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¥020 celluloïd mata. la connectique 12". 33rpm. february 2000 [deleted]


level mp
body supply
550ˆprint *.ra
hectic *.ra
standby rains *.ra

first 600 copies incl. sticker

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the french project celluloid mata is producing heavy-ambient dynamited by rhythmic crashing pieces the compositions have a natural electronic body, which gets this impression of "quiet force". wider, the range of sonorities gears down the impact of these dangerous techno-tronic oscillations. dark breakbeats go hand in hand with a perfect cohesion of sound.


recycle your ears.

for his first offering on hymen / ant zen, celluloïd mata, a fist project from france, presents us 7 tracks of rhythmic saturation that sounds very new but still belong clearly to the ant-zen stalls. the songs (all instrumental) featured on this lp feature of lot of high pitched distortion added to very repetitive beats. the saturation is quite original, and may remind of lefthandeddecision, in an absolutely rhythmic way. the rhythms are broken and there is no real structure to the tracks, except for an evolution in the tempos and the loops. the whole things really penetrates your ears with high noises and feedback. very harsh, this music is however not what i would called "violent", for the beats or the rhythms are still accessible. the tracks on "la connectique 12''" are fairly similar, but their rhythms still bring enough change not to have the impression that all the songs are the same. my favorites are "hectic" and "level mp", that presents some very nice use of distorted beats and basses. quite innovative and harsh, this lp should please those who are looking for fresh blood (or smaller bands) in the rhythmic noise section. this may not be as good as the excellent collaborative "acti-room" with ultra milkmaids, but "la connectique 12''" is still an interesting record.

re:mote induction.

following the release of the third celluloid mata full length invasion of on noise museum, we have a 7 track vinyl ep from the hymen label la connectique. this being a release which focuses more on the rougher side of celluloid mata's sound. as with all the hymen vinyl releases, la connectique features the distinctive, release specific, stamp design stuck to the front of the uniform card sleeve. in this case the design features pill packaging - each capsule in a plastic bubble with the 3 eyed celluloid creature, which doesn't come across as well on the hymen site as it does on the actual release. the two sides are referred to as "that" and "this" - with "that" starting with the track code. code starts with a driving beat that quickly develops a rumbling bass layer and snapping, squelching level, forming a steady rhythmic vibe; stepping up with that established to make it more suited to a rough dance setting. after a steady 5 minutes we move to level mp, which is more juddery in its vibrating sound structure. a hard veneer of bass punctuated by a glitching sound series and warmer, deeper bass hum. the mutations that emerges in level mp work well, the steadiness shifting to maintain interest. the track body supply is an anomaly within la connectique, though for all its shortness it's actually my favourite track on this release. a pulsing minute or so of soundscape with mildly clicked beats plays as background to a monologue by a quiet, child like female voice. the words and sense of body supply intrigue, suggestive of human machine hybrid intelligence. which leaves the slow, plinky melody of genotype to round out this side of la connectique. an introduction to a pulsing bass structure, beats become a hard strip torn from there. genotype being the hardest moment on "that" side, a slow lumbering threat. flipping over to 550^print on "this" side there is a sustained signal, fluctuating in pitch and interrupted by suggested transformations. emerging into slow cohesion as beats finally focus and allow the full launch of 550^print, upbeat and forceful. in some ways i can see a certain degree of imminent in the sound of this track. with a collapsing conclusion we make room for the slabs of sound that are laid down by hectic. a pulse and bass shimmer of rhythm in keeping with the body of la connectique. hectic maintains its pummeling pace of straight technoid, flattening you with its flow. la connectique being concluded by standby rains, which starts with quieter sounds, a slight scape of subdued beats (one-two, three-four) and a short pulse (one-two). while for the most part this release is to the technoid side of celluloid mata it is tracks like body supply and standby rains which add the contrast


it is quite interesting to compare latest starfish pool release with this celluloïd mata record. both albums use similar techniques to construct their minimal ambience; heavier and more distorted celluloïd mata sounds almost nothing like their split with ultra milkmaids. on this record you are confronted with repetitive distorted pulses that do not really go anywhere, keeping the sounds self-sufficient; once started, they dominate the track with precise minimalism and monotony. the persistence of the music makes you appreciate rare rhythm changes that do happen every once in a while. breaking, creaking, cut-up percussion quickly becomes a background for your own unrelated thoughts. addition of lighter keys reminds me of atonal softness of ultra milkmaids. celluloïd mata creates structured electronic moods with a noisier edge and requires certain mindset and proper background to be fully enjoyed

l'ultime atome.

