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704 snog. i snog, therefore i am... 2cd album. may 1999

incl. remixes by black lung, space cat, haujobb, severed heads, shinjuku filth, xingu hill and atom heart
salesprice like a regular cd, jewelcase packaging with very special cover in silver & luminous green colour.... it glows in the dark!

cd1 tracklist:
hooray!! (black lung and the death jungle 2000)
hooray!! (space cat and the joys of annihilation)
hooray!! (haujobb and the breadth of destruction)
hooray!! (severed heads and the mormon choir)
hooray!! (black lung and the cast of thousands)
hooray!! (shinjuku filth and the final dump)
one beautiful day part I
one beautiful day part II

cd2 tracklist:
the human germ
make the little flowers grow (the gold-eating ants)
the human germ (xingu hill battles the predominant pestilance)
the human germ (black lung meets the brutal gardener)
the human germ (black lung drops the disco bisquit)
make the little flowers grow (space cat digs deeper)
make the little flowers grow (tdm says please don't groy)
the ballad (atom heart and the systematic errors)
the ballad (atom heart discovers corrupt data) *.ra
opening engagement diversion penetration *.ra
cliche (live at the las vegas hilton)

live, eat, sleep and breathe snog!!!
live for the beauty of the moment. you're a demanding individual and you demand the very best. demand it now. a totally new way of life. come alive with snog as we grow right now across the nation. eat to the beat of snog. grasp the challenge of being an ambassador for the finest purveyors of subversive electro that this country has ever seen. as a part of the snog army you will be outfitted with a whole new set of personal values. you'll be 'out there' at the 'front line' advising people on their musical choices. 'how can i dance to this music?' 'are there subliminal messages on the cd?' 'how do the cia control people's minds?' you'll be ready with the answers. sleep well at night with the knowledge that you are not longer part of the problem, you're part of the final solution. once you allow yourself to be 'managed' on a day to day basis by snog you'll find that nothing could be more satisfying than joining our dedicated team of men and women working hard towards a common goal, and no, you won't require you own belief system. breath new life into your life with snog. why don't you buy the new snog cd today? why don't you buy the new snog cd today? why don't you buy the new snog cd today?

3 previous snog albums "lies inc." (1992), "dear valued customer" (1994) and "buy me... i'll change your life" (1998) had successful releases in australia, europe, usa and japan

previous snog singles have topped the alternative / dance charts in usa, germany and france

snog mainman david thrussel played around 60 shows in australia, europe and the usa during the last 2 years.

snog have sold hundreds of thousands of records around the world!!!

"i snog, therefore i am..." was basically recorded in melbourne, australia. and contains remixes by black lung, space cat, haujobb, severed heads, shinjuku filth, xingu hill and atom heart

the cd cover of "i snog, therefore i am..." is glowing in the dark!!!

you will really, really like the album "i snog, therefore i am..."

for further information contact your local hymen representative.

o.k. friend let's be honest with each other. you and i both know that the world is heading down the toilet at a rather fast race of knots. and my dear chum, we both know that not-with-standing our best intentions and meagre efforts, we haven't got a hope in firey-hell of doing much about it... sure, you can shake your dreadlockstm / mohawktm with a dose of mtv rebellion (while slurping a multinational-cola chomping or a corporate burger-substitute). or maybe you prefer to speed past the whole mess in your land cruiser while preoccupied with self-improvement (and clutching your latest credit card acquisition, the 18th sequel to 'the celestine prophecy')... but our best (or worst) efforts seldom have a net result anything more than a comical... however, don't despair, we have a suggestion... joy. that's it. don't drown in the mire, wallow in it. treat it like some luxurious mud bath made up from the accumulated filth of a desperate humanity. relax into the abyss. our research shows that it's the only way. to further this aim we've commissioned one of our leading musical groups, snog, to produce the album 'i snog, therefore i am...' it contains easy tunes for the end of the world and it's clinically proven to assist even the most jaded through these arduous times.

