¥848 architect. deconfiguration. digital single. april2k17



deconfiguration. original mix

deconfiguration. joe farr remix *.mp3
deconfiguration. rhys fulber remix *.mp3
deconfiguration. club mix *.mp3

download available at bandcamp.com:

releasedate: 05.april.2k17

written & produced by daniel myer. deconfigurated by joe farr & rhys fulber.
mastering by manuel g. richter / leafaudio.
photographs & layout by stefan alt.

with this single architect a.k.a. daniel myer presents the new track ‘deconfiguration’ - a straightforward technoid idm hybrid that features hard, pounding dance beats and breathtaking melodic breaks. this digital package also includes an exclusive hard-hitting club mix, a minimalistic chilling remix by bristol-based techno artist joe farr and a hard percussive remix excursion by canadian electronic music legend rhys fulber (conjure one / frontline assembly). enjoy ‘deconfiguration’ and look out for the next architect album which can be expected in 2017!

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