes it sounds chaotic and a bit dangerous, other times rather dreamy and peaceful. aqka torr for example, is a melodic track with great sounding synths, sucking drones and a lot of noise for the atmospheric buildup. the epicness stupidity... gets gently meandering voices, enabling a dreamlike atmosphere, while the dark drones in tttt suggest a troubled and chaotic atmosphere, and in elesdee (diffuse) - note the phonetic spelling!- a mood of intoxication is evoked. initially, elesdee continues at the same pace and then sounds more emphatic and oppressive, with an almost euphoric continuation in the arabic sounding and hallucinogenic flying psyche ii. in venusian philosopher (future vision ii) we hear tabla-like percussion. it is an esoteric and atmospheric track with introspective characteristics, which connects almost perfectly with looking for occultism i. in sickexcess, the quiet choral passage stands out in the multitude of electro sounds, while the drones in infinie galaxie iii create a wide and impressive orchestral canvas as if the universe unfolds before your eyes. deathobsess is the end of the journey, a gently gurgling atmospheric track as a final climax. (william lienard)



deuxième partie de la trilogie, psychexcess, le nouvel album de frank riggio se veut une plongée dans les profondeurs de l’existence, au sens large du terme, version tourmentée. a coups de sonorités travaillées, lustrées dans un métal rouillé, futurism déploie une narration sur les terres d’un conte aux résonances perturbées, construit autour de reverses et de saturations, de sonorités organiques et de synthés passés au chalumeau, de rythmiques rampantes et de vocaux hantés. frank riggio décompose les structures pour bâtir un univers aux pieds parfois ancrés sur un dancefloor marécageux, à l’image de tttt, impulsion nécessaire pour sortir d’un piège opaque qui nous entraine constamment dans des souterrains aux lumières blafardes et à l’épaisseur aliénante. futurism étale son savoir faire avec intelligence, échelonnant ses litanies en clair/obscur dans des bas-fonds aux couleurs industrielles, naviguant à vue vers un futur obstrué par un épais brouillard à l’humidité collante, faite de rouille et de rayonnements cosmiques surgis d’un trou noir carnivore. frank riggio dessine les contours d’un monstre pris entre les tourments de la musique expérimentale rugueuse et de la beauté obscure aux senteurs digitales romanesques. un album captivant de par son homogénéité enivrante et sa personnalité singulière. très fortement recommandé. (roland torres)

discography 09.2k15:
psychexcess II - futurism. cd / 2lp. hymen records ¥834 / ¥414. 2015
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texturtion ep & distosolista ep. cd-ep / digital ep. deepvast vast001. 2011
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