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¥013 sonar. cosmic rays lp. 45rpm. february 1999 [deleted]


cosmic rays
man in a white box

an intensive melding of deep drones with structured metal percussion, distorted beyond belief to test your sensibility. minimalistic pile-driver rhythms are laced up with threads of expressive static noise. this is the second release with new lineup. dirk ivens is now working together with eric van wonterghem, who replaced patrick stevens. eric was an absolute body control and early klinik member before he formed insekt. he was only active as monolith before he joined dirk.


orkus, april 1999

nachdem patrick stevens sonar verlassen hat, ist diese vier tracks umfassende vinyl-ep das erste zeugnis der zusammenarbeit von dirk ivens mit seinem neuen kompagnon eric van wonterghem (insekt, absolute body control, klinik, monolith). den dj und treuen fan wird`s freuen, den freund des künstlerischen fortschritts eher weniger, daß sich sonar auch nach dem manschaftswandel immer noch in praktisch unverändertem klanglichen gewand zeigt. monoton pumpende, industrielle rhythmen im typischen sonar-stil, vereinzelte sprachsamples und die minimalistische noise-loop-begleitung bringen - wie gehabt - von track zu track nur wenig abwechslung, aber dafür die gewohnte tanzbarkeit und härte. solide wertarbeit aus dem hause sonar.

re:mote induction

starting with a static burst, cosmic rays opens with the title track. distorting beats join the static and then dominate the sound in an unrelenting and typical sonar fashion. the pace is undemanding but the strength of these beats is possessive. noise waves flow in and out - harsh constructions - reduced to melody by the beat demand. this, the first unmixed release by the new sonar line-up continues with sway. dirk and eric first worked together as sonar on the vs muslimgauze ep. like that ep, cosmic rays features four new sonar tracks, but rather than on cd on ivens' daft label, this is a 12" ep on the hymen label. sway reflects some of the pacing changes that the ep with muslimgauze suggested. the tune is somewhat lilting - forming a somewhat off-tempo groove. for the most part the beat is steady though there are rapid little bursts. flipping over we start with man in a white box which is particularly caustic. the most prominent sound being a vicious tearing. establishing that level of hostility the beats are added - flat out damaging. the most brutal moment of cosmic rays. to finish is exposed a piece which has some similarities to sway. the beats are as steady as always but reasonably easy going with that, bearing in mind it is still sonar of course. cosmic rays is comprised of four fairly long tracks by the belgian sonar. a project comprised of dirk ivens (dive) and eric von wonterghem (monolith) collaborating. a project known for its heavy and reptitive rhythm structures. their appeal is not always easy to explain, but their music for me is compelling.


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