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019 oil 10 . metastases lp . 33rpm . november 99


the beast within
the probe
shadows in the sand

steady minimalistic beats and electrostatic movements, deep bass sounds stretch out to give a spacey feel of modern electrical manipulations. little on/off switches give a gentle catch, little buried sirens. the continuum evolves teasingly, providing a full realisation of the potential being presented. an engaging techno-ambient type release. we find ourselves connected to that deeper space by swifting through the sea of blips. ultra minimalistic grooves hint at microscopic imagery of day to day objects and experiences, pointing the listener back to the manifesto of futurism and forward to the sounds of the future. compelling and disturbing, the music of oil 10 crosses the boundaries between techno, industrial music and ambient soundscaping to produce a sound that appears fresh and unknown every time but fundamental to the rhythm of life.


as far as i know, this is only available on vinyl... which conveniently alleviates the 'which side up' issue that has recently come to the forefront of the mailing list. the album is surprisingly upbeat and catchy, and should make many listeners very happy. side 1: this album starts off beeping. in fact, that beep is most likely 'the probe' the song is titled after. it sounds every few seconds, until after six iterations rythmic static begins to interupt the silence between them. about 10 seconds after this, you will understand why i love this track. little addictive clicks, whirls, and sirens dance madly around that little distinctive 'beep'... making this song a sugar sweet gem. 'shadows in the sand' starts off with clean atmospheric electronics, and pretty much sticks with this the whole time. the track is very relaxing, but is so at the cost of not being quite as interesting as the rest of the album. this isn't a complaint, though, as i certainly enjoy listening to it. side 2: the first track, 'the beast within' is great - is a jangled collection of some really catchy electronic rythyms - safe, sanitary, and upbeat. it almost reminds me of the 'chk- chka- chk- kaaaa' phase of the eighties (think of the end of ferris bueller)... but i only mean this in the absolute best of ways. it's almost like a bunch of nice little electronic beeps, bleeps, whirs, and whizzes got together and decided to have a big party, and this song was the sum of their celebrations. the second track on this side, 'infected' is another good track. two nice fast beats overlap each other, one a bit staticy and the other a cleaner bass sound and combine to form a mildly abrasive foundation. this is then added to with some nice clean electronics and bass lines, creating an altogether well rounded track. parts of this track towards the end remind me of something else... but i can't place it so it doesn't do either of us much good for me to even mention it. recommended. review by krist:

black 17.
oil 10 bzw. der macher gilles rossire kommt aus frankreich und hat sich bisher durch zwei cd's auf noise museum bzw. einen remix für celluloid mata verdient gemacht. musikalisch könnte man oil 10 als sehr minimalistischen industrial-tek bezeichnen... also ungefähr so, als hätten pan sonic inmitten ihrer vielen störfrequenzen plötzlich einen rhythmus gefunden und diesen durch eine gerade bzw. sture bassdrum manifestiert.

re:mote induction. www.remoteinduction.com

metastases starts with the best within, a slow crackle of stripped beats, joined by the streaks of spacey rays. constructing up, oil 10 offer us a pulsing, clicking, beat-layered techno form. which works well for me from the start and comes across as being more upbeat than the album in/out which oil 10 released prior to this. in theory oil 10 have 2 cds on the french label noise museum, but as yet i've been unable to track down the second cd blocks. however the 4 track hymen 12" metastases is very much enjoyable and makes me all the more eager to track down that elusive release. following the beast within is the track infected which gets straight to work in an even more pronounced form of roughly bubbling short cycles. infections technoesque sparks from that initial ignition. sounds blossom from that core, shards forming in mandelbrot patterns. the infection flows in a manner that carries you happily along. switching from "over" to "here", we continue metastases with the probe. bloop-pause-bloop, repeating on a shortening interval. buzzing click and we have connection, spark and electronic intake of breath. then transmission starts in a wavering layer, under pinned by a pulsing beat. two minutes maintains a fairly even pace and steps the probe into another couple of layers. moving towards 5 minutes an even more pronounced pulse structure is engaged with a bleepy response, but it remains the most "mellow" track here (relatively speaking). the final track on metastases is shadows in the sand, which comes forth in a slow emergence. a droney tone maintained, with pulses giving way to the fall of sparkling icy tones. electro rhythm is added and the shadow slides out like the stop-motion of the sun. tweaked pulses twinkle melody against the wave of bass and increasingly drawn out and spaced ice drops. shadows in the sand is something like sleep - you fall gently into it, and when it feels like this you wake refreshed. each of the four tracks on metastases is about 7 minutes long, so by the end of the ep you pretty much have half an hours worth of music. music which maintains the sound of oil 10 in a manner that seems to be a logical progression. certainly recommended.

seven. www.nezzwerk.com/seven

french electronics musician gilles rossire entices our minds this time around with his third official release on the great technoid label hymen. this beautiful 12" contains four nicely engaging tracks that prove to be quite unique in composition and very thematic to say the least. the first song "the probe" pushes on consistent attacking rhythms that are simple but effective sound devices, which prepares us for the next brilliant song. "shadows in the sand" rises slowly with monolithic string phases that charge with intensity of the slowly pacing rhythms that is entangled by beautiful analog string progressions. it reminded me of early tangerine dream compositions, very nice to say the least. we move to second side of the 12" with the spacey ambient technoid rhythms, static frequency charges and dirges of "the beast within." simplistically cool. on the final song we engage the bouncy and very dirging and attacking rhythms of "infected", which keeps much in the spacey-feel as the other tracks; it's distant quasar effects, phases, shifting drones and paced progressions that leave us wanting to hear even more from this brilliant sound technician. overall this record is a fine combination of technoid textures, vast quantities of precisely manipulated analog treats scattered on top of upbeat electronics; little bleeps, tiny hisses, scratches, whirls are neatly arranged with rhythmic progressions, and the hypnotizing atmosphere of well-crafted unique sound is something you would find irresistible


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