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706 passarani. unspeakable future outbreaks. cd. may 1999



cnct point
2099 ø tek
engine (low pitch edit)
no hope


experiments. sound sculpture. introspection. broken beats. evolution. weird. futuristic. underground. haven't those words been used so often that their meanings have come to an end for those who tried to keep it alive for years without a close conviction to reach this evidence ? one can always argue about the sonic sense of a word, depending on culture, sensibility, mental awareness, degree of interpretation or taste. but some particular alchemies can't lie about their intimate desire - itself stranger from too complex entities losing their primary topic in a too confusing landscape (for some) - unconsciously offering a thousand kind of interpretations about the time, the place and the story that lies ahead. the profusion of gratuitous details sometimes reduces the tripping possibilities of the (lazy) listener, while a lack of it tends to reduce the attention of an average audience (more interested in dancing styles). too much experimentation (?) tends to strangulate the emotional part while a too huge desire to communicate a feeling tends to jam the research of unheard structures an sounds. a good compromise seems hard to find. far away from the goal to praise to the skies a work that we appreciate enough (weak word) to release it after such a long time of private passionate listenings - time that this album passed through with the vitality of a young crazy horse, are we forced to admit - our aim is just to put your attention on the precious fact that a kind of middle point between some extremes has here perhaps been reached … it belongs to you to appreciate this eventuality, but it won't be a nonsense to admit that some different kind of audiences could be seduced by this recording, from the most difficult crunched minds to those who need a nice and deep melody to be able to penetrate the thing. and what could be more peaceful than a sweet shockwave of understanding between two parts of a so (badly) called "united" scene. take a deep listening and try to imagine how could sound the next level. if you record it, send us the result ; we won't wait as much time as we did to let it eat by the people who are hungry of strong emotions clearly exposed. seal phüric, "ambivalence" spirit keeper


passarani. unspeakable future outbreaks. cd
the italian marco passarani is musically active since the early 90 as composer and dj in the wide field of electronic music. gratitude his continuous work, he meanwhile became a trademark for 'alternative dance music' in the radio landscape of rome, he's musical influences ranges from by (muß weg) artists like kraftwerk, vangelis and aphex twin to futuristic underground electronics. his recent work, namely "unspeakable future outbreaks" has just been released as cd and double 12" on hymen records and combines cold electronic sounds with warm but baleful ambient atmospheres which lends the album an incredible intense effect. passarani`s compositions never grow boring, not based upon pure rhythm inferno than rather on cool and intelligent electronic music where each sound persuades as stand alone intelligence. most of the tracks begin and pass quite slow with uncommonly melodies to be blended by distorted beats and massive sound sculptures. ee5, engine and reut-rc are surrounded by a gloomy and dark atmospheres which assembles moments full of tense, certainly nothing for the hypersensitives among us. on the other hand you get caught by this relaxed and fragile ambience, tracks like nnæ, a-tek and nul lead you in a dreamlike environment where time and space hardly matters. comparable to the beauty and the beast of outer unexplored space, to put this cd in player means to yield yourself prisoner of very hounding alien tunes and other planets soundscapes. "unspeakable future outbreaks" contains very wise music with a dark emotional edge, music for soul, body and mind for (anstatt of )open minded listeners who would like to make a trip on "nostromo" spaceship in the company of hiding aliens.. .


the new empire

passarani. unspeakable future outbreaks. cd
"unspeakable future outbreaks" was exclusively recorded and performed for an ufo exhibition in 1996 in brussels, belgium by marco passarani and that is what the album sounds like. like mulder and scully exploring what they really are. you, venturing deep within an unknown craft from the dark skies above. it's dark inside but with a certain familiarity you feel some positive vibrations abroad. composed by one who definitely likes the sparkling stars above knowing that uncertain fears will await him besides this beauty that lies ahead. the italian marco passarani is musically active since the early 90`s as a dj and composer of electronic music. his all time top ten includes releases like kraftwerk "computerwelt", vangelis "blade runner" and aphex twin "dodecahedron". "unspeakable future outbreaks" is a timeless soundtrack made of pure electronica, characterised by complex rhythmstructures and deep atmospheres. (falstaff ) rating: 10 / 10

black 16.

