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015 snog. i snog therefore i am... 12" 33rpm. may1999 [deleted]

incl. remixes by black lung, space cat, haujobb, severed heads, shinjuku filth, xingu hill and atom heart


tracklist side a:

hooray!! (haujobb and the breadth of destruction)
hooray!! (black lung and the cast of thousands)
hooray!! (space cat and the joys of annihilation)
hooray!! (black lung and the death jungle 2000)
hooray!! (shinjuku filth and the final dump)

tracklist side b:
the human germ (xingu hill battles the predominant pestilance)
the human germ (black lung drops the disco bisquit)
the human germ (black lung meets the brutal gardener)
make the little flowers grow (space cat digs deeper) *.ra
the ballad (atom heart and the systematic errors)


don't despair good friend... celebrate*?!!
*conditions apply

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