y'aurait-il un mercato pour les musiques électro, dont celluloïd mata aurait incidemment profité ? après trois albums dûment accomplis chez noise museum, notre jeune fraiseur tourneur groovy s'est tout naturellement "transféré" vers l'écurie "swingdérurgiste" de stefan alt, dès l'hiver venu... electro mercato donc ? a voir, en tout cas il n'y est pas question de gros sous... il est simplement allé y rejoindre beaucoup de ses/nos musiciens favoris... (et cette migration de forte densité vers hymen n'est pas close... a suivre dans les prochains mois ; de petites choses énormes sont annoncées). pour l'occasion, mata a réalisé un ep qu'on pourrait qualifier de "roots". la face "this" la joue électrostatique, au sens core du terme. on songe aux vieilles tueries italiennes - adc notamment - toutes de violence sourde (et assourdissante). du groove à cran d'arrêt, effrayant et jouissif. cette électrocore a beaucoup à échanger (baffes, caresses, giclées d'acide) avec notre électrocorps. lui-même, notre corps, partagé entre servilité et rébellion. l'ambient de fin de face, après cette dépense physique, est une bien douce onction. question, alors, qui fuse : a quand un long projet spécifiquement ambient de mata ? la face "that", si elle nous réveille vite fait, coupe un peu ses cartes : le renard en avait gardées dans sa manche. contrastes, complexité, pour un summum hyper bref (dommage) : cette intervention vocale féminine, insidieuse, trafiquée. question, alors, qui fuse (comme ça peut fuser !) : a quand un long projet spécifiquement "broken spoken words" de celluloïd mata ? bref, il s'agit d'un ep qui met en appétit. le mata a du bon pain sur la planche ; on peut faire confiance à hymen pour fournir les couteaux.

equinoxe ausgabe 12

endlich mal ein eher erfreuliches projekt aus dem bereich rhythmischen industrials. monotone beats werden durch mannigfaltige rhythmen und gezielt eingesetzte tempiwechsel bereichert und entwickeln einen hypnotischen sound, der das genussvolle zuhören trotz schräger töne ermöglicht. die französische formation, die seit 1996 tonträger veröffentlicht, schafft den schwierigen spagat zwischen erfolgreichem, konsumierbarem elektro und künstlerisch ambitioniertem industrial, ohne dabei ins schleudern zu geraten. auch ruhige passagen mit auflockernder wirkung finden eingang in ihre kompositionen und zeugen von einem natürlichen umgang mit dem genre ihrer wahl. leider ist die sogenannte lp etwas zu kurz geraten und spielt sich eher wie eine 12" auf 33rpm. (alexander götzke)


discography 02.2000
2000. 12 inch. la connectique
1999. cd. invasion of. noise museum records
1998. cd. mix oscillations. noise museum records 027. remixes
1998. cd. bimbo oscillations. noise museum records 021.
1997. 7 inch. pink one ep. v-lego 0.02.
1997. cd. fancy binaries. noise museum records 014.
1996. 7 inch. mata mensch. v-lego 0.01.

collaborations and other projects :
1999. 10 inch " acti-room " with ultra milkmaids. ant-zen.
1999. remix for ultra milkmaids "lyr 40 122" - "vorely relay" - cd on noctovision (japan).
1999. side project my - "randomsundaytracks" - 10 inch on v-lego rds.
1999. v.a. "welcome to execrate" cd. leaf.
1998. track "trifin theatre" taken from "fancy binaries" on sampler triton compilation (germany).

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