passarani ist die neuste entdeckung von hymen und "unspeakable future outbreaks" die erste veröffentlichung des italieners in deutschland. allerdings ist passarani schon seit 1990 musikalisch aktiv und in rom, detroit und den haag kein unbekannter, da er dort schon einige 12' auf lokalen labels veröffentlicht hat. vorliegende cd ist aber sein erstes album und umfaßt den soundtrack für eine ufo-ausstellung in brüssel im jahre 1996. musikalisch ist das gehörte auf jeden fall ganz klar der electronica-musik zuzuordnen und der sound besteht aus komplex programmierten rhythmusstrukturen und dunklen atmosphären bzw. melancholischen synthie-flächen. als vergleich würde ich lagowski und die alten aphex twin-sachen (nicht die "esplendor meets techno" afx-maxis!!!) heranziehen, trotzdem ist passarani eigenständig und individuell. ein augenschmaus ist auch das strukturbooklet der cd und das vinyl ist ja sowieso nur echt mit den briefmarken. übrigens fehlen auf der doppel-12' die letzten zwei tracks der cd, da diese schon wo anders auf vinyl erschienen sind. diese zwei tracks sind dann witzigerweise auf der cd in der 33 rpm-version enthalten, da die fans die 45 rpm-maxi immer in der falschen geschwindigkeit abgespielt haben und passarani diese versionen somit legitimiert. ein wirklich empfehlenswertes album und ich mag die italiener eh...! (m.f.)

auf abwegen, nr. 28, herbst `99

1995 setzte aphex twin mit "i care because you do" in sachen strings & beats neue maßstäbe. auf diesem brachialen und doch extrem introvertiertem album ließ james seine fletschenden beats auf streicherwände prallen, die einem von john carpenters narbengesichtern direkt aus der fresse gesprungen sein könnten. und 1996 schreibt der italiener marco passarani 11 tracks für eine ufo-ausstellung, die zeigen, daß er im vergangenen jahr nicht nur tangerine dream gehört hat. exquisite kombinationen aus gedehnten, filmischen klangteppichen und aufbrausendem oder stahlknickendem rhythmuswerk sind das ergebnis. was in ees als russ gabriel-mäßiges knistern in den rhythmen ansetzt, verdichtet sich zu knirschenden reib-stoß-pulsen, die sich in die soundflächen förmlich hineinfräßen. für alle deppen, die meinen als zeichen ihrer mißgunst, techno mit zwei oder mehr "k" schreiben zu müssen, sollte dieses album der entsprechende eye opener sein, der sie diese spielart als das musikalische paradigma der 90er schlechthin erkennen läßt. besser dieses album tut es, als eine durch neues liebesglück eingeleitete bekehrung, die vielleicht mit scooter ihren schrecklichen lauf nimmt. so braucht wenigstens niemand seine spk-sammlung verbrennen! genial bis in den letzten winkel!!!


"unspeakable future outbreaks" is creation of marco passarani (italy). stellar hymen packaging (as usual!) contains eleven tracks performed by passarani for ufo exhibition in 1996. rough drum'n'bass-like beats on the foreground create an abrasive constant edge to the music, while flowing clear sequences on the background explore the unknown realms, floating effortlessly and taking the listener far away. the rhythms start the album rather aggressivly and then progress changing from wet pulsing to fast and abrasive; hollow empty beats bubbling through the layers, music changing its shapes; hard edges are washed smooth by melody to reappear again. the music is playing with you constantly showing you its different sides and unexpectedly changing. passarani plays tricks on you reminding you of beefcake or vangelis at times and then wandering into the world of experimental techno. it would be a perfect soundtrack for van gogh's "starry night". passarani is soft and intelligent, the sound is very "electronic" and rich. percussion is changing all the time retaining the constant flow of music despite breaks and changes in tempo. "unspeakable future outbreaks" is the music that is open to wide audience, and it is can create images of amazing complex landscapes of outer space or fields of the earth during the summer night.

