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¥011 tunnel / hypnoskull. lp. 33rpm. february 1999 [deleted]

tunnel tracklist:

slow down (planet rmx)
slow down
lose control
serial woman (destroyed rmx)
lose control (darkbeat rmx)

hypnoskull tracklist:
need for speed
acid break
f· y
du bist verloren
anarchy junk
rhythmusmaschine 1-2 (fat beat rmx)

hypnoskull is the solo-project of patrick stevens and exists since 1992 in the international tape-nettwork scene and patrick stevens is known for his extravagant multimedia installations and video performances as well as his harsh sonic bombs. he combines the power of pure analogue electronics with harsh rhythm structures - an anarchic assault of noise, electronic abuse and techno-industrial. the concept debut album 'rhythmusmaschine 1/2' is about media manipulation and noise terrorism (1998). hypnoskull appears courtesy of ant-zen.

tunnel is also a project of patrick stevens, which is based on the hypnoskull sonic massacre, but actively supported by miss mieke maes. get the vibe of her distorted voice.

hypnoskull. basic information.
after playing obscure electronic music in projects like ectoplasmic embryo experience (1990-1992) and boy rapes boy (1992-1993), hypnoskull appeared as a solo-project of p. stevens (1993). before he did solo work under the name of godwin (1992-1993). p.stevens also experimented with ritual-mythical music in the form of das schreckenskabinett (1992-1994). all the musical activities can be captured as electronic industrial in all its styles, although hypnoskull is a strictly concept of ideas and sounds, as you will see further on. besides hypnoskull, the projects hautnah (1995-1997, industrial ambient) and noshinto (1996-?, techno) appeared, as well as the recent cooperation with dirk ivens (dive, ex-klinik), which resulted in the band sonar (1996-1998, rhythm industrial).

tunnel vs. hypnoskull live at the x-treactor festival 1998 (arnhem, the netherlands)

re:mote induction

tunnel patrick stevens seems to keep himself busy - with recent albums from hautnah, sona eact and now this split ep as a follow up to his rythmusmaschine eins zwei cd as hypnoskull. what we have here is the first release on the technoid label hymen featuring his tunnel and hypnoskull projects. with the first side we have tunnel's darkbeat planet a five track ep, comprised of serial woman and two versions of both slow down and lose control. the two versions of slow down open darkbeat planet and from the start it is clear that this is not a solo project. hypnoskull's abrasive beat structures are coated with a grated distortion of female vocals. miss mieke maes offers the listener a tirade, which even on the original version of slow down, following the planet rmx is difficult to decipher. i think i prefer the original - its pacing offering a greater clarity, allowing both vocals and music to be better appreciated. the original version of lose control follows with a strident loop which is easily hypnosound. the slow vocals suggest the we should not lose our self control. listening to this for the sake of listening i can tell that the voices are telling me something important, and i am a little disappointed that i can not grasp the full meaning. but i am sure that in a club its strength would do the necessary work and the voice would be just another effect.. perhaps the lyrics will become fully discernible with time - like the best secrets understanding comes only with patience. with a slow rotating scrape, perhaps of the diamond point going round on vinyl serial woman (destroyed rmx) starts. this persists as a variety of clattering beats are thrown at us in a strange test. ambiguous results established - the beat with desirable effect selected - we are assaulted by its unrelenting force. the distortion adds barbs to the vocal and they tear painfully in imitation of the "obsessive nightmare" described. tunnel 1finish with the darkbeat rmx of lose control - squealing electro bursts of noise before this starts to feel like the original but remains a destruction of the previous mix. going from one incarnation of stevens we move on to the hypnoskull 1side react ammo. featuring four new tracks and two mixes - rythmusmaschine and du bist verloren. this side is started by need for speed, with which we have an unpleasant throat scraping voice stating without doubt that you will cheat again. the vocal is mutated into a noise element playing over the firmly growling beat. this track is probably typical hypnoskull, and while the effect of mutating the vocals is nice the vocal itself detracts from that. with acid break we continue the established sound - the title perhaps being an attempt to describe this strange hybrid music. without the vocal of the previous track this is a more interesting number f*y starts of with a voice ranting and fills in what the f*y stands for in the process. this becomes a rapid techno abortion - noise beats slamming over carefree patterns of chaos. this is definitely one for dropping into the mix - stand back and watch the result! du bist verloren is a mix of the album track imaginary scenes from a realistic movie - du bist verloren. with the little bubbling child noises from that track i also feel a certain amount of the same steady thud. with added machine driven rattling beats and clatters this becomes more of what i am looking for - even with its basic familiarity. the penultimate track is anarcy junk which is mid paced and full of beats - little snaps of percussion and a little wobbling tune. electronic cymbal sounds come across as high pitched, painful at a high enough volume. as a conclusion we have a short version of rythmusmaschine, the fat beats mix. essentially slowed down to its barest beats with the vocal sample repeated once or twice through its duration. this feels like an extra tagged on to the body of material, but then the fact that we are allowed such a body of material before this is cool. in terms of the hypnoskull 1material this is a little disappointing and i would recommend that people start with the cd which should have enough material to introduce you to the sound. having said that the material is good and has the desired effect when played loud and hard enough. so for those looking for more material it is a valid option. as for the tunnel material this serves as an interesting introduction - the equivalent of a single really. a variation on the theme and certainly one reason to be buying this release.


déja en état normal, les productions minimal-hardcore de patrick stevens (aka hypnoskull, noshinto, sona®eact...) donnent l'impression d'avoir été jetées sur dat en quelques nuits si ce n'est en quelques heures - entre deux pizzas surgelées et une partie de playstation (c'est ce qui en fait le charme me direz-vous...) .....mais sur ce lp, le bougre pousse le jeu un peu trop loin: les morceaux sont dans un état carrément embryonnaire, et on ne serait guere étonné d'apprendre qu'il s'agit la de tracks passés a la trappe lors de la production de "rhythmusmaschine"... l'idée était probablement de sortir le plus rapidement possible les morceaux de tunnel (joint-venture entre patrick s. et sa dulcinée mieke m.) qui forment le plat de résistance de "darkbeat planet" et sont ma foi assez sympathiques (du bon hypnoskull majoré d'une voix féminine). bref, rien de transcendant, mais un achat obligé si vous tenez a avoir votre collection hymen au complet... (dj godzilla)

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