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¥010 silk saw. this time it's war lp. 33rpm. november 1998 [deleted]


dedicated to fulci *.ra
long live the king *.ra
tamping *.ra
pounding to pieces *.ra
syncopated jags *.ra
slow scraping *.ra
late fat kings *.ra



silk saw (marc mœdea and gabriel séverin), a remittent duo who's working desperately hard to cut the edges of music, like this: peregrinations through the abstract, shuffle and superposition of cards, movements of objects, scissors that we grind, tamping, clean sweep of the idiots, pretences, confrontation between the weak and the strong, smooth and rough, pillage and recuparation, laugh at first, then destruction of the mountain according to rule. this enterprise requires the refusal of compromise. thus, silk saw is not a turkish delight for everybody. seriously, let's say that the duo is trying more and more to translate in sounds an intern climate, the humming of the body singing of his own way, the basic vibration, deaf and omnipresent, but that words can't almost never formulate. then, music (in the ordinary meaning) doesn't have so much importance; remain only the impulse, the beating/recognition signal of the body, the ultimate billow wich 'll make us overturn: it gets tipsy and is about to provoke nausea.

all this was already present in jardin d'usure, first project of our two noise makers, but without the groove. a more dadaist (more impertinent) process and in french, wich started 10 years ago. the result at this moment: some performances, a cd (with interpretations of dada poems from hugo ball), refered in marc dachy's book about dada (nrf) and some tracks on compilations (see discography below), 1 hour video (radio days of panic), a t.v. appearance of 7 min. in a broadcast about chaos (intérieur nuit, rtbf (belgian t.v.), 1996 and the soundtrack for le paysagiste, a short by dominique lohle (b.)

1995. after (during) this adventure of jardin d'usure, the duo wanted to become different and to turn towards a larger scene, taking advantage of the opening made by new musical currents. so, at the original project of jardin d'usure, the duo added a more rythmic work. further more, some references to scientific research, especially in the nuclear domain, clearly appear in the silk saw recordings wich stigmatise, non without a touch of humour, the utopia of the scientific process and the inherent dangers in it.

a remark: the cost of all expenses for the 2 first years of silk saw was kindly support by the fonds de la sécurité technique des installations nucléaires du ministère de l'emploi et du travail and by the fonds pour la protection contre les radiations ionisantes du ministère des affaires sociales, de la santé publique et de l'environnement, by way of an exceptional ground. it allowed us some concerts, a live recording for the dutch well known broadcast vpro radio 5 "de avonden" (july 1997), 2 albums, a 12" and some tracks on compilations (see discography below). 2 albums (1 cd and 1 vinyle) published by ant-zen / hymen and later a third cd on sub rosa: the music is now more bare, dense and abstract.

silk saw discography
come freely, go safely (sub rosa sr 107)
dystopia (sub rosa sr 116)
underwood, sr sampler (one remixed track from the first album) (sub rosa sr 100)
war smash hits-calling n.y., one track on this compilation with laibach, b. laswell,... (sub rosa)
welcome to my house, 12" (sub rosa qu 242)
preparing wars (cd, ant-zen act 82)
this time it's war (vinyl, hymen ¥010)
cut the king (one track on the cd compilation tecknoir, hymen ¥701)

re:mote induction

preparing wars was the third cd by belgian band silk saw. at the time i ordered that cd i had not heard very much, though i then came across their second cd dystopia. which was okay, but not nearly as good as preparing wars. to go with the ant zen release came the seven track vinyl release this time its war. when it comes to vinyl i tend to be fussier about what i buy, but sufficiently impressed with preparing wars i order eagerly. then strangely after receiving that i come across their first cd come freely, go safely - which showed more of the promise of their most recent work than dystopia. pounding to pieces starts with much of the upbeat feel that preparing wars finished with. a couple of clatters and electric buzzes and we are in. spring loaded motions snap, set off at precise intervals while the bass line goes pound-pound-pound, pound-pound-pound.... plugging into an electric air syncopated jags charges the air. the spring has been tightened - its motions a dull slap of sound - jag, jag, jag. interruptions of the bass and bleep. a little high hat percussion is added and the pace feels as though its moving. after an abrupt end slow scraping is initially hesitant - a slight tapping. confidence is gained in bursts - rotary swipes of sounds, rounding in and out. surface against surface - clatter and scrape - in peaks of motion. this is less hectic than the previous two tracks in some ways, with more of the background melody threatening to be heard. slowly it spirals over and out once more. melody warbles with a finger snap of percussion - eewee/click. with some sedate order the late fat kings emerge. the background melody is like a bee - a note, a note, then it swirls in. the two levels contrasting well. with dramatic and slow keyboard line we enter into that which is dedicated to fulci. initial beats are slow exhalations, an idea enhanced by the bass sighs. the drama increases, an air of tension as the layers emerge. puddling in wave patterns from integral bass rumbles announcing voice. for the first time on this release we are offered a voice - declaration and delivery of a speech. the man speaks at length his words comprehensible to a peripheral degree, riding on the wet waves of sound and dark veering bass. flowing out of dedicated to fulci we find that long live the king finishes the way that previous piece had started - a melodic exit, voice fading, little exhalations of beat. seamlessly we move into tamping. a passage of a trick ending through swirling pauses. then the beats ups and we rattle forward in vibrating motions. the power and heart of this piece lies in the strength of the bass. long, slow and incredibly absorbent... building up to the juttering, snip-snap, clatter conclusion. if you have enjoyed preparing wars or their track on the recent hymen compilation i believe you will find this time its war to be a very nice addition to your collection.

black #15

silk saw sind ein belgisches duo und bis dato ein für mich unbeschriebenes blatt, obwohl sie schon auf dem kultlabel sub rosa zwei alben veröffentlicht haben, ebenso wie ihr vorgängerprojekt jardin d'usure übrigens. auf "preparing wars" bereiten sie nun anhand von vor- und rückwärts laufenden distortion, die ständig die richtung wechseln und mich etwas nervös machen, den krieg vor. ein weiteres stilmittel ist arg verrauschtes plattenknarzen und darke noisesounds, welche ähnlich wie die distortions moduliert und eingesetzt wird. nach den rund 70 minuten dieser cd werde ich das ungute gefühl nicht los, daß hier auch psychologische kriegführung mit im spiel ist und die tatsache, daß im booklet einer reihe von professoren und doktoren gedankt wird, nicht gerade abträglich! übrigens ist der letzte track "cut the king" in der jumbled version am tanzbarsten und erinnert ein wenig an ihren landsmann olivier moreau alias imminent starvation. der zweite teil des konzeptwerkes ist dann als lp bei hymen erschienen (nur echt mit briefmarken!) und irgendwie unterlag ich dem trugschluß, daß es jetzt beatlastiger und rhythmischer wird. doch entgegen dieser vermutung ertönen über die erste hälfte der a-seite rauschige wortfetzen, nebulöse sounds und monotone klavieranschläge, was dann eher in richtung blood axis und blutharsch deutet. in der zweite hälfte wird langsam etwas mehr rhythmus aufgebaut, jedoch so richtig geht es erst auf der b-seite zur sache. trotzdem ein schwieriges und verstörendes gesamtwerk, dem im frühjahr noch ein compilationsbeitrag auf der hymen-dcd "teknoir" folgen wird. (m.f.)

'this time it's war' is the 2nd part of the 'preparing wars' cd on ant-zen
silk saw. preparing wars. cd. ant-zen act 82


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