ultime atome

" unspeakable future outbreaks ", ce fut d'abord, allons jusqu'à la source, un festival - l'un des tout premiers - réunissant la crème de la divergence électronique européenne, au printemps 1996. ce, sous l'égide de seal phüric, mentor malheureux du défunt label (mythique, au moins chez moi) reload ambient. après avoir durant tant de temps joué les balles de ping-pong entre charybde et scylla, reload ambient a enfin opéré sa mutation en " ambivalence " : un nom somme toute plus parlant, et plus goûtu. c'est donc avec un efficient coup de main du serviable - bientôt indispensable ? - stephen alt (m.ant-zen/hymen), que parvient enfin aux oreilles de l'humanité entière (voire plus), cet opus live de marco passarani. le fidèle lecteur de l'atome, car il en existe, se retrouvera en famille, car, tant de seal phûric que de marco passarani, nous lui avons touché quelques milliards de mots. sui quelques-uns de ces phonèmes l'ont touché, il trouvera en cet enregistrement la substantifique moelle du son italien : cette naïveté si touchante, même en territoire de tristesse et de lancinance. l'étrange parfum qu'il projette dans tout environnement quelque peu confiné lui semblera attendu, et de longue date encore. synthétique - pierre d'angle, achèvement de cette étonnante et séculaire collusion, toute italienne, entre machinisme et romantisme -, et tout gonflé d'un charme déglingué. les rythmiques ondulent, gesticulent, se prennent les pieds dans la nappe ; jusqu'à l'éreintement. il était donc grand temps que cette pièce, mouvante émouvante, lui soit accessible, au fidèle lecteur. quant au chanceux qui tombera dessus par hasard ou goût du risque, il se fera asseoir. forcément férocement convaincu -si ce n'est pas le cas, céline dion joue à paris en septembre, pour sa gouverne -, il se relèvera tant bien que mal, s'épongera les tempes, remettra le disque dans le lecteur, se fera ainsi confirmer la réalité de sa découverte : l'atlantide, enfin, je sais où c'est… (p.s : quelque part entre rome et bruxelles…)

the ant zen sub-label, hymen, has been surprising many in the past year with a subtle array of outstanding dark ambient and noise releases. ´unspeakable future outbreaks´ is certainly one of those releases. composed by the italian dj, marco passarani, ´unspeakable future outbreaks´ was exclusively performed and recorded for a ufo exhibition in brussells, belgium in 1996. with a vast collection of previous releases under various alter egos like t.e.w., amptek, d´arcangelo, vendor refill, dynamic wave, and many others, passarani has peppered the underground idm scene since the early 1990s. his latest release exhibits a darker and more complex spectacle of material, all carefully woven into a brooding, alien concoction of sounds and rhythms. from the crafty ambience of ´ee5´ to the dark house cut ´engine´, ´unspeakable future outbreaks´ seethes with originality and brilliantly captivating black moods. as if attempting to paint a picture of some distant alien world, passarani offers one brilliant track after another, sometimes slow, sometimes hard, bringing his visions into the mind of the listener with effortless precision. cold and punchy compositions are surrounded by seemly translucent ambient washes, catchy bass assaults, and effectively flowing emotional synths. most of the tracks even collide with each other, which gives the listener the impression that the album is meant to be sampled as a whole, instead of being built from a few good tracks. ´unspeakable future outbreaks´ is an accomplished piece of dark post-industrial and recommended to any fan of the genre.

