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014 converter. coma. 12" 33rpm. may 1999


dream converter
deadman (perdition)

converter is the brainchild of scott sturgis, an ohio based one man electro-consortium and also the force behind the project pain station. converter investigates the industrial field, without denying its roots. his debut features ten tracks of hard hitting, noise tinged electro-industrial that reflects scott's growing interest in such rhythm-driven sound and represents a mature work in the same vein as other artists of the ant-zen family as p·a·l, imminent starvation and noisex, as well as well known rhythmic noise innovators like dive and esplendor geometrico.

"coma / shock front" is loaded with infectious, and penetrating rhythms begging to light the way to the dancefloors. tracks like "conqueror", "shock front" and "denogginizer" assault the listeners with a mutated strain of machine-driven rhythms and a turbulent downpour of torrential electronics which create an infectious hybridization that demands movement on the dancefloors. bombastic rhythms are coupled with tweaked synths to create an atmosphere of distorted aggression and the burning fires of this inferno will show no mercy in their relentless attack on your senses. sturgis creates paranoid, intense and threatened atmospheres incorporating elements of power noise and analogue electronics. the result causes anger and frustration, a battering of synths with distorted beats which pound out a message of rage and pain. the force behind this project is stronger than any avalanche and is reinforced by a wall of impenetrable percussion on nearly every track. the listener is baited and lured into the labyrinth of soul-penetrating anthems driven by electronic abuse and violation. after listening to this debut you feel like you've just witnessed the death by electrocution of the world's most evil mass murderer.

the new empire
converter. coma. lp
just to make it clear at the beginning: the lp "coma " of the project converter is the album of the month to me. after checking a dictionary (sorry, guys!) and reading the meaning of the word "converter" what means something like "to change", "to transform" it became clear to me for what the creators of this masterpiece are striving. they offer a very deep structured rhythm noise - tec noise album, that is in my opinion easily able to deal with bands like "immiment starvation" while a lot of current releases show a trend to stagnation, "coma" presents from the beginning to the end pure joy of listening and and excitement. already the intro-track creates a hypnotic tension that later flows into great, driving rhythms like it was seldom to be heard before. it is hard and would be unfair to the musician to name some listening-tips, because every single track is a "pearl of noise". you can find everything from classical noise-structures to modern technoid elements. the slogan of the label "technoid noises for collapsing people " is transformed into music. great that something like converter exists! i just would have changed the title of the lp into "buy me!". shizomi

re:mote induction

converter takes his cue from imminent starvation in this very-long ep (about 42+ minutes) and releases more "danceable" tracks than on his excellent album, shock front. known for his previous work as pain station, scott sturgis popped out of nowhere with his noisy, harsh debut as converter and showed the world what he is about. denogginizer (kill the brain) is probably my favorite track on the disk. lengthy enough for it to settle in, harsh enough to disturb, and fast enough to kick ass to. a thumping beat sets the stage for squiggles of noise, and a goddamned weird sample - "only you can kill the brain!" the next track, coma, is quite cool. to me, this song sounds like what you'd hear if you stuck your ear up to a power line - noisy, harsh, and chaotic. when listening to this on headphones, one particularly noisy clang made me feel sort of dizzy for a moment. quality track. impure starts off quietly, and erupts into a wall of noise: freaked me out on headphones. beats swizzle in, and eventually get more complex. bang-bang there, kzzzh-kzzzh there.. a semblance of a breakbeat finds its way into the mix, complicating things even more. material follows, and while being a good song, doesn't do enough different for me to have it really stand out. one note, though: this *is* the only headphoned-song that has been able to freak me out and make me jump in my chair. dream converter starts out the second side, and for the first part, features a repetitive churn accompanied by several oscillations. beats began to show their naughty face.. at first, sounding like machine guns... then bursting out into full dance-floor splendor. the churning noise doesn't leave, which adds a very cool atmosphere to the song - like it's recorded in a factory, or something... nix is quite boring and repetitive. the breakbeat drum thing pretty much sucks. i like the noise stuff he throws around, but this is the weakest track on the disk. deadman (perdition) (one of the tracks on shock front) is quite cool. quite slow, aggressive, and harsh. hooray! quite long for a hymen ep, and offering a nice counterpart to the album, coma is a necessary item if you're a converter fan. little loud, though.. be warned if listening on headphones


i finally got a chance to review this vinyl release that came out the same time full-length "shock front" did. "coma" is a more club-floor oriented version of "shock front" - each composition maintains structure and constant pulverizing beat throughout the length of the track, making it quite suitable for club play. after some recent appearances by converter ("cold" by pain station, exoskeleton2) that were not as impressive as the first release, it is nice to go back and listen to the tracks that determined the success of "shock front". the best club hit on the disk is obviously "denoggenizer (kill the brain)" - instense and club-friendly, a perfect dancefloor-slaughtering composition with constant punishing beats and dense underlying noise pattern. he fun continues with "dream convertor" that shows all that converter is famous for - unexpected sound manipulations and unique song structure. it starts out as dense, inhuman atmospheric track filled with multiple layers of subtle mechanized noises, caustic sounds, random frequences, distant echoes; in the middle of the track the machine wakes up, and the track develops a steady dancefloor beat disturbed by sudden noise eruptions with the atmospheric setting still present but pushed to the background. track "material" is saturated with feedback and creates a disorganized and overloaded atmosphere that is a great setting for a collage of bass, killing breakbeats and white noise. unexpected turns and sudden noise attacks will catch you off-guard. album version of "deadman (perdition)" presents trademark converter sound - cold dissonant frequences, tweaked analog sounds and slow, insanely heavy percussion exploding in your ears. "nix" is based on dislocated techno-beat contrasted with pulsing noise waves and controlled feedback - an interesting exploration of other genres. "reflex" is yet another heavy track filled with heavy saturated noise and pulsating metallic percussion ripping through its layers; slowly twisting and truning the mechanized beast is advancing surrounded by the clouds of subtle electric charges and pulsing explosions. it is gradualy pushed to the background to be replaced by amazing variety of percussion experiments. the atmospheric noises are slowly replaced with heavy beat. this is a great companion for "shock front"; on this vinyl converter played with sound structures that did not necessarily fit on the debut cd which makes it even more appealing to any fan

converter appears courtesy of ant-zen.

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