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¥012 imminent starvation . north . lp . hymen ¥012 . 1999 . february 1999 [deleted]

first 600 copies incl. poster (29 x 80 cm)

tentack one
tentack two
le bal

twisted metal, mass confusion, agony, chaos, penetrating coldness, compressed to perception by imminent sarvation.

rarely, a debut album has caused such a stir like imminent`s "human dislocation", within shortest time this record has been on everyone's lips and caused enthusiastic reactions, not only in the industrial scene, even the idm scene was made aware.

for someone still unfamiliar, imminent starvation forges industrial-strength techno with barbaric schizophrenia, constructing impenetrable walls of distorted technoid rhythms underlaid with a foundation of horrific and otherworldly soundscapes. embedded in this surreal foundation lies the true genius of this psychotic musician. the cold, structured rhythms invoke uncanny affects, not only on the dancefloors, but the underlying atmosphere is the most impressive facet of these excursions. nightmarishly hallucinogenic, exploring the darkest reaches of the psyche; blurring the lines between your darkest fantasies and your most dreadful fears. whether you dance or kill, imminent starvation provides the perfect soundtrack.

imminent starvation . nord . cd . ant-zen act89 . february 1999
imminent starvation . nord . (isek) boxset . ant-zen act89.8 . february 1999

orkus, april 1999

wer nach den elf tracks des "nord"-albums immer noch auf den beinen ist, der bekommt auf der "north"-lp neben dem schon auf der cd befindlichen smash-hit "tentack one" noch fünf weitere, neue tracks geboten. genauso wie auf "nord" zelebriert der belgier olivier moreau auch hier seinen typischen industrial techno-stil, der zuweilen stark an die früheren werke von aphex twin erinnert. komplexe, verzerrte rhythmen, orchestral wirkende flächensounds, böse kreischende noiseloops - imminent starvation ist immer noch das beste beispiel dafür, wie sich industrial noise und intelligent techno gegenseitig die hände reichen können, ohne zum billigen abklatsch zu werden. strongly recommended for home-listening & dj-ing!!!

imminent starvation. north. lp

re:mote induction

north is imminent starvation's third release on hymen following the previous eps human relocation and ethyl 63. north is part of a twin release, the other half being the cd nord released on the parent label ant zen. from that album we find tentack one accompanied by five other non-album tracks. the first side is started by tentack one and tentack two - becoming, rather than two separate tracks, a particularly long version of the one. tentack first appeared as a live version on the ant - hology compilation. between that, the album, and here, tentack is a track i am becoming particularly familiar with. and with that familiarity and the assault of swirling beats i find that the ep starts to take on a somewhat hallucinogenic feel. from the voices telling us about a strange sighting onwards, i attain something of a tunnel vision. slowly fading down tentack one gives us a moment long enough for a single breath then we are in two. initial beats suggest an identical movement but then the beats roll in on a crashing compressive crash. the rolling rhythms are more brittle, rough with a potential for an easy distortion. the beats are as often but seemingly more damaging. surviving these two slabs is likely to leave a listener with the scars to prove it. the final track on this side is le bal, and if i thought tentack was hallucinogenic then this is the final dark trip. abrasive introduction suggests the collapse of surrounding structures leaving you standing in the street, lights moving in and out of focus. you are then led staggering through a fairground - cheerful, gaudy music introducing a sense of panic. as the whirling organ mixes with the crush of corruption you can feel the press of crowds you can't see. a point of extreme dislocation has been reached and the side is finished. the second side features the similarly titled evre and eure. evre starts the side with steady beats in the foreground while the background is patterned with little grinding scrapes. as this evolves a nice melody emerges offering a level of relief to the harshness of the background. eure follows little off lines, rather than beat heavy. though little taps arrive, then arise into a specially created gap. this then plays a melody similar to evre, but the concentration of counterpoint is the off lines pitching in a penetrating manner. the final track of north is urbanib and while the previous two tracks offer a contrast to the first side, we finish with a beat heavy track. mounting into multiple layers of percussion - where even the elements of melody are brought to ears in a beat fashion. steadily pounding in a manner which asks you to try and deny its dance potential. another successful release in the steadily expanding catalogue of imminent starvation's collection of destructively seductive beats.

@resistant media

ce petit vinyle de format 7'' semble constituer une sorte de cadeau-bonus réservé aux acheteurs de l'édition de luxe de nord, vendue sous la forme d'une boîte en plastique renforcé ("imminent emergency survival kit"). la face a devrait contenir 3 titres, pourtant je n'en ai trouvé que deux: un remix plutôt minimaliste de tentack (rythme tekkno-indus spasmodique, entrecoupé de sons stridents qui vous hérissent les tympans...), suivi d'une plage sonore plus ambient. la face b recele une douzaine de "loops" (boucles rythmiques grinçantes et saturées) dont un dj orienté hardcore fera usage avec profit. j'ajouterai que ce vinyle gagne a etre joué en vitesse accélérée (45 tours), plutôt qu'a la vitesse indiquée (33 rpm) qui me semble bien trop lente... (dj godzilla)


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¥001. imminent starvation. human relocation lp. 33rpm. june 1997

¥006. imminent starvation. ethyl 6 lp. 33rpm. february 1998