don't despair good friend... celebrate*?!!
*conditions apply

snog discography (05.99)
corporate slave, 1992, cd single / 12''. lies inc., 1992, cd album. shop, 1992, cd single / 12'' single. born to be mild, 1993, cd single. hey, christian god, 1993, cd single. cliché, 1994, cd single. dear valued customer, 1994, cd album. the future, 1995, cd single. remote control, 1996 (us edition). hooray!!, 1998, cd single. buy me... i'll change your life, 1998, cd album. the human germ, 1998, cd single. i snog; therefore i am..., 1999, 2cd album / lp (european edition incl. hooray!!, the human germ + mixes)

black 16.

die projekte snog, black lung, soma bzw. ihr macher david thrussell stehen seit anfang der 90'er jahre für innovativen electro mit wahrlich stilübergreifenden elementen, vor allem aus dem western-, country- und soundtrackbereich. trotzdem ist dies seit fast 5 jahren die erste offizielle veröffentlichung von snog in deutschland und diese faßt komplett die zwei auskopplungen aus dem nur in amerika erschienenen "buy me... i'll change your life"-album zusammen. das ganze sind dann 20 tracks, davon sind 13 remixe und eine live-version. die remixe kommen von black lung (4x), space cat (2x), haujobb (1x), severed heads (1x), shinjuku filth (1x), xingu hill (1x), tdm (1x) und atom heart (2x), sind wirklich sehr unterschiedlich bzw. abwechslungsreich und brillant. die live-version von "cliche" aus dem hilton-hotel in las vegas ist dagegen wohl eher ein fake und läßt mich irgendwie an frank sinatra denken - trotzdem lustig und cool! das cover der cd leuchtet übrigens in der nacht und die vinyl-lp enthält die besten 10 remixe - ausführliches interview (wie kann es auch anders sein) im heft. (m.f.)

re:mote induction.
i snog, therefore i am is a collection of the singles hooray and the human germ by snog. these have been previously available separately as australian and american versions, but gathered here primarily for the european market, where only the import versions had been available. this release also marks the start of the relationship between thrussel and the german label hymen. gathered on two cds i snog, therefore i am features mixes of several tracks from their buy me, i'll change your life album. hooray at 7 versions and human germ with 3 versions, but also make the little flowers grow with 3 versions and the ballad with 2. there are a mix of live and other tracks - though my version has a track listing which doesn't match the actual music, so i am less than sure about the full make-up of this release. the mixes are provided by black lung (of course), fellow australians shinjuku filth, severed heads and space cat, along with influential bands like haujobb and atom heart. as well as xingu hill who collaborated with black lung and feature on the new snog album. how much interest remix releases are is usually down to the individual, and as i've said before i, unlike some, am not compulsive about mixes and at times remain unconvinced. but in saying that, i can say that the mixes featured have a definite diversity and the release matches well, overall, with the "sound" of the label. this does not hold as well with 3rd mall from the suntm, which is snog's second release on hymen, and the european version of the new album. with 3rd mall from the suntm snog embrace the iconography of the capitalist culture they have critiqued though their previous releases. the press that goes with the album and its packaging are steeped in dense imagery and sloganeering. attempting the ultimate irony with their commercialisation - hopefully drawing your attention to the way things work. though whether this has worked i am not totally convinced of, verging on hypocrisy and perhaps becoming a cliché of themselves. maybe i've been here too long, but i do not find the same level of satisfaction with this release. though as i go through it, there are actually only a couple of tracks i have real problems with, but the memory of those certainly taints my thoughts on 3rd mall from the suntm. in some ways with 3rd mall from the suntm there is an attempt to experiment more. each track featuring additional material at its start and finish. the success of this varies, as some points need more development to allow enjoyment and others just irritate. starting with late twentieth century boy we have something of a more traditional snog - more electronic, as is much of the album, than buy me, but still featuring a little of that twang. are you normal enough is also enjoyable, as is real estate man with its moments of melody and majestic orchestral rumblings. however slide into extinction is one of the tracks that sticks out - forming something of a love/hate impression. it has some nice bits, but some really irritating shit. with each time i hear the whining voice sample and guitar sounds the balance shifts negatively. while i find is there no one that can save us from today? a decent track i wonder about its message. its the same story as snog usually tell us, but now they refer to music as being a form of control - to what degree does this include their own work? i have heard their message on each of their releases, but with this release they are at their most image heavy. while i have not always agreed i find myself with greatest doubts here, thoughts of hypocrisy enter my head. the last diamond which follows is a little of the same old, same old - decent but indistinguishable, well other than another sample at its start which i don't like. mind and purpose has similarities to some of the material from buy me - the country/ballad stuff with mixed male/female vocals. it works for me, not "typical" and is enjoyable. which leads us to my biggest problem with the this release - while finding all but track 4 okay so far decent to enjoyable, land of the bland instils a sense of loathing. its structure annoys me, the added voice-sample effect grates on my nerves and i am prepared to hit "next track"! which is a pity as its "bridge" section, leading to the classic universe, is one of the best to be found here. the universes reminding more of the strong, upbeat sounds of dear valued customer. guitar samples are featured again, but work here in this anthemic track. though is this a trick by snog to use their soothing music to make think properly? having passed land of the bland my negativity towards this release is reduced and i actually enjoy the remainder of the tracks. state rape features a few quirks and definite elements of the more electronic sound. business as usual is in two halves, the first mixing some nice sounds into a subtle track. this slows down and strips off layers to quite nice effect - slow beat and repetition of title through vocoded effect. continuing, the grey menace builds nice string and techno potential. contrasting old atlantis is a melancholic, melodic ballad, snog style. wave your lighter in the air, so you can burn it all down again. present throughout are sneaking corruptions, which work well for me. as does the build of the slight electronic melody of the title track. which is full of digital sounds and transmissions - rising to a triumph - before being drawn out to a bleeping conclusion. a conclusion that leads to the final track in the form of a fanfare for the common man/woman. a sampled dialogue for summation and the finishing theme tune plays. roll credits