re:mote induction.
one of the best things about unspeakable future outbreaks is the way in which it flows seamlessly from start to end. a fact that i become acutely aware of as i program a new order to highlight what i consider to be the key tracks. speaking of which, a - tek, nul and reut-rc are the parts that did it for me. but lets go back a step; marco passarani is an italian musician. this album, unspeakable future outbreaks, is the recording of a piece composed and presented for the expovni 96 ufo exhibition. reut - rc is the eighth track and my favourite, starting with a minimalist one strand effect, clicked beats and quick vibrations being added. the depth of the dark atmosphere is expanded on by the emergent melodies - the sound of pure quality programming building towards simple, subliminal perfection. having achieved that effect with ease in the first three minutes, it changes - tinny electronic beats upping the tempo and allowing an increased clarification. a-tek has a plinking, dull, hollow glassy intro. spacing through this are short mid-drones and longer, deeper drones. the feel is reasonably relaxing, though not entirely reassuring. a beat is added, a little vibration on the edge of those key stroke. the intermittent electronic-wooden taps serve to make the beats denser. another layer on layer, keeping up interest with suitable complexity. straight from a-tek is nul, sustaining that last suggestion into a night clearing. oddly peaceful, even though you know something is strange, disappointingly short this piece is. as an album, the mood is set well from the start with ee5. dark motions and very electronic keyboards move on to soaring layers and steady programmed beats. the potential of this track is realised as ufo progresses. as a vocal sample emerges, ee5 merges into the more pronounced cnct point. the beats are harder and then we've moved easily into nnø - smooth and classical in its suggested motion. v-tek is the hardest moment of the album - something about the beats suggests a shared inspiration with the construction of some of noisex's work. though saying that, it is never harsh, just solid groundwork to the constant drift of melody. by contrast, emir-x is more bubbling - beats in a ruptured plastic manner - with perhaps a dance influence detected. melody is provided by bass strings bowed by an expert programmer. following reut-rc comes 2099 ø tek, which starts subdued, with that tone remaining the core. a 1-2 action forms the basis of the beat with clicks and bl(eeps)-(b)eats spluttering from the second beat each time. meanwhile engine has a different feel - starting with a greater beat orientation. this becomes increasingly strenuous and the typical melody is tinged and pronounced. i can see slight similarities between this track and the more recent work by beefcake. the last track is no hope, and listening to it now, i think i just added it to my list of standout tracks! this release by passarani is one of the first hymen releases to be available in two formats - cd and vinyl. the art for the cd is on off-white textured card, with a watery-green image of cables, canisters and gauge valves - giving something of a fetishistic feel. meanwhile the vinyl edition comes in the standard cardboard sleeve with individual stamp designs. details of both can be found on the hymen site

bodystyler #30 juli/august 1999

tiefenatmosphäre ist das zauberwort, das einem die tür zu marco passaranis klangwelten öffnet. electronica extraordinare wäre ein zweites. das dieser umtriebige italienische dj mit seinen vielen 12"s auf verschieden labels noch nicht bekannter ist, kann auf gar keinen fall an seiner musik liegen, die wie beefcake ohne breakbeats oder haujobb ohne samples klingt. ich will ja keine verschwörungstheorien bemühen, aber er wird dieses album nicht umsonst exklusiv für die belgische ufo ausstellung expovni 1996 komponiert haben. komplexe kälte und fließende filigranrhythmik schweben verlockend durch den äther, docken an, lassen nicht los bis das programm zu ende abgespielt wurde und entschwinden wieder, nicht aber ohne ein gefühl der leere zu hinterlassen. gerade noch erfüllt von captain-future-trifft-alien ästhetik und schon wieder allein mit der irdischen tristesse. puckernde minimalität und kosmisches summen eines alleingelassenen warp-antriebs, aphex twins selected ambient works drängen sich förmlich als referenzrahmen auf, auch wenn passarani eher die neue newt scheibe gemacht haben könnte. für mich die entdeckung des monats. (till)


dass aus dem hause "hymen" mittlerweile anspruchsvolle elektronische musik kommt, dürfte sich mittlerweile rumgesprochen haben. auch passarani macht hier keine ausnahme. hinter dem namen verbirgt sich ein gewisser marco passarani, der in italien beheimatet ist und bereits seit 1990 als dj und musiker aktiv ist. "unspeakable future outbreaks" ist eine reise durch elektronische klanglandschaften, die niemals in absurde härte ausufern und manchmal gar rythmisch und club-tauglich daherkommen. alle tracks sind instrumental gehalten und werden von wunderschönen strings und futuristischen soundeffekten durchzogen. die cd dürfte für industrialfreaks gleichermaßen interessant sein, wie für ebm/electro oder dark wave-anhänger. die songs sind recht vielfältig und mit allerhand überraschungsmomenten gespickt. von den rythmischen tracks ist vor allen dinngen "v-tek" hervorzuheben, während von den sphärischen titeln "nno" oder "reut-rc" als leckerbissen anzuführen ist. klasse scheibe und absolute kaufempfehlung !


this review will be about the release made long ago, though it was hardly mentioned and it almost passed by the listeners of depressive-progressive music. album passarani - unspeakable future outbreaks was released in spring 1999, soon it will be its 10th anniversary. during this long time all vinyl copies are sold out and cd ones are coming to an end. there were times when this work formed influenced the style of the young label hymen - closed, gloomy music for 'burdened' people. this work of the italian musician passarani, together with the releases beefcake, snog, end is among the best 10 releases of the label. though that's not so important. hymen's press-release describes this album as the dark emotional music, inviting everybody for a travel together with aliens on the ship nostromo. do you remember the horror film 'alien'? that was the title of the ship, on which the film character ripley worked, and this very ship detected aliens in the space. nice outlook - by the sound accompaniment in your imagination you can move to the atmosphere of the film's events. album unspeakable future outbreaks is really unkind and dark. sometimes it's even a little bit ominous. rhythm-noise delayed machines work here clearly and exactly, like clocks. the album starts with the track "ee5", slowly but intensively it speeds up and each new composition (for example "cnct point") starts dragging away the listeners and dissect our consciousness. it forces the frightening roughness of twilight and adds some darkness to general sounding. very conceptual work if not mentioning some technical rendering moments. that's interesting, how this music would sound today if its author had all new equipment, hard- and software. will he be able to create something authentic nowadays? that are my thoughts after listening and numerous 're-listenings' of this artifact. many people think by mistake that all the horizons of music are already reached out and all technical opportunities depleted. nothing of that kind! true musicians are just at the beginning, though that's the end for untrue ones.

'unspeakable future outbreaks' was exclusively composed and performed for expovni 1996, brussels - an ufo exhibition. 'unspeakable future outbreaks' is a timeless soundtrack made of pure electronica, characterised by complex rhythmstructures and deep atmospheres.

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marco passarani information 04.99.
the italian marco passarani is active since 1990 as dj and composer of electronic music. with his continious work he became a trademark for 'alternative dance music' in the radio landscape of rome. passarani's first works appeared on the label 'generator' (1993). in 1994 he gave birth to a partnership with andrea benedetti, which was followed by creating different labels (nature records, plasmek, xforces) and a distribution company for electronica & techno music, titled 'remix distribution'. passarani did several 12"es on his onw label 'nature records' and had various concerts in france, italy, holland, belgium and germany. the 'mururoa' project was realised by the labels rephlex / interdimensional transmission / interference and it's profit was used for supporting greenpeace's fight against nuclear tests. passarani's recent works are / will be released on the german labels 'gadget music' and hymen / ant-zen. his 'if' project is prepared to be released on leaf/diskono/warp (fixed releasedate soon).


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¥706 - passarani - unspeakable future outbreaks. cd (1999)
¥016 - passarani - unspeakable future outbreaks. double 12" (1999)

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main clubs.
- roma: circolo degli artisti - frontiera - it - mythos - velvet - brancaleone (dj)
- bologna: link (dj & live act)
- prato: pecci museo d'arte contemporanea (dj)
- monaco: ultraschall (dj & live act)
- zurigo: rote fabrik (dj)
- bern: wasselwerk (dj)
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- massive attack "unfinished sympathy"
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