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¥855 displacer. the face you deserve. cd. october2k17


out of time (with snowbeasts)
shadow self
no more mr nice guy
the face you deserve
he becomes the dream
falling down (with slipdrive)
power word (with l'ombre)
no matter where you go…
white tiger (with brien hindman)

upc: 821272400929
release date: 23.october.2017

written & produced by michael morton
additional writing & production: snowbeasts (track 1), slipdrive (track 6), l'ombre (track 7), brien hindman (track 9)
mastering by philipp münch.
photographs & layout by stefan alt
4 panel cd digipak

all through lifetime everyone of us has to experience many changes, good or evil, which reflect on our lives, our inner self, our outward appearance and our environment. at the age of 20 you have the face you were born with - at the age of 40 you have the 'face you deserve'. that phrase adapted from a graphic novel by ann nocenti became the title of displacer's recent album whose inspiration is spring-fed from most different tempers and thoughts between spiritual relaxation and the difficulties of overcome obstacles.

for this release mike morton a.k.a. displacer chose befriended artists' projects snowbeasts (raab codec and elizabeth virosa), slipdrive (keith baker), l'ombre (stephen sawyer) and brien hindman (a member of the duo colony collapse disorder) to collaborate on four tracks, and their contributions between experimental synth sounds and bits of idm / downtempo fit in perfectly well.

each track on 'the face you deserve' is a result of reflectiveness and second thought, transformed into dense, beat-oriented compositions of steadiness and power. the abundance of musical variety and embedded sound snippets beyond the rhythmic framework is often visible after repeated listening and habituation to the bass-saturated grooves.

with 'the face you deserve' displacer presents a work of contemporary electronica at its very best where beauty, sadness, tranquilization and power brilliantly coexist. highly recommended.

displacer, also known as michael morton (head of the crime league imprint), certainly knows how to keep himself busy with music, art, and all things creative. with an expansive discography spanning 14-years, we’ve seen the artist migrate from post-industrial leanings to current downtempo electronic strains. the face you deserve, a phrase adapted from a graphic novel by ann nocenti, embarks on the inspiration displacer finds in the crevasses of spiritual relaxation and the trials of overcoming obstacles. morton, as a result, simply lays it all out on the table in terms of genre coverage—all the while maintaining a strong musical trajectory. “out of time” delivers perhaps the finest in a wide assortment of low-end bass, rhythm and synth discovery. “falling down” punctuates a more aggressive industrial tone, a familiar benchmark displacer set over the past decade. sonic shadows are scattered throughout these 10-pieces as refined and gritty electrons break the classic idm mold. “no more mr. nice guy” harks back to an industrial techno theme, whereas “shadow self” inhabits lively percussive elements brought to the foreground with a carefully threaded melodic synth-line. elsewhere you’ll find muddy drone remnants unearthed on “emerald” where downtempo debris finds new light. the title track ventures into far-off spaces where rolling bass and punchy beats create a sonic arch for the album. “power word” pushes forward on the promise of deafening low-end rumbling and a melodic current that sways from turbulent to flowing. a solid, and aggressive outing of adventurous, forward-thinking, and layered electronic music that deserves attention in 2017 best of lists. (pietro da sacco)

background/info: michael morton better known as displacer has already released an impressive number of releases on different labels. his project became an established and renowned name at the wider fields of electro-experimental & ambient music, but still at the more contemporary idm. this new opus seems to be inspired by some existential themes resulting in 10 new cuts featuring a few guest artists. content: displacer moves on with the familiar electro complexity, which started during the early millennium years. the influences remain pretty similar although every single new album sounds as a further exploration of this very unique sound universe created by michael morton. it remains pretty electro-ambient supported with astral atmospheres and carried by slow, broken rhythms. + + + : displacer always sounds like a voyage through futuristic sound galaxies. the artist takes care to create magic sound treatments revealing, deep resonating bass lines, multiple sound effects and refined bleeps. “no matter where you go…” makes me even think of an ambient version of kraftwerk. there’s a noticeable progression in the song structures, which sometimes reaches a real climax like on “white tiger” (feat. brien hindman). some tracks are somewhat mystic while other passages are clearly into a cinematographic dimension. – – – : displacer always has this little experimental touch, which makes the sound only accessible for the true lovers of this genre. conclusion: “the face you deserve” only confirms the genius sound approach of michael morton. he’s an artist who doesn’t really care about compromises and fashion trends, but simply moves on exploring sound fields of the future. (inferno sound diaries)

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