na wer hätte das noch gedacht, aber totgesagte leben bekanntlich immer länger. nachdem man vor langer zeit von snog aus dem hause zoth ommog gehört hatte, wurde es dorch merklich ruhig um die australier, die seit dem weggang von machinery von mal zu mal immer experimenteller wurden und anscheinend auf der vorliegenden cd ihren gipfel finden. natürlich ist der prägende gesang geblieben, doch stilistisch tummelt man sich auf der vorliegenden cd in allen nur erdenklichen gefilden, was nicht zuletzt an den guten, aber teilweise abgedrehten remixen liegt. gerade auf der ersten cd geht es doch merklich heftiger bei den mixen von "hooray!" zu, als etwa auf der zweiten scheibe, wo mich vor allen dingen das "make the little flowers grow (the gold-eating ants)" verzückt hat. der sound wechselt zwiscchen industrial-avantgarde klängen bis hin zu recht space-poppigen stücken, wie das eben angesprochene. snog haben sich im laufe der zeit immer weiter entwickelt und aus der ehemaligen electro-pop-band mit geklauten samplefetzen hat sich ein vielfältiger act entwickelt. meine empfehlung an die anspruchsvollen hörer, mit songs/mixen für jede situation....

bodystyler #30 juli/august 1999

die personifizierte unkonventionalität waren snog schon immer und auch diesmal wissen sie zu überraschen.. das stadium des zusammenlaufens von black lung und snog ist nun auch schon so fortgeschritten, daß man nur von einem elektronischen glücksfall sprechen kann. jeder klang der snog-typischen elektronik zwischen techno und avantgarde, aber weit abwärts der ausgetretenen pfade, entzückt vor lauter genialität. diese sammlung ihrer letzten 3 singles hooray!!, the human germ und make the little flowers grow bringt dem europäischen publikum endlich die kongenialen remixe von black lung, xingu hill, haujobb, severed heads, atom heart und shinjuku filth zu gehör nebst eigenen um- und vermischungen. zu lange mußte, wer nicht die importe hatte, auf ihre schon auf dem letzten album buy me... i'll change your life exemplifizierte electronica lounge melange verzichten. david thrussells putzig-rasplige vocoder-stimme verbindet sich mit spaghetti-western melodien, minimal elektronik, hammerbeats, hammond orgel, ambient noise und einer unmenge von undefinierbaren soundschnipseln, groove und humor. in anbetracht der remixer wird das natürlich noch diverser angereichert. so schön kann elektronische musik sein. wenn etwas unkategorisierbar ist, dann snog, und dafür muß man einfach dankbar sein oder wie sie es selbst unvergleichlich simpel ausgedrückt haben: "you will really, really like the album i snog, therefore i am...". (till)

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