¥842 frank riggio. psychexcess - jadis. digital album. june2k17.




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it's raining love on the signal *.mp3

release date: 08june2k17

written, produced & engineered by frank riggio from 2009 to 2015
artwork by franck somare.
mastered @ doznexist

frank riggio’s 'psychexcess' trilogy was designed and realized over the course of more than half a decade, comprising three full length albums which embrace a myriad of sounds and tempers based on the topics birth, life and death. 22 compositions of these intense, longing recording sessions haven't been part of the albums, nevertheless they were part of the trilogy and might be an equivalent of a movie's deleted scenes which should not kept back from an audience. these tracks are now compiled on 'jadis' (french for 'once' or 'formerly') as a fascinating survey of addition and completion.

this addendum offers a high level of suspense and a wide sonic palette between stirring sci-fi inspired abstraction and dreamy, melancholic serenity. riggio's astounding skills in sound design are shown on each note produced with acoustic and electronic equipment generating artificial soundtrack motifs, strong downbeat grooves, electroacoustic manipulations... you name it.

a strong atmospheric release whose full potential has to be discovered while listening several times - because the past is the past, and it's never ever gone.

discography 06.2k17:
psychexcess - jadis. album. hymen records ¥842. 2017
psychexcess II - eternalism. album. hymen records ¥841. 2017
raze (original motion picture soundtrack). digital album. lakeshore records. 2016
psychexcess II - futurism. cd / 2lp. hymen records ¥834 / ¥414. 2015
psychexcess I - presentism. cd. hymen records ¥798. 2012
texturtion ep & distosolista ep. cd-ep / digital ep. deepvast vast001. 2011
symmetric human door. digital album. omelette 013. 2010
noise thinking ep. digital ep. omelette 006. 2009
anamorphose. digital album. spectraliquid slqdigi001. 2008

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