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¥001. imminent starvation. human relocation lp. 33rpm. june 1997


relocation II *.ra
dislocation 3 *.ra
nothuman I *.ra
relocation I *.ra
dislocation 2 *.ra
lost highway 72 *.ra


imminent starvation’s long awaited debut is finally here. here, imminent starvation forges industrial-strength style techno with barbaric schizophrenia; like download on dust, armed to the teeth. they constructs impenetrable walls of distorted technoid rhythm atop a foundation of horrific soundscapes. it is in this surreal foundation that the true genius of this psychotic belgian lies. the structured brutality of the rhythms is great for dancing, but the underlying atmosphere is the most impressive facet of these excursions. they are nightmarishly hallucinogenic, exploring the darkest reaches of the psyche; blurring the lines between your darkest fantasies and your most dreadful fears. whether you dance or kill, imminent starvation provides the perfect soundtrack. classified: intelligent, technoid industrial & ambient noise.


under sound magazin, nr. 9

imminent starvation machen sich den spruch auf dem button, der die olle knisternde plastikhülle schmückt, zum programm. dieser lautet: "technoid noises for collapsing people". so böse sich das auch liest, sollte es doch den aufmerksamen! hörer nicht allzu sehr verschrecken. die sechs tracks sind sehr abwechslungsreich. man arbeitet fast ausschließlich mit beats und krassen geräuschen. sehr geile aber auch sehr anstrengende mucke, die man sehr intensiv und auch sehr laut aber nicht zu lange hören muß + darf.

re:mote induction

imminent starvation's first release was the highly respected human dislocation. following the success of this cd and the trends for "technoid" music the label ant zen decided to dedicate a subdivision dedicated to this type of music, with predominantly vinyl releases. so the first release on hymen1 was the imminent starvation remix ep - the 6 track human relocation. on human relocation we have two album tracks and four new mixes. thus providing us with dislocation parts 2 and 3 and relocation parts 1 and 2. the remaining tracks being not human 1 and lost highway 72. the whole is packaged as the other hymen releases, two of which i have reviewed already - pal's - m@rmx and the more recent imminent starvation ep ethyl 6. the first side of this release opens with relocation ii - the blunt rhythms rolling into our perception. distorted lines cracle a counterpoint alongside a slight tip-tap of "cymbal". one of the key sounds of this type of imminent starvation1 track is a squeaking, wavering sound - which becomes present here. a sound which could be considered as the higher pitched notes of a keyboard line in any normal track but emerges as something else as this track mounts into a hard assualt. dislocation 3 starts with a slight metallic hammering sound. a sound which becomes more rapid and louder - breaking up into its component sounds offering a lead to the regular crashing wave of drum patterns. there is a constantcy to that regular layer but on top of that are layered cruel, tearing complexities. i can see this as a dance floor catastrophe - flayling bodies trying veinly to maintain the pace. this side is finished off with not human 1 starting as with the previous tracks - momentarily subdued. from there we are offered mounting brutal drum sections - snapping and battering though of a slower pace. these sections form snatches of sound, with a jangling rotary bell sound buried within. but they also die down - losing steam to allow voices to be heard (as with the album version "ladies and gentlemen"). but having lost steam its wildly (un)focused eyes, a little foam at the corner of the mouth and we're off again. as with the first side the second opens with relocation, this time part 1. of course there are strong similarities to the other version - the blunt rhythms still in evidence. i often find it difficult to start pinpointing where the actual differences between versions lie - with this i would say i can hear some structural variation. some sounds drawn out differently providing different emphasis and effects. i suspect that the heavy percussion is less pervasive allowing the listener to make out more of the detail. again relocation is followed by dislocation, this time its version 2. leading straight into the bubbling wash of percussion and bone breaking crunch as it reaches destination. lost highway 72 finishes the ep - a hesitant yawning void quickly buried but everpresent. the percussion initially sounds familiar, but as the rhythms part and shape more identity is established. of particular interest are the chilling spaces that open up - tones forming a focus through the layers. generally imminent starvation's music for this release is unrelenting where the listener can easily lose focus and give up to the assault from beginning to end. perfectly designed for dance floor abuse. and subject to how uneasy you already feel this can be listened to at home, just not in the dark....

@resistant media

ce vinyle, paru en simultané avec le cd human dislocation, s'affiche comme étant une sorte de condensé de l'album-source, servi sous une forme plus radicale et plus rythmée. s'adressant avant tout aux technophiles transfuges qui peuplent les dancefloors industriels (comme le veut le slogan du label: technoid noises for collapsing people), les six morceaux présentés ici sont autant de rouleaux compresseurs lancés a pleine vitesse dans une rampe de sortie d'autoroute, pulvérisant tout obstacle sur leur passage avant de se disloquer dans un rugissement de tôle et de chair malmenée. description des titres: face a: relocation ii (simple, brutal et efficace), dislocation 3 (particulierement bourrin, s'approchant de la gabber), nothuman (morceau plus lent, saccadé et épileptique, passages ambient a la deutsch nepal). face b: relocation i (version plus complexe), dislocation 2 (version plus seche, plus squelettique), lost highway 72 (le premier club-hit d'imminent starvation, dans un mix plus atmosphérique). en tout et pour tout, un album sans faiblesse majeure qui annonce de grandes choses a venir. recommandé. (dj godzilla)


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cd 'human dislocation' and 'nord' are released on ant-zen. imminent starvation appears courtesy of ant-